Poetry: Skylark

Poetry: Skylark

by Liam

Your wind sweeps past and through me

Lifting my skylark wings till they embrace the blue

White clouds we ask, laugh and why?

My 1000 questions

Leave me with Gods glance to

Support the proofs that cannot hinder nor define

Caught in the reflection of heavens glass

This Ruby red will pass my lips to find

Answers deep golden nuggets imbedded within the bedrock of my soul

Quietly awaiting the wind

Patiently awaiting the wisdom.


Poetry: The Articulation of a Face

Poetry: The Articulation of a Face

by Liam

“Let the soul speak with the silent articulation of a face.” Rumi

Upon the edge of breaking dawn

I reach out to the waiting morn

“Why am I?, who am I?, What am I?”

The silent articulation in

Gods quiet space Echoes, reverberates in lines across my aging face

Each smile captured

Each laughing moment brings to life

Obliterates the pain the strife

Ripples across an endless sea

These questions lines of poetry

Remind my soul remember thee

The beginning

The end

The now

Be free

Poetry: Butterflies

Poetry: Butterflies

by Liam

When she looks at you

Listen up, for those

Deep eyes speak sweet

Words of silent selflessness

Each a butterfly

Alone though the colors, the movements take

My gaze to intoxication

Not my thoughts

My emotional wings take flight feelings

Lifting me peacefully on the intention of the moment

Eyes, gaze, the look


Poetry: Quotation

“Half full or half empty is not the illusion, it’s the glass.”


Poetry: Numbers

Poetry: One to Eight

by Liam

The one Divine permeates the pattern

Man and Woman create the third which crawling cries

Four corners build the framework of the dwelling

These five senses connect you with a driving mind

The six directions bind you with a life to strive for

Be as clear today as you are in all seven

Be to heaven as you appear

with God innate

Poetry: Phoenix

Poetry: Phoenix

by Liam

What should I do but participate in love

The troubles the turmoil and pain

Gain nought for this flame melts all

It’s from those ashes

Dusty and grey that the Phoenix of Love rises

Born from shame we emerge anew

Glowing in the refractive glance

Of Gods own giving

Touch feel free of what was

Intimate integral emancipated in this adventure of now

Me is immaterial, it’s about the ecstatic emulsion of Heaven and now

Whipped up in waves of intensity

Turning towards the source

Happy just because it’s you

Found free alive, in me.

Poetry: The Chaff

Poetry: The Chaff

by Liam

Mingle friends each with the other

Share the joy of day sweetening life

With a smile with a laugh

We undo the knot of insecurity binding us to the uncertainties

Only God infinity knows

Where when why we

Step forward into the light of the other life

Eternity is simply this

Momentary ripple in the wind

Captured as we throw or lives like chaff leaving the seed

One falling one flying

One begins one ends

Each day

Poetry: Enough

Poetry: Enough

My primary, initial and most valuable relationship

Is neither you, nor them or the other

This love affair is invisible, quiet and immersive

It’s my responsibility to care, love and support myself

It’s the whisperer of encouragement in moments of doubt

It’s the shine of a smile after

we have danced about

It’s the warm recognition

Both me and me are enough

Enough to fill the day with warm well done

Enough to laugh in the shining


Enough to know this foundation is a fountain of who

Else can grow and learn this too.

Poetry: Perception

Poetry: My Perception

by Liam

Each day sends me a teacher

My eyes, that seeing is not all sight

My words, that talking could contribute to understanding

My deeds, that doing aught be helping

Perception, is also communication

With the Devine

Where life, manifold and rich

Shares its mystery with my depth of awareness

It’s in the quietude of silence though

In the stillness of peace

I lose the self within the ocean

Afloat, a swimming in me

I becomes the drop you see

I become the wet you touch

I think these thoughts of you so much.

Poetry: The Puzzle

I’ve looked for Love since forever

These pieces, each a part of the me

Found in a puzzle called life

Leading back to the whole picture of Love

Hidden for all to find

Written for all to read

Spoken for all to hear

What need I forsake to take this home with me?

My eyes

My thoughts

My hearing

Let me cast them over the cliff of understanding

Let me hurl my inhibitions into a pit of passion

Embracing a heart burning like the center of the sun

Humble like dew caressing a blossom

At peace with moments I know

Take my hand and come, just flow.