Thoughts that Inspire: Self Dialogue

Self dialogue

I will make the silent meaningful dialogue with self, conscious in my mind.

For the words we whisper to ourselves are the most powerful messages we listen too.

Let them be positive uplifting and proactive.

Liam 2019

Poem Poetry: Traveler

Poem Poetry: Traveler

When you are away away

Gone off traveling on the planes

I’m fine with you, believe me

I’m still connected to your soul

The window in your heart is open too

Through which I fly

when the lights go down

Also then when a cloud passes above my memories

Rain pattering softly on my place of quiet rectitude

It’s fond sweet wine, those memories

Each wrapped in crinkly lilac foil

Dissolve on my tongue

With the morning cry of seagulls

Echoing through the open curtains

You return.

Liam June 2019


Poem poetry: Awakening

Poem poetry: Awakening

Rolling hills take my eye to the dawn

Fields bear crop to a waking morn

Pink like a ladies negligee

Dawn is clothed by the dewy new day

Misty webs streak the tilled soft brown

While spiders creep across the fresh tilled ground

Chirping lark ring fills my view.

I stretch I yawn I sip my tea

I’ve lost that dream night gave to me

New enfolds this sight,this sound, this morning life

Wakeful mindful thoughts not strife

To start the task, the vision, the way

Awakening filled perceive again

Life in all,life in me, life it’s here

It’s all we see,

So sensitive, abounds in shimmering light

Awaken now the time is right.

Liam June 2019

Poetry #Poem#. Dancing with Words

Poetry #Poem#. Dancing with Words

I love to dance with words and sing,

Amongst the daffodils and exotic frangipani.

Words drifting on a shifting breeze,

Shaking the shadows of tall green trees.

Vibrating they hum with the buzzing of hornets.

At times pirouette before my gaze,

On a spiderweb in the dew covered haze.

Or the six black dots on a ladybird red,

Dance and spin on a leaf in my head.

So with the music of this once born life.

We chose the joy to the strife.

We chose to dance not to fight.

We chose the true and do the right.

We share a smile and dry a tear.

The music

The dance

The words we hear.


Poem Poetry: Vision

Poem Poetry: Vision

A vision in not simply an image or imagination

An idea or a vaguely translucent thought

Caught in future present

A vision is sight, light, a telescopic worm hole across time

My thoughts key that lock

Swinging back the gate of blinding

Opening the door of intuition to allow sight

Futures horn of plenty let’s glimpse the right

Now, here in this instant of wakefulness

We could project life’s vision behind that door

Into today

Into the way we work we play

We create it all, deep driven by the vision of the future

By the vision of the All

Give me trumpets of truth

Give me the fire of desire

Enough time wasted waiting in your game

Let’s move the mountain

Heave the oceans deep

Take this step across the shore of daily sleep

Be the vision of a life fulfilled

Be in tune with my greatest me

The World.

Liam June 2019

Poem Poetry: One in a Million

Poem Poetry: One in a Million

If you were one in a million

I would count my lucky stars

One by microscopic one

I would call „thank you!“

Into the blue of heaven

You are more than a million though

You are You

A being which synchronicity connects with me

Im one in a million too

One in a lifetime

One in this universe

One of the oneness

Made of the same invisible energy which create infinity

Made of the strong magnetic fields which hold

eternity in check

We meet

As the Alpha embraces the Omega

The Yin entwines the Yang

The Macrocosmic enfolds the Microcosmic

Laughter is in this embrace

Me turning to see your face

A hologram held in dark space

This is one on one.

The millions in a million too

Just me

Just you

Just who.

Liam July 2019

Poem Poetry: Lamborghini

Poem Poetry: Lamborghini

I’ve tried to understand this beating

Heart gyration that plasters

Happiness laugher and joy

Across the landscape of my life

Pulsating contoured confusion

What’s happening inside me?

The analysis is intriguingly simple

You, alone drive a Lamborghini though my brain

A bulldozer across my feelings

It’s all noise action & red flashing lights when I picture you

Laughter pealing away behind the roar of my heart

Others might call me love sick

You just smile

It’s Truly infectious

Infectiously ecstatic

Ecstatically me

In love with you.

Today tonight together

Liam 2019

Poetry Poem: Recognition

Poem: Recognition

Should I receive you and in the instant

In this moment of perception

Touch a star-which shines so bright within thy eye.

It’s mine which will rejoice, our moment of Self-recognition is no choice

We were irrevocably meant to match.

For its in this beauty, in this becoming together

We are true partners of the soul

Some call this love

Some laughing sigh

Some feel the streak moist

Which runs down from my eye

More than recognition it’s subtlety which flows Tinkling through my heart.

Light shines brighter

My feet move lighter

Hand in mine we embrace this life the universe the strife

Radiate to renew the crippled the stunted view

Help to awake the gentle genius in us all

Call call call the trumpets

Beaming out for all to hear

For all to renegotiate this contract captured life

Unlock unbind unwind the pain the past

The future glows in gold to liberate the past .

At last!

Liam June 2019

Poem Poetry: Dragonfly

Poem : Dragonfly

When I change the perspective

From the natural to within

When I see with my inner eye, “me and life” unify

Magic can begin

The blade of green almost unseen thrives as mighty as the gnarled old oak

Dragonfly snaps the mite is smote

Lark song ring

Joy unfurls it’s wondrous wing




Life is a most wonderful thing

This living thriving cosmos, in which we all interweave Is one, is mine, is yours too

This universal move is new

Only after passing

Do we dissipate

Do we untangle

Do we disintegrate

Live see

Alive feel

Wonder, don’t be late

Open my sight, open the gate.

Unificate .

Liam June 2019