The Doorbell

Unexpectedly at a dinner party it was commented upon that I was a writer and poet. On confirmation, the commentator then asked me to spontaneously write a poem about a woman’s breast and a doorbell to prove my command of the language. This is what I wrote.

Poetry: A Woman’s Breast and the Door-bell

by Liam

Let my attest, this thing address

The beauty of a woman breast

Is that which, when the door-bells rung

Will open, in she’ll come

It’s then alone, not before

The fun begins, leads to more

Than bells could ring when heavens door

Too opens wide

She will let you slide inside

Hear aloud the angels sing

What a price this bell did bring

You my friend must wear her wedding ring

So caution be when at the door

For a woman’s ring means so much more.

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The Ancient Mariner

Poetry Poem: The Ancient Mariner

Poetry Poem: The Ancient Mariner

To the wind and the waves

With the mast in the sky

Sails pulled taught and the seagulls cry

My home is the sea the storm and the blue

White clouds flying through the rigging too

The crack of sail and the cold flung spray

It’s the wide horizon on a windy day

Which calls the shanty to my weathered lips

Of whales and maids of pirate ships

Of tea at the hearth and a hot clean bath

The trick is over the passage past

The cargo stowed like my memories too

In a locked treasure chest

On my arm tattoo

To my dreams I’ll fly in the night to come

Where again I’ll journey the me so young

Across oceans and seas where I had the life

Traders rum and the whetted knife

I’ve done the turn

I’ve lived the life

I’ve carried the burden

I’ve had the strife

Now it’s time for the hot cupa tea

It’s my children’s children who listening see

Those days far flung

Far deep in me

The wave the wind the dark blue sea.

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Poetry: Numbers

Poetry: One to Eight

by Liam

The one Divine permeates the pattern

Man and Woman create the third which crawling cries

Four corners build the framework of the dwelling

These five senses connect you with a driving mind

The six directions bind you with a life to strive for

Be as clear today as you are in all seven

Be to heaven as you appear

with God innate

Poetry: Play

Poetry: Play

by Liam

I become intoxicated by love


I drink deep and more

This ruby wine flowing from the goblet of my life

Inebriated, I dance, spin circles

Each day a kaleidoscope of joy

To rise again with the sun

To sink again with the stars

Life life life

You wondrous-thing

You joyous friend, let’s play.

Poetry: Requirements

Poetry: Requirements

by Liam

I am where I am

You there where you are too

Still, no need to fret or stare

Because I do what I can do

Here now alone with what I’ve become

With you too it’s a complicated whole

No longer alone

Which leaves us asking why?

Which weaves us closer to the whole

Which temporarily fulfills the requirements of now.

Meaning you are who I’ve tried to become

But why?

Fun Poetry: The Furor

Fun Poetry: The Furor

by Liam

The sun will chase the stars from sight

Shine on, yet invisible by daylight

Your love drenched eyes they leave me too

In sleep we loose the shine

Still we share the beat

Nothing is lost in the dark of night


What drives this universe,


entangled, entwined ?

The rhythmic pulse of loves beating core

It’s more than a thought

A picture, or booty

It’s the energy, with which together holds

All in spin

All in flux

Our galaxy one of many much more

We the dust of this


It’s love, it’s love, simply more love

Keeps the heavens in spin above

The stars ashine

The smile in your eye

When I see that you want, what sparkles in