Poetry: Listen

Poetry: Listen

by Liam

It matters

Yes, it really truly matters

When you hear your soul

First whispering, talking, speaking

Yet again, again you ignore the call

Bumping again, again into the same, the same

Discomfort and pain

The pain will fill with hidden tears

Transforming to

Tears of laugher

Tears of joy

For pain is the way

To allow yourself to listen

Listen to the words you before ignored

Listen with the soul, to be whole

Listen Listen

Poetry: The Reflection

Poetry: The Reflection

by Liam

Hold a mirror to your nothingness

As you watch, beauty will discover itself

Alone in the solitude of now,

My soul is awakening

The seer, seeing the known

The knower, understanding the understood

The seeker, finding the found

Throughout eternity

Beauty blushes in the recognition of love

Beholding itself within the awe of your reflection

Be awake for this image holds no secrets only the truth.

Poetry:Where Light Breaks

Poetry: Where Light Breaks

by Liam

So much talk

So many lines

Scribbled, written, scrawled

About the manifest, about the mystery

This is the oneness

We are, in the beginning

We are, going to in the end

Each, with everything in between

Dripping between the fingers of my clenched glove

Licking blood from the wound of my Love

Those days months slaves to movement of the moon

Set me free

Let me be

Where light breaks me apart scattering

Thoughts of tomorrow

Creating moments of inspiration happiness and poetry for today.

Poetry: The Cloak

Poetry: The Cloak

by Liam

Together we weave our lives

The weft of days

The warp, the ways

In which I’m wrapped within this cloak of life.

Each pattern your very own design and shape

Some rich and wrong

Some thin and strong

Yet, when our weaving waits

Anticipates the

Hand of God

Upon which craft divine creates

A cloak of gratitude superb

To feed this life in every word

In every corner clear is heard

Be who

Be you

Be true

Poetry: Growth

All day I’ve been showered in light

These golden beams of Love flooding all

Everything we see, we do, we hear

Totally saturated in this warm living rain

Let it invigorate new hope, new thoughts and inspiration

These tender seeds are my very growth

Each letter, an alphabet from heaven

Bursting up and out across this page

A vitality we all comprehend

A reality we all need apprehend.

Poetry: Worthy

Poetry: Worthy

by Liam

“You are worthy of love”, was said

A thousand times

The question of my worth

The reason of my birth has passed

Has even disturbingly resided in my mind

Those ragged jagged thoughts

Created, originated, equally resilient feelings of inadequacy

Desperate in emotional destitution

Love lost me then

Or was it I who had lost myself?

Neglected to quietly initiate my worthiness

This was about being meritorious, deserving and worthy of love!

The paradigm changed through recognition;

This me

This I

This biography is alone enough

Sufficiently enough too be worthy

To be deserving

To be meritorious

To be loved

I myself love the world

“ You are worthy “, said love.

Poetry: Resplendent

Poetry: Resplendent

by Liam

Prepare now for the feast

To shine where before the rags

The waste and tatters of yesterday clung

To your life

Throw them off

Dress for delight

In robes of joy

In garments of love

This fine apparel to meet a King a Queen

Indeed no other, Royalty than yourself

Resplendent in the shine of becoming true.

Poetry: Seven Stars ⭐️

by Liam

In the center of my breast seven stars appeared

Each a gate to heaven

Each a moment of eternity

To be entered with one emotion

With one intention

To love joyously

On this path taken

The paradise of here

The pure nectar

of now

Given as I pass through the threshold of waking

Each and every day.

Poetry: Words

Poetry: Words

by Liam

We assume it’s words

Words loud or soft

Words sweet or strong

Words of poetry or law

Which bind us

Which connect and collect us

This place is different however

It’s about connectivity

Created by the invisible

Created by the inaudible

Created by the powerful

Emotions of your heart

So set your life on fire

Seek those that will not extinguish your spark

Seek everything which will set your very existence alight.

Poetry: Soar

Poetry: Soar

by Liam

Before Love became my shining light

My sight was dimmer than the shadowed haze of dusk

Then my gaze dissolving bit by bit

Those clouds of doubt

Creating thoughts so clear, so true, so blue

Sky is all we need

For as we fly

Love will stretch its feathers across the night

Giving us the insight to wait for dawn

Not feel forlorn

Just soar, for

Above the clouds

Awaits the more

Awaits the light.