Inspirational Poetry: Thoughts

Inspirational Poetry: Thought

by Liam

I think now and again

Of that which created thought

More so, the new moon

Patient to the waking day

Grows with these insights, these perceptions.

Till full, flooded in light to split the dark

I again, begin to wain

Thinking of that which created thought

Seems so much of what we are, we still could become

It’s all around us, in us, just reach up, reach in and touch

This blazing

This light

Insight to the moment of how

You eclipse thoughts to create thinking .

Inspirational Poetry: New You

Inspirational Poetry: New You

by Liam

Letthere be a day

In which I return from repetition

Let there be a way

The reaccuring decisions that stigmatize my reality

From waking till sleep


This will change the life

Churning in my breast

Is the best impulse from which to initiate

A new reality

A fresh start

An ideal flowing from the heart

For this me, is my projection of one reality

Another, waits but to be initiated

By my heart,

It’s an easy game of who and where

Mine to activate, to see clear

The choice is now to do it

What? I asks

Return to your self!

Inner soul peace

Quiet mindful meditation

Your key to turn

To learn

To experience anew


Inspirational Poetry: The Ruby

Inspirational Poetry: The Ruby

by Liam

Resplendent is the one

Who seeks the ruby

Who leaves the carelessness of desire

To shine with one’s deep strengths

Accept self denial, Overcome obstacles

Move towards the infinite life

In this ecstasy of quiet

In this passion of stillness

Red glints the ruby from your lips.

Inspirational Poetry: The Special Place

Inspirational Poetry: That Special Place

by Liam

Go to that special place

Yes, the space where

You can sing of beauty

The expanse which creates you features

Across the golden dawn

The wholeness of who you are is joy

Embracing the miracle of now

Here we augment our reality with love

With meaning and truth

This small step is the way

On the path to the moment

Of our togetherness

Me and I

You and who

We have become.

Inspirational Poetry: White Rabbit

Inspirational Poetry: White Rabbit

by Liam

Reality, where have you taken me?

Or is this an illusion an illustration painted across the canvas of my cognition

Reality is wherever

Reality is whoever

Reality is whatever

We want it to be

So be cautious with your choices

So be careful with your thoughts

For these are the truths you will live

These are the realities you will create

For the mind is impartially omnipotent

To liberate , as created

To incarcerate , as created

The question waiting to be answered


Who creates the question?



Wait , be patient follow the white rabbit

And see.

Inspirational Poetry: The Same

Inspirational Poetry: The Same

by Liam

We are all the same inside

Inside we are all the same

Bones and muscle belong to the planet

It’s heart and soul

It’s thought and feel

It’s inspiration and mind

It’s uniquely individual

It’s personally universal

It’s infinitely singular

It’s me and you true

You should recognize

We are much closer

We are more similar

We are all aspects

Belonging of one universal being

Truth, Love and Joy

Inspirational Poetry: The Ark

Inspirational Poetry: The Ark

by Liam

Be an ark, a vessle to cross the vast ocean of life

On board, take those who also swim in light

Calling to the stars and singing to infinity

Songs of joy, memories of a future calling

For the swift journey is best carried on the wings of words

Each a praise to love

Each a lover to life

Each a sailor of the soul

To the shores of our distant tomorrow.