If I was to Die

Poetry: If I was to die

by Liam

If I was to die,

Who would shed those tears,

That I should cry?

Who would laugh & carefree sing,

An ode to life that happiness brings?

Who would greet each morn,

With grace and ring to feast?

Fill the cup, drain the horn,

Make the mark, light that spark ,

Turn the page, calm the rage.

Yet, I am here…not forlorn !

Warming skin the ray is born,

The mystery of now,

How we each reach,

Into the fore, fulfil the list of do and done

Race from A to B and back

Complete the plan, keep on track

Let those hamsters spin in glee,

We don’t belong in carousels , ourselves

We question , answer , ask & do

We grow, feel, find & flow

We know , there is more,

more, more, more…

So open the door of today

Say; “Sad I would cry,

If I was to die ?”

Liam 09.08.2012


Poetry: Reincarnation

Poetry: Reincarnation

by Liam

When I’ve left and you lower my body back into the earth

This is not a moment to weep nor the time to cry

The moment is yours to remember the poetry flowing amongst the leaves

Which my body returns too, the substance from whence it came

My spirit though reunites with its source in the skies

Let’s remember that what we sow, we will grow

Enable your life to be a sower of love and laughter

For we will harvest and reap these rewards

Goodness, hope and joy to fill the basket of each day

Weep not as my body departs from the cycle of sun and moon

My spirit now dances free amongst the heavens in sparkling light

Each star a bright reminder of the words we speak

The deeds which brought us here today, to say;

Be this a token too yourself, All of which you still can share

Forgive and care

Before you too join this ritual of loves reincarnation

Poetry: Where do I go?

Poetry: Where do I go?


I’ve talked to nights stars while twisting in bed

I’ve written life’s stories on my face till it bled

I’ve sprinkled the seeds God gave to the wind

I’ve searched the earth till no stone left unturned

To go, now I know,

No where left too but me

Into this body the shell, where I’ve emptied the sea

It echoes, my whistling my whispering cry

“Where would I go, if now I should die?”