Poem: White !

Falling snow

from a fire the glow

Warm the tips of

my frozen touch

The wet driven sky

The leafless tree

The pale sun gone

The cry in me

The crackle and split

The words caught alight

This winter moment

This dark cold night

My thoughts in flight

Leap sparkling high

Tossed in silver to a velvet sky

Beyond the ice

Beyond the snow

Beyond golden glow

Beyond these complex thoughts

Dwell the you

Dwell the me

Dwell the much

Dwell the image

the crystal touch.


Of a morning wake

A new born day

Flushed your cheek

You turn my way

Whisper warm smile

then say,

I love you.

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Falling in Love

Poetry: Falling in Love

by Liam

You have loved life

Within this seen the colors

Unraveling to your heartbeat

When I was touched by it

My chest bunched up with a thumping beat

My excitement became ecstasy which spun away on rationality

This madness spoke in wild radiant colors too

Thoughts scattered, blown birds lifted high on thermals of excitement

These entered the circle of your energetic radiance

It’s beautiful what you do with me

Alone moonbeams on your skin

I feel, through the reflection in your eyes

Could it be?

Should it be?

I’m becoming what you already have achieved.

Poetry: What is Love

Poetry: What is Love?

by Liam

The traveler asked,”What is Love?”

“Don’t ask, but dissolve into your inquiry

Invite Love to ooze from your insights

Allow this cure to flow from your gain

Effortlessly as your body yields to its perfumed gaze.”

The traveler asked,”What is Love?”

“Don’t ask, but dissolve into your inquiry

Invite Love to ooze from your insights

Allow this cure to flow from your gain

Effortlessly as your body yields to its perfumed gaze.”

Poetry : Love in Love

Poetry: Love in Love

by Liam

Love in love with loves own face

To be embraced with that which creates a place

To reflect upon the smile it sees, enjoys

The question of who, these infinitesimal reflections

Remind me of

It’s you, but in me too this momentary

Madness of mirrors, spinning light

Weaving thoughts, with emotions of whose love loves love

What matters though is that we feel

In the embrace

The passion, the chalice our lips create

We become universal

We dissolve in a drop

We emerge again gazing into the mirror

Wondering where we have been

Knowing however how powerful we feel.

Poetry: Dove of Love

Poem: ❤️Dove of Love

by Liam

The day with me, here in the grass

Clouds above they slowly pass

The world is green and white and blue

This woman, her heart now joins me too

“Red,” she said, “is all the world”

Then whispers bending to my lips

“A wish”, she said “is my heart in green.”

Blue above, white flies a dove

Carries green, a twig called Love.

Poetry: God Forbid

Poetry: God Forbid

by Liam

Let God forbid

This heart should find another home

How could it be then,

other than all alone

For hesitation turned my eyes from love

A stream with flowers high above

Calling crying sighing

Till in recognition of the new

Heavens poetry like fresh wind blew the branches

Gentle sweet and long

Returning me to Gods roots

The buds, the green leaf shoots

Building a home, a heart, my place to start

Again, in flow to follow Love to grow .

Poetry: Sight

Poetry: Sight

by Liam

Everything and everyday we observe

We look and see the shapes the flowers, colors

So now I’ll close my eyes

Cut out the light

Yet let my one hidden eye behold the bright

This inner eye is about the true

This light is about insight

Irrespective of in or out

Dark or bright, just love sight

Enable Love to overwhelm everything and anything you see

For joy happiness and peace are it’s reward

It’s there, it’s here, it’s you, it’s me

Poetry: The Gift

Poetry: The Gift

by Liam

Why bother to pour-out your love into cups and bowls to

Share with him or her

Do the creatures of the oceans worry about the wet

Yet, we ration love when already endlessly

Love swims in every living cell

Carrying our consciousness

Thither as we grace life with participation

Awakening both yesterday and tomorrow

Binding them today in this bow of forever

For here, elegance touches space embraces time and falls in love again

With its gift.

Poetry: Bouquet of Love

Poetry: Bouquet of Love

by Liam

We cherish the perfume of a rose in bloom

Your fragrance too embrace this room

By grace the tincture of yours and mine amalgamate

Let my body yield to this magic of your scent

Create, inspiration

With which we rejoicing souls

See the beauty in what we share

A new vogue

Takes your perfumed gaze

To the heavens calling all

To share this olfactory joy

The Bouquet of love

Brilliant, lifts to God above.

Poetry: Lustfully

Poetry: Lustfully

by Liam

This laughter, this is joyful, gladness found in your beauty

Your hair flying in curls of golden braid

Distract my contemplation

How easily this persuasion causes me to write, enabling the lines, the letters, the punctuation

Setting free the poetry binding our souls, healing our needs

While alone your glance, caught between yesterday and tomorrow

Has ensnared my life

To live Love lustfully.