The Passing On

Poetry : The Passing On

by Liam

When my time on this earth has passed,

And my casket carried away at last,

Do not think that I am lost or gone,

No need for tears, lament or mourn.

For I am not falling into a dark abyss,

But arriving, at eternal love and bliss.

When you see my body being carried away,

Do not cry for my departure, or feel dismay.

As I am not leaving, but merely passing on,

Leaving behind a life that has been lived and gone.

When you lay me in my final resting place,

Do not say farewell, or feel tears across your face.

For the grave is just a curtain that hides,

The paradise beyond where my soul resides.

As you see me descend into the ground,

Remember that in time, I will rise again, unbound.

The setting sun may seem like an end,

But in reality, it is a dawn that transcends.

When the grave confines my earthly form,

My soul will be free, ready to be reborn.

Have you ever seen a seed fall to the ground,

Only to rise again, with new life unbound?

So, why doubt the rise of this human soul,

Returning again, to fulfill the ultimate goal?

Have you ever seen a bucket lowered into a well,

Returning back empty, with nothing to tell?

So, don’t lament for my soul’s flight,

When it can come back, like Joseph from the night?

When you close your mouth for the final time,

Your words and soul will belong to the divine.

And in the world of no place, you will reside,

With a soul reborn, forever to abide.

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