Nature Poetry: The Rainbow 🌈

Nature Poetry: The Rainbow

by Liam

Your way begins over there

On the other side of the sky

The bridge there is a rainbow of love

It connects us to all and everything

Believe not your eyes

It’s your heart which needs step out

Not blinded by light

But intoxicated with color

Singing with the birds

For those wings are yours too, to fly

Those songs are yours too, to recite

As poems of how we have come to be

So alive, so much more, so free.


Inspirational Poetry: Thoughts

Inspirational Poetry: Thought

by Liam

I think now and again

Of that which created thought

More so, the new moon

Patient to the waking day

Grows with these insights, these perceptions.

Till full, flooded in light to split the dark

I again, begin to wain

Thinking of that which created thought

Seems so much of what we are, we still could become

It’s all around us, in us, just reach up, reach in and touch

This blazing

This light

Insight to the moment of how

You eclipse thoughts to create thinking .

Spiritual Poetry: Alchemy

Spiritual Poetry: Alchemy

by Liam

When you learn the alchemy of love

It’s more than the lover

It’s more than the emotional bonding

Of yin and yang

This chemistry resonates between the

Weft and warp of the cosmos

Giving it form, life and colors

Emergent in the experience of what who and where we are

My biography of life is an experience of love

This feeling of love is the alchemy of my existence

It’s all and everything right now

Let me close my eyes to the bright warm sun

Let me feel this emergent bonding between me

You and heaven.

Love Poetry: The Seeker

Love Poetry: The Seeker

by Liam

When it’s the moon and stars I seek

Let me embrace the night

When I place a rose in your palm

It’s not the thorns which distract

It’s your deep eyes which hold me

When it’s love I seek

The reflection of your smile reminds me

Our hearts are laughing

For yet another day together.

Love Poetry: The Wine of Love

Love Poetry: The Wine of Love

by Liam

This wine of love from which we sip, is to live a timeless memory

For naught else exists other than to discover love

“Nothing is left to do but die,” said I

“Alone knowing my name is your life,” said love

In speaking with love

It’s life which returns

To the seekers.

Spiritual poetry: Searching

Spiritual poetry: Searching

by Liam

In all my searching,

all my striving to find God

I found this, in me

In all my searching,

all my striving to find Myself

I found this, in you


This moment of inflection


We are simply one.

Spiritual Poetry: The Stream

Spiritual Poetry: The Stream

by Liam

Yonder this day, with its struggle of fear and strife

We have another life

Dancing, free and in flow

Like the stream coming from the mountain

Shed those soiled robes

Wash your sprit of that troubled self.

Succinct Poetry: The Prison

Succinct Poetry: The Prison

by Liam

When it’s the deep distant chalice

You are reaching for

Take a hammer to the dungeon wall

Grab the keys and run

Bolt as if you will be born into color

It’s urgent, it’s now

For time is not the ticking off the clock

It’s the writing on the wall

Remember this.

Inspirational Poetry: New You

Inspirational Poetry: New You

by Liam

Letthere be a day

In which I return from repetition

Let there be a way

The reaccuring decisions that stigmatize my reality

From waking till sleep


This will change the life

Churning in my breast

Is the best impulse from which to initiate

A new reality

A fresh start

An ideal flowing from the heart

For this me, is my projection of one reality

Another, waits but to be initiated

By my heart,

It’s an easy game of who and where

Mine to activate, to see clear

The choice is now to do it

What? I asks

Return to your self!

Inner soul peace

Quiet mindful meditation

Your key to turn

To learn

To experience anew