Emotional Poetry : Cry

by Liam

As I’m washed to sleep this day

Wrapped, in wind, in waves,

Which share your whispers

My thoughts of you returning speak

The soft screech of a seagulls cry

A moistened eye as you look, then sigh

“Yes” I caught your wonder through the pain

Stillness, a touch, this felt again, like

The same quiet intensity of a kiss

On lips, first brushed with passions bliss

Is this true?

I begin to awaken in the waves of you

Swimming through my head

Into the dark warm sheets she fled

Images, memories I’m left

Searching for your direction.

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What is NMPoetry?

What is NMP?

“New Millennium Poetry”

This writing is filled with one overwhelming and passionate endeavor. That being to express the invisible world of our humanity.

Everything in our tech world is described down to the smallest detail. When it comes to the sensitive and invisible world of our soul, of our feelings and our spiritual intentions, so many like myself are striving towards a deeper more profound understanding of life, this expresses the endeavour of my work.

When reading the content of my books “New Millennium Poetry Volume 1-3”, they’re divided into categories, which generally

describe our human condition. For example, love, death, birth, inspiration, spirituality, nature, emotional poetry, and so on. Within these categories, you find a colourful spectrum of poems, each individual and authentic.
When reading a poem, the idea is that the thoughts that they represent, the ideas and the feelings that are embedded within them and the imagery are not unique. They belong to the ground of our common human condition . Existent within each one of us, where we can discover and rediscover ourselves in new, dynamic, and more profound ways.

So, with these ideas, I present poetry, which has been written for a new paradigm of human consciousness, that of our emergent ‘soul awareness’, or ‘soul consciousness’.

Millions of people across different nations, languages, religions, and cultures are emerging from materialism and recognizing that life is more than just what we have, the joy and the love are about discovering who we are.

This is an awakening, a revelation so simple yet profound that it heeds our full attention, as the consequences for everything are manifold.
When it’s no longer about having and economies are no longer defined alone by growth, the implicit meaning of how societies work and within those societies how we relate to one another becomes a new emergent principle in defining life. Life is precious, valuable, and short, and an experience with which and in which every living being has the right to the fullness and abundance that we can all share on the planet.

The Ancient Mariner

Poetry Poem: The Ancient Mariner

Poetry Poem: The Ancient Mariner

To the wind and the waves

With the mast in the sky

Sails pulled taught and the seagulls cry

My home is the sea the storm and the blue

White clouds flying through the rigging too

The crack of sail and the cold flung spray

It’s the wide horizon on a windy day

Which calls the shanty to my weathered lips

Of whales and maids of pirate ships

Of tea at the hearth and a hot clean bath

The trick is over the passage past

The cargo stowed like my memories too

In a locked treasure chest

On my arm tattoo

To my dreams I’ll fly in the night to come

Where again I’ll journey the me so young

Across oceans and seas where I had the life

Traders rum and the whetted knife

I’ve done the turn

I’ve lived the life

I’ve carried the burden

I’ve had the strife

Now it’s time for the hot cupa tea

It’s my children’s children who listening see

Those days far flung

Far deep in me

The wave the wind the dark blue sea.

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Poetry: Prison

by Liam

When it’s the deep distant chalice

You are reaching for

Take your hammer to the dungeon wall, free thy self

Grabbing the keys and run

Bolt, as if you are being born into the exuberance of color

It’s urgent, it’s now, it’s imperative

“For time is not the ticking of the clock,

It’s the writing on the wall.” It echoes

Remind yourself of this!

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Manifesto, New Millennium Poetry of

Manifesto: Liam

As a creative writer, a poet and author, I feel my readers require a clear understanding and insight into my intentions, motives.

New Millennium Poetry, volumes 1-3 is a Magnus Opus of writing which springs from the idea that with this new millennium, across a broad spectrum of the worlds population, an awakening of consciousness is occurring.

A paradigm change from egocentric materialism to a new paradigm of soul awareness.

Expressing itself in social awareness, responsibility and an awakening to the spiritual , invisible reality of all aspects, of all life on earth.

