Call out: C-19

My dear fellow lovers of the written word, the spoken word, the magic of poetry,

I am isolated alone, as so many of you too, with thoughts! These I share with you and you friends, families and communities. Liam

Today 21. April 2020

Our world is not become dystopian, yet still a pivotal and important moment for all societies in this new millennia has happened.

The old paradigm has become dysfunctional, the new paradigm needs our humanity, compassion, love