Poetry Poem: Light

Poem: Light

Today I feel the light

The light which shines

Warm in my thoughts

Bright through the window panes

Which illuminates that which i see

Which illustrates that which is me

Which culminates in the recognition

The unequivocal which resonates throughout us all

Mankind awakes in a world of life, in a world with strife, in a world of possibilities

Each one drawn from light or dark, high or low, come or go

Let me choose my way my path of right not wrong

Let me me hold to light that shines

Let me be a reflection of how I see how I feel how I respond

Beyond this now where horizon greets the dawn

Illuminates the morn

Light cusps the dark

Light shoots the spark

Light cheers the lark

Tulips color the garden walk

In light.

Liam April 2019


Poetry Poem: Us

Poem: Us in Harmony

Loves affirmation transforms us

The lover in you

The beloved in me

Love transcends to Creativity

Evoking a mysterious desire.

Stirs the dragon burns the fire

We touch with heart

We touch with skin

We touch with thought

This ‘Berührung’.

Aught it mean so much.

But I am,

Caught in the meaning

Amazed with the simplicity

Enraptured by its depth

Upgraded on this powerful surge

The transmutation from simple to unification

To this!

It’s love

It’s you & me

It’s more than our synchronicity

Yes us just us



Liam December 2018

Poetry Poem: The Star 💫

Poem: The Star

Into the Forest a star fell from the night

To find it we ran like the wind through the trees

Branches they grabbed us bramble tore at my sleeves

On the roots we stumbled I tripped and fell

Then lying before us light silvery blue

Your eyes they sparkled then through the dew

You reached out embracing that distant clear light

I caught your glimmer sparkling bright

Then together we gazed into each other’s sight

Yes, it was love that we found on that deep starry night.

Which came with a flash

Sent from heaven above

To wrap us in magic to give us the love.

Liam 2019

Poetry Poem: The Seed

Poem: The Seed

“Once in a golden hour

I cast to earth a seed.

And up there grew a flower

That others called a weed.”

Alfred Lord Tennyson

That yellow flower they called a weed

Grew from a seed called my need

Which in that hour of golden glow

Was a gift of wisdom, of words we know

Thrown to the earth from my aching heart

Watered by tears I’d had to part

Here grew a thought, a plant so fine

With leaves of silky texture mine

That flower of joy of love of me

Those petals of gold the sun did see

To share to offer and give away

From pain was born this warm new day.

Liam 2019

Poetry Poem: The Power

Poem: The Power of Love

„I shall love thee strong“

Words great masters spoke,

they might be wrong.

Let mine invoke

Tease that hasty hand of time with ALL is smote.

Would the mountain crumble

Oceans heave the sandy break

Sky be torn asunder

Eternal love survived this day.

Still in these quiet moments of reflect,

It’s you who are the apple of my eyes respect.

Life’s moments pass away each day

The power though is here to stay.

Twixt, Eternity & Infinity

Naught but love holds time at bay.

To share with you ,

yet one more happy day.

Liam Eckernforde

Poem Poetry: The Rise

Poem: The Rise

Rise to prosperity it’s in the striving

The effort of getting better Moving beyond the pressure of pain

The unfolding unrolling unraveling and see the new

To grasp the significance in the action of flow

Resume then hold responsible my results

Assume nothing rather read and read again

It’s also learning to leave you take a moment

Beholding that place of the past

Where I all began

It will always remind me of where I was

Of who I’ve become

To where my dreams are strung

Rising anew with the sun.

Liam 2019