This invisible world has been for thousands of years the genré of religion. Different religions, different cultures, different representations of one common invisible spiritual reality.

“New Millennium Poetry “, is a collection of poems covering aspects of our human condition. Written irrespective of color, race or creed.

The common ground being that most poems explore in simple expressive ways, questions which are common to us all, seeking answers, common to us all.

Poetry is an interesting way to respond to soliloquies concerning one’s personal quest to understand life.

The truth is, a poem will only awake within the thinking of its reader if the content, how ever unconscious, is already present. When a poem resonates with its reader, the readers intuitive response, expresses what is ready to become conscious. To greater and lesser degrees an audience of readers will intuitively respond to the content of these poems in their search and need to resolving meaning.

Poem Poetry: Ancient Africa

Poem: Ancient Africa

The heart of ancient Africa

Where wild the sea does foam

The plains the dust the thorny scrub

My soul it here does roam.

The breakers grind the ragged rocks

The shore line washed in salt

Of mountain far

Of high bright star

Of raging beast

Of insect cheeps

My soul this is its home

The drum of ancient warrior cries

Of spear the shield of hide

Of stamping feet of arms thrown high

It’s war that’s greets the long past eye.

My soul of this has known

The sun of a new day dawning

The moon of the night time done

The future star to hold my heart

The place I’ll never have to part

My soul, too this will grow

Africa is my calling

Africa is my past

Africa is my souls delight

Africa i call till last.


Liam Feb 2019

Poem: What is Love?

Loves joy is the wild laughter we together found.

Loves magic is the glue holds together when unbound.

Loves being is the silent power within all life.

Loves integrity is the truth which holds beyond the strife.

Loves presence is the quiet whisper  when alone.

Loves secret is the truth we share to build a home.

Loves home is the heartbeat which creates the ground.

Loves ground a fertile place these seeds are found.

Loves seeds we share throughout the day.

With everyone in every way.

Liam. October 2018

Poetry: What is Love?

What is spiritual maturity?

What is spiritual maturity?

Spiritual maturity is a state of being in which an individual has developed a deep and authentic connection with their inner self and a higher power, whatever that may be. It is a state in which an individual has a strong sense of purpose, meaning, and direction in life, and has developed a sense of inner peace, resilience, and contentment that is not dependent on external circumstances.

Spiritual maturity involves a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of all things and the recognition that all beings are inherently valuable and deserving of love and respect. It also involves a commitment to living in alignment with one’s values, principles, and beliefs, and to making a positive contribution to the world.

Spiritual maturity is a lifelong process of growth and development, and it can be cultivated through practices such as meditation, prayer, reflection, self-exploration, and service to others.

The Face

Transformational Poetry: The Face
by Liam

You awake, in the future that I am about to begin
You have sewn the seeds of my future deeds
Have made the start to heal a heart
Of the life I live within

It’s about that place I mean to go
Can only reach when I grow
Grow beyond my familiarity with me
It’s where I’m growing too
It’s how I’m knowing too
It’s another, other side of my face
Where it’s give, share, love and happiness

You awake in the future I’m about to begin
Take my hands
Pull me up, away from the tears, the pain, the rain
Start the new
Begin to trace
Let leave the old
Transform my face.

On the Beach

Poem: On the Beach

by Liam

As I lie here weak not strong,

My head rings clear and full with song,

Of deeds and places friends long gone.

The splash of ripple on the beach.

Warm soft sand within my reach.

Sweet high clouds in a cobalt sky.

Floating on this moment free,

Its you who moves the how in me

Whose reach touches the now in me

We communicate our intimacies,

We communicate our intrinsic feelings.

We communicate the idiosyncrasies of togetherness.

Unknown to those other mortals on the beach.

Each captivated in their own exploratory world of now.

I let the ripples relax and cleanse

Sand washes deep,

This cleans the lens of thoughts, creative and benign.

The simplicity of Profound.

The exact’ty of the boundless found.

The joy is not being held in the identity of me,

I’m experiencing the freedom of the we.

