Poem Poetry: Ancient Africa

Poem: Ancient Africa

The heart of ancient Africa

Where wild the sea does foam

The plains the dust the thorny scrub

My soul it here does roam.

The breakers grind the ragged rocks

The shore line washed in salt

Of mountain far

Of high bright star

Of raging beast

Of insect cheeps

My soul this is its home

The drum of ancient warrior cries

Of spear the shield of hide

Of stamping feet of arms thrown high

It’s war that’s greets the long past eye.

My soul of this has known

The sun of a new day dawning

The moon of the night time done

The future star to hold my heart

The place I’ll never have to part

My soul, too this will grow

Africa is my calling

Africa is my past

Africa is my souls delight

Africa i call till last.


Liam Feb 2019


Poem: What is Love?

Loves joy is the wild laughter we together found.

Loves magic is the glue holds together when unbound.

Loves being is the silent power within all life.

Loves integrity is the truth which holds beyond the strife.

Loves presence is the quiet whisper  when alone.

Loves secret is the truth we share to build a home.

Loves home is the heartbeat which creates the ground.

Loves ground a fertile place these seeds are found.

Loves seeds we share throughout the day.

With everyone in every way.

Liam. October 2018

Poetry: What is Love?

Poetry Poem: The Traveler

Poetry Poem: The Traveler

I am just a traveler

born into this life,

To learn about what happens beyond it.

This place of learning is none other than me,

It’s here I’ll need to understand

It’s me I’ll need to discover

For the gate back awaits us all

When is known to none

All is this wisdom calling.

Liam 2019

Poetry Poem: Words

Poetry Poem: Words

Raise the choice of your thoughts, not your voices

For its rain which brings forth green

The storm passes on.


are times thoughts


are times feelings


rest in what we say


play in how we feel

What you hear though is not me

You hear yourself

Through me

Wind through the leaves

These thoughts

These feelings

Awakening anew in you.


Liam 2019

Poetry Poem: The Shadow

Poem Poetry: The Shadow

Deep within we know

There where the shadows grow

When a darkened image casts its spell

Inevitably I’m weakened, by shadows by darkness

This invisible part of me

Throwing me, off course

Spinning me, away from truth

This is a shadow secret,

of the me yet to be.

I’ve cast discomfort into my life

Wrong learning

Incorrect accumulation of my growing

These blocks against which my evolution stumbles.

True deep light

This is our origin from which the metamorphosis of me happens

It’s my shining

I’m here to find.

Not far, no

Not near though

Down into the intrinsic

The simple silent place

Here is shadow free

It’s itself


Striving each new dawn to unite

With the universe

Transcending my eclipse.

Liam October 2019

Poetry Poem: Pain

Poetry Poem: Pain

Don’t get lost in your pain,

Or ever run from pain

Pain is a response

To what’s happening

Find it’s origins it’s perpetrator and embrace.

Inclusion unification will bring us into the eye of the storm

Look with that eye

See with that look

Understand with that sight

New thoughts inspire new feelings

New feelings active new deeds

When dealing with pain in a new way

We pull the sting

We remove the poison

We enable the health

We initially were seeking

We do have now grown


We embrace what was pain

Is now, me deeper stronger wiser that before.

Pain is my gain

Grab it.

“Know that one day your pain will become your liberation.”

Liam October 19

Poetry Poem: Seed

Poetry Poem: Seed

To seed big means

I am creating my vision

This personal panorama of my future me

Emerges not from my prefrontal cortex

It’s from that deep mind frequency of Alpha

That dreamy place, where fantasy, creativity and vision

Rise like fluffy clouds on a clear day

Each a representative of me in the motion of becoming

Fulfilling the destiny of my creation

All I’ve ever learnt, done experienced or suffered

Flows through, then weaves together

Enabling synchronicity to establish contact

That flash, this epiphany has been my right

My fulfillment, my goal, my reason to be.

Clouds in a sky of blue

Visions in the eye of who

Thoughts in view of where my contributions

Ought best to be planted

Granted I’m a slow grower

The planted seed has found fruit

Plucked shared and digested

This sweet nutrition will see me to the day

The day of my departure.

Liam September 2019

Poetry Poem: Then

It’s pain

Deep traumatic pain

This dissected my life

Between before and after

A cut, which bled then superficially healed

Before was before,

After was after, but life changed then

Pain I attracted always felt familiar

Of course it always began with attractive attraction sensations

Energetic attraction of plus and minus

I drew you in, this deep power is relentless, strong

Like a moth, you came to the pain.

The flame disguise was my game

Funny, it was never about your beautiful blue eyes

It was about me, broken and lusting after my tragedy

We coupled in that cracked way people do without love

Our romantic superfluous anecdotes evaporated


This disambiguation, “ tolled the bell!.”

I cracked, then

Deep deep pain which flooded, light illuminating

The game which captured me


I saw, recognized and understood

Repetitive similarities, I sucked in that suffering again and again

No a flame now burning across my mind.

pain pain pain

Not more, enough !

My loving affirmative arm embraced me, that kid

Just holding, just accepting,

just caring again

My self created mirror broke in this moment

This epiphany of self recognition and hope

Tears, my tears, my sobbing heart wrenching joy

Healing came because I returned

Simple, true, we can do it!

We can do this to improve

Grow, move inextricably to


That pain is the cry,

That pain is the sigh,

That pain is a way

In which Love

Love for the being

Love for the me

I’d left behind

As a kid

As I did



Liam 2019

Poetry Poem: The Door

Poetry Poem: The Door

Lovers don’t find love

Lovers discover joy

Lovers enable this happiness

To release inside their body

You are your own beautiful love

Hidden behind the eyes you see with

Deeply heaving the blood flow

Dancing freely in wide spaces in your mind

We are, what it is that we seek

We are, what it is that we do

We are, what it is that we already know

Be silent, for behind that door is this.

Liam September 2019