Poem Poetry: The Face

The Face

You awake, in the future that I am about to begin

You have sewn the seeds of my future deeds

Have made the start to heal a heart

Of the life I live within

It’s about that place I mean to go

Can only reach when I grow

Grow beyond my familiarity with me


It’s where I’m growing too

It’s how I’m knowing too

It’s another, other side of my face

Where it’s give share love and happiness

You awake in the future I’m about to begin

Take my hands

Pull me up away from the tears the pain the rain

Start the new

Begin the game

Let leave the old

Transform my pain.

Liam February 2019


#Poetry, # Poem: FOUND

#Poem: Found

As a child , I did the things children do.

Was cared, loved and lived in the arms of family.

As a boy, I did the things a boy does.

Went out to find my courage and fear, to be and have friends.

As a man, I did what men do.

Bore the responsibility of my own family, learned love and selflessness.

Now in the morning of old age.

My children grown, the ways and wisdom of life now walked.

I see, I understand the panorama which calls to God.

Humbly sweeping the crumbs of my ego from life’s table.

Humbly taking your love in my hands

I thank you, for its you I came for, its you I found.

#Liam December 2018

Poem: My Mind

The Mind

Live the full life of the mind .

Continuously seeking out  exquisite peace.

Actually, the tranquility to perceive it.

Be exhilarated by new ideas .

Be intoxicated by the romance of the unknown.

Life, not mine alone but ours loves breathing with the seasons too.

Sparkling with the starlight.

Laughing with the children.

They are my reminders of me.

They are memories of who I used to be before.


Being beautiful 

Being enough

Being mindful

Being true to you

Being me to who I was born to be.

I’m not my mind

It’s, it’s fullness which fills me though.

My mind yours too or who?

Liam November 2018

Poem: About INSIGHT

Poem: About Insight

 In a moment, waking not from sleep

But in thoughts caught up with yesterday’s complexity. 

A breeze lifts my sight 

Quietly admitting the light.

A flower unfolds 

Revealing the subtle frailty.

The intimacy of understanding.

Insight into tomorrow’s story.

Insight into that

Tweaking my puzzledness 

Ah Haaaa!

Did you hear, Ureaka!

Unpremeditated it worked.

 Not a trumpet call

It’s the steady focus

Me pushing forward into the depths.

Snooping around in the subconscious 

Collecting crumbs, fragments 

minuscule titbits .

It’s in the letting go

Flowing forward into the idea

It answers

Like sweetly picking a ripe berry

Then enjoying that rush of taste



#Liam August 2018

Poetry: About Patience

Poem: About Patience


You have to do things on

your own, 

the quiet undisturbed development, comes from deep inside

and push’s through this all.

Nor can it be accelerated,

everything is continuity and

then birth …

Or like the tree,

which doesn’t push its sap,

And stands confident in the storms of spring.


that the summer might not come.

It does!

it comes only to those with patience.

that are there, like the eternity before them,

so carefree, quiet and far off.

You have to have patience

With the unsolved in your heart,

and try to love the unanswered questions yourself,

like locked rooms, or books that are written in a strange languages.

It’s about living everything.

If you live the questions, you live gradually and

without noticing it,

a new day patiently 

Brings the answers.

Wisdom: Pictures in Your Head

The way we respond to anything depend on two things, the pictures we create in our heads and the words we say to ourselves about those memories. Shouldering they be negative, change the script to a positive one.


Wisdom: Retrain Your Mind

Repetition is essential for the mind, statements of truth sink into the deep subconscious mind and from that place their nutritional value feeds the soul, returning peace and happiness and joy to that person’s personal experience of life.