As I lie here weak not strong,

My head rings clear and firm and strong.

The splash, the ripples on the beach

Soft the sand within my reach.

The warmth that holds and sets me free,

The cobalt blue in the sky I see.

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Poem: Mother

by Liam

A bowl of flowers, on the tables wood.

In a pool of sun, the fragrance stood .

Like a watercolour painting which timelessly spins.

Radiant , streaming sweet scent and the stems.

Stamen, petals, blossoms, leaf together tight

The bouquet of color so radiant bright

Held in a crystal, a bowl she did say

A mothers gift, from my mother today.

This care which the colors convey?

Sweet memories fill me with joy each day,

Of daffodils, chrysanthemums, and lilacs too,

Of lilies, red roses, and of you.

Though days have passed, these flowers still bloom,

Their sweet scents beauty dispelling gloom.

Reminders of moments shared when you were near,

Now cherished memories, forever held dear.

And yet, beauty still radiates from within,

Caught in a vase, these flowers remind me of when

Your charm and joy lit up my world,

In every bloom, mothers love unfurled.

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Poem: Paradise

by Liam

The cherry picked and eaten,

The day so ripe and blue.

Your lips they shine like deep red wine.

I laugh and so do you.

As wild and sweet the berry,

The buzz of bees they sing.

In the air your golden hair,

Shines with the bell that rings.

The fruit the life the loving,

The way our journey spins.

To that place in paradise,

The end where this begins.

The sun it sets so gently,

A warmth that fills the air.

The sky it turns a soft pink hue,

And we know our love is here.

The stars begin to twinkle,

This night, it comes alive.

Wrapped up in each other’s arms,

Is a paradise, for our love will thrive.

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Poetry: Alive

by Liam

The crash of wave on cobbled rock

The seagulls cry, the ring of a clock

Oh! the endless motion of the waves filled tide

The call to life, the need of being free

The scuttling urchin, across the kelp filled sea

I searching find times this, times that

Points towards a matter of fact

Oh! We find alive all what we seek

Smiling, now feeling joy I see

The simple treasure of how to be free.

Analysis: Alive

The poem “Alive” by Liam is a contemplation on the essence of life and freedom. The poem captures the essence of the natural world with its imagery of crashing waves, seagull cries, and the scuttling urchin across the kelp-filled sea. These natural elements serve as a metaphor for the constant motion and need for freedom in life.

The poet reflects on the endless motion of the waves, which symbolizes the relentless pursuit of life and its many challenges. The call to life and the need to be free are recurrent themes throughout the poem, suggesting that life is incomplete without freedom. The image of the scuttling urchin across the kelp-filled sea implies that even the smallest and seemingly insignificant creatures of nature seek freedom.

The second stanza of the poem speaks of the poet’s search for meaning in life, where he finds “times this, times that” pointing towards a “matter of fact.” This implies that the poet has gone through a process of self-discovery, searching for the essence of life and realizing that it is about being free.

The poem concludes with the poet feeling joy and discovering the “simple treasure” of how to be free. The use of the word “treasure” suggests that freedom is valuable and worth pursuing. The poet’s discovery of this “simple treasure” implies that freedom is not something that can be bought or achieved through external means, but rather something that must be discovered from within.

Overall, the poem “Alive” by Liam is a contemplative and reflective piece that emphasizes the importance of freedom in life. The natural imagery used in the poem serves as a metaphor for the pursuit of freedom, which is portrayed as an essential part of life. The poem’s simple language and vivid imagery make it a powerful reminder of the beauty of life and the importance of living it freely.

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Poetry: Flight

by Liam

Great creatures of the wide blue sky,

Your wings extended as you fly,

In your descent, you loop and twirl,

A sight that makes my spirit swirl.

You fear not the fall, my feathered friend,

For in it lies your greatest trend,

The freedom that you feel up high,

Is why you dare to dance and fly.

You pay no heed to the earthly ground,

For in the air, your soul is found,

And with each beat, you rise and soar,

Your spirit free, forever more.

