Love Poetry: Love

Love Poetry: Love

by Liam

It might be day

It might be night

Or some time in between


You might be wrong

You might be right

Or deliberating


You might be in love

You might be out of love

Or pained with rejection


You might be on the way

You might long have arrived

Or have not yet decided


For this love binds all, heals all, feels all, is all we are and could be


Love Poetry: Finding Love

Love Poetry: Finding Love

by Liam

No, you do not need to search for love

You require no journey no barrier to overcome

For love waits within us

Within the folds of silk you wear to the feast

Hidden gentle between the rhythm of your thoughts

Felt at times riding hard across your heartbeat

Love is here

We seek, although we might rise up

Arms outstretched to the rising dawn

Calling quietly into the face of God

“Take me, free me, be me.”

Unbeknown, it’s in letting go of this

I become free

I become this love

In me