#POETRY # POEM: Challenge

Poem: Challenge

I am challenged

I say I can’t

I can I know

I go

I take the jump

I risk

I ignore the fear

I focus on the now

“It’s done”

I now meet the me

I transform to anew

I grow at this edge

I know it’s new

I am you


You too

You can go

You face fear

You say you can’t

You know you can

You focus on its done

“ you know”

Transformation is how we grow.

Liam December 2018


#Poetry # Poem: US in Harmony

Poem: Us in Harmony

Loves affirmation transforms us

The lover in you

The beloved in me

Love transcends to Creativity

Evoking a mysterious desire.

Stirs the dragon burns the fire

We touch with heart

We touch with skin

We touch with thought

This ‘Berührung’.

Aught it mean so much.

But I am,

Caught in the meaning

Amazed with the simplicity

Enraptured by its depth

Upgraded on this powerful surge

The transmutation from simple to unification

To this!

It’s love

It’s you & me

It’s more than our synchronicity

Yes us just



Liam December 2018

#Poetry, # Poem: FOUND

#Poem: Found

As a child , I did the things children do.

Was cared, loved and lived in the arms of family.

As a boy, I did the things a boy does.

Went out to find my courage and fear, to be and have friends.

As a man, I did what men do.

Bore the responsibility of my own family, learned love and selflessness.

Now in the morning of old age.

My children grown, the ways and wisdom of life now walked.

I see, I understand the panorama which calls to God.

Humbly sweeping the crumbs of my ego from life’s table.

Humbly taking your love in my hands

I thank you, for its you I came for, its you I found.

#Liam December 2018

# Poetry # Poem: Equanimity

#Poem: Equanimity

While walking the rim of a moon swept sea.

Arm in arm with a thought called me.

We chatted we talked we pondered on high.

About the meaning of being, of seeing, of I.

The roar of surf the sweep of tide.

In the blood red pulse a seagull cried.

In this screech, shone the moon filled sea.

The moment deep, the you in me.

The I who we were before the call.

United now in a flash of sight.

My paradigm absorbed in new found light.

Inspired insight happens within you too.

A way to see, a way to feel, a way to join equanimity.

#Liam Dec 2018