Oh, let me learn from you, dear bird,

To spread my wings and not be deterred,

For in your flight, I see the light,

Which guides me towards into your wondrous sight.

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Your Hands

Poetry: Your Hands

by Liam

Oh emergent me, born of this new love,

From the depths of my being, you arise.

Like a phoenix from the ashes above,

I am reborn, my soul no longer lies.

Your music echoes in my every breath,

A symphony that resonates within.

With you, I am alive, no longer death,

And every moment feels like I could win.

Connected by threads invisible,

Our love weaves meaning, the days and nights.

Like a tapestry, it is indivisible,

And fills my life with color and light.

You have unraveled the fabric of my soul,

And with your hands, I find myself made whole.

#poetry, #love, #grace, #poetryismedicine #poetrycommunity, #gratitude, #poem, #lovely, #invisibility, #spiritgarden, #writer, #inception, #poet, #quote, #wisdom, #poetsofinstagram, #love, #poems, #thoughts, #spiritual, #devinity, #inspirationalquotes, #writing, #beyond, #motivation, #inspiration, #motivationalquotes, #contemplation,

This poem is a sonnet, which follows a traditional structure of 14 lines with a rhyme scheme of ABAB CDCD EFEF GG. The language is rich in metaphor, using the image of a phoenix rising from ashes to describe the speaker’s rebirth through their new love.

The language also emphasizes the transformative power of love, using words like “emergent,” “symphony,” and “unraveled” to describe the way in which the speaker’s sense of self is being transformed. The metaphor of a tapestry is also used to describe how the love between the speaker and their partner weaves together their lives in a meaningful way.

celebration of the power of love to transform and revitalize a person’s sense of self. It speaks to the way in which love can bring color and light to a person’s life, and how it can help a person feel truly alive.


Poetry: Bursting

by Liam

Amidst the darkness, hope began to fade

The world around seemed bleak and still

But deep within a spark is made

Morning, wakes bursting forth to thrill

This inner light is strong and pure and bright

To illuminate the world with love and grace

Let it guide you through that night

Shine upon your path with steady pace

For in the heart, there lies a force

A pull towards what we cherish all

Let it guide you, lead life to its best call.


Poetry: The Whisper

by Liam

Gazing beyond my eyes sight

I saw into the heart of heaven

My soul asked, “ Tell me about patience.”

A whisper replied, “ Let silence

be the art of your forbearance,

patience will take you to the core of yourself. “

My mind enquired, “What mystery is this?”

It echoed, “What your soul hears

Is the journey of Love.

A wonder, the mind cannot comprehend.”

My heart laughed, “ This understanding has always been ours.”

The poem “The Whisperer” is a short but thought-provoking piece that explores the themes of patience, silence, and love. The poem is composed of a dialogue between different parts of the speaker’s self, which adds depth and complexity to the poem’s meaning.

The opening lines of the poem immediately draw the reader in with a vivid image of the speaker gazing beyond their eyesight, suggesting a sense of transcendent experience. The reference to “the heart of heaven” further reinforces this idea of a spiritual encounter. When the soul asks about patience, the whisper’s reply to let silence be the art of forbearance highlights the importance of quiet reflection and contemplation. The idea that patience can take one to the core of oneself suggests that patience is not simply about waiting for something, but also about the process of self-discovery.

The dialogue continues as the mind enquires about the mystery of what the soul hears. The whisper’s response that the journey of love is a wonder that the mind cannot comprehend suggests that love is a deeply spiritual and mystical experience that transcends rational understanding. This idea is reinforced by the final lines, in which the heart laughs and affirms that this understanding has always been ours. The idea that love is something that is known in the heart, rather than in the mind, adds a poignant and emotional depth to the poem’s message.

Overall, “The Whisperer” is a beautifully crafted poem that uses simple language and a conversational style to explore complex and profound ideas. The dialogue between different parts of the speaker’s self adds layers of meaning and complexity, while the focus on patience, silence, and love gives the poem a timeless quality that will resonate with readers of all ages.

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