In Progress

Poetry: In Progress

by Liam

Is Progress alone enhancement?

Progress truly is only advancement.

So to enhance, is it equivalent to advance?

Progression takes us beyond the knowing to the knowledge

From the understanding to its skillful implementation

This progress is the way we grow

Enhancing, before advancing closer to the me

I’m striving to become wonderful

I’m progressing towards absolute

With you tangled in my braids.

Poetry: Time

Poetry: Time

by Liam

Ripples follow the waves to shore

Pebbles roll in the crash and roar

Our seconds, your minutes, all days till life’s done

March forward forever this time conundrum

A babe be born, life’s time to defend

To wear loves crown seems to condescend

Quickened life laughs, will still stumble and fall

Time which gave, again takes all

The flush of youth, passions high felt cry

The old mans stick, beauty too will die

The bolt of light from whence we came

The funeral pyre as we return again

Cruel the hand which swings the scythe

Let hope live on in my rhythm alive.

Poetry: Mingle

Poetry: Mingle

by Liam

We mingle amongst one another

As air mingles with earth,

Water too absorbs

This fluidity mixing

Invisible, it flows between the elements





With the miracle of life abundant.

Love mingles too between our elements of body, soul and spirit




Us immersed in being

To ignite, insight, inspiration

The situation of our daily dues improves

Lets intimately mingle

Lives with Love with Life.

Poetry: The Apparel of Words

Poetry: The Apparel of Words

by Liam

Words are never ever wasted

They come from that invisible sea

From which those thirsty drink

Who on the journey become parched for wisdom

Words which are the apparel of thoughts

Thoughts which are the substance of God

Giving me meaning

Enabling me to recognize universally

The interconnectedness we experience

While on the way home

On the back to where we were Before being born.

Poetry: The Teacher

Poetry: The Teacher

by Liam

I have been a teacher

I still am but it’s not you I’ve taught

It’s not even those children

Whose sight is on a future

We cannot yet see

The teachings come to my understanding

The lessons learnt come from my heart

This beautiful subject is Life itself

Where the master is radiant rich graciously

Enfolding within me, the wisdom that Change

Is the way of becoming ever closer to our magnificence.

Poetry: Go!

Poetry: Go!

by Liam

When you see beauty, then feel it with your tears

When you hear music and experience pure joy in your heart

When you dance, sparks flying from your fingernails

This beautiful

This exquisite

This lovely

Is in you

Is with you

Is the part of you which is the universe

Ecstatic in the revelation of itself

Moving in the motion of its magnificence

Expressing energetic love in the recognition of its own awakening

Go, go, go,

It’s yours anyway!

Poetry: Darkness

Poetry: The Darkness

by Liam

Consider despair darkness and defeat

How each gets here is unique

What a decrepit house they keep

Truth is this, here we are subjugated by a lie

A lie so perfidiously untrue

It’s needle pierces through the eye

Blinding binding chastising, why

Open the gateway with forgiveness

Filling this dark house in light

Throw open the windows with Gratefulness

Sharing thanks for life

Take your freedom in its


The larks joy is in its flight.

Poetry: Gratitude

Poetry: Gratitude 🙏
by Liam

Thoughts, mysterious and benign
These are the seeds of a life devine
For with these roots growing in my brain
They unfold to feelings in a heart of flame.
We are what we think we feel or we do
If we suffer we need now change the game
Of listening too understand that pain

Change the perspective, change the thoughts
Find the goodness in the suffering parts
Gaze upon the mirror such that it’s your soul you find
Smiling back at how simple it’s been
“Gratitude”, helped me to see
“Gratitude “, that pain helped find in me
“Gratitude “, thought helped make me free.

Poetry: What is Reality?

Poetry: What is Reality

by Liam

Let’s take that ocean

The infinite sea of Love

Afloat in your breast

Contained within a drop called your heart

Suspended by a thread called your thought

Each day swinging precariously in the winds of your emotion

Care care careful this precious thing

Remains strung to your beautiful life

For as we sleep

It’s deep we dive

Into the endless depths of this Self

Swimming across the endless widths of this drop

Returning to anchor again that thread

Within the powerful potential of the mind

Begin anew the day to find

Struggle and recognize how unreal is reality.

Poetry: These Days

Poetry: These Days

by Liam

We still collect the sunsets,

As years roll passing by

Open, fresh to each new morning,

Our day to share blue sky.

A story where we found the other

As lovers playing in a game

Fly the moon, full and song

No darkness hide, where this heart belongs

Sing serenades, share hope, create joy and give praise



We create these magical days.