Poetry: Sight

by Liam

Look into my eyes and smile

What you see in me

Is not alone what you are looking for

You could find something more beautiful belonging to you

Has always been mine too

Suspended here within this iris of blue

Is an ocean of you

Our humanity floating upon the antiquity of time

Smile bright little bird

For happiness is the magic of this existence

Desiring alone the focus of intent

Saturated with the easy gift of loves moisture

We recognize

We rise

We encompass

We gratefully bow to the magnificent subtlety of sight.


Lake Constance

Poetry: Lake Constance

by Liam

Bring me color

Bring me pride

Gracious pink petticoats spread across a deepening skies

Oh! how your hues invade each lake, each spread of wet

Each cloud draped across the bed

She dared and drew her dainty head below the sight of all

The color might have drawn a sigh from my amazing cry

Dazzled let me fly into your gaze

To be touched by this in your multitude of ways.

Home Coming

Poetry: Home Coming

by Liam

All across my life I have been everything, other than a home

Lonely places I’d grown accustomed, to share my nightly dreams

Waking each morning to the cry and call of life

Insecurity knocked firmly on the door of adolescence

Oh! this visitor wrecked the house as we drunken fell unconscious to the floor

Lost to some new delight, a dark thought, shame, malice and far more

I met each, at the door laughing in ignorance

A moment later, emotional immaturity threw open the windows,

My sobbing eyes echoed across the fields of learning I still needed to reap

To keep going, to continue living that bread I baked and ate

Strength, inspiration, insights and you, Love

Moved in, sweeping clean the chaos, placing fresh flowers upon my breast

Each a truth, a blossom, each a blessing of recognition

Perfume, now fills this cottage of my mind

Creates a home we work for, we can create and find.

In Progress

Poetry: In Progress

by Liam

Is Progress alone enhancement?

Progress truly is only advancement.

So to enhance, is it equivalent to advance?

Progression takes us beyond the knowing to the knowledge

From the understanding to its skillful implementation

This progress is the way we grow

Enhancing, before advancing closer to the me

I’m striving to become wonderful

I’m progressing towards absolute

With you tangled in my braids.

Reveal It

Poetry: Reveal it

by Liam

Do we ever reach the end of what we could know?

When what, there is to know, is endless

What truly applies to who we are and could become implies finiteness

When, where and how awareness or consciousness dilates to accept the moment

Yes, we have been lied too, used, abused and disappointed

Those were neighbors, not guests which jolted the journey

Each a piercing stab at the recognition this life

Creates the requirements we are called to transform

Permeate this intrinsic experience with a vibrant vision of an energetic unity

Not unaffected by life but emotionally liberated from being it’s victim

Free in the joyous recognition that

Home is where the heart flies

The love is where the home lies

Reveal it.


Poetry: Dreams

by Liam

Take your dreams each a chapter true

Each unique to open in the story book of you

Upon the playing field of this dear life

Patience, allow time, enjoy the spice

Allow, all the magic mana falling from this grace

For in a moment of serendipity

We understand the context and the omega

Don’t ask why or how , laugh with the idiosyncrasies

Tomorrow’s mystery awakens in me now

I calling say, “Today, let this vision be the way to create anew, the me I’m dreaming of.”


Poetry: Skylark

by Liam

Your wind sweeps past and through me

Lifting my skylark wings till they embrace the blue

White clouds we ask, laugh and why?

My 1000 questions

Leave me with Gods glance to

Support the proofs that cannot hinder nor define

Caught in the reflection of heavens glass

This Ruby red will pass my lips to find

Answers deep golden nuggets imbedded within the bedrock of my soul

Quietly awaiting the wind

Patiently awaiting the wisdom.

Poetry: I meets U

Poetry: I meets U

by Liam

Beyond the halls, the walls & wisdom of my knowledge

The magnificent mystery of the world rotates

Indeed we learn this we understand that

Individually, what I truly know is but a infinitesimal fragment

Let me recognize

Let me enter into the vast mystery of myself

Let me unite my recognition of how universally unknown

The I

I am is

Now the mystery meets the magic in the moment

Each in awe of awakening

Each in recognition of how amazing life


Poetry: Inarticulation

Poetry: Inarticulation

How eloquently this peace
This silent moment of reflect, reverberates
Within its own music of understanding
Books words and letters lie along the trail
The story book of my life
Each a stone upon which I once stood
Whilst on my journey home
Heart in hand
Eyes fixed to the horizon of the universe
The race tracked in minutes over years has ever been slowing
Whilst the expanse has enveloped
Eloquently holds sway
An ocean
A drop
A spark
The flame
In this space it’s
It’s all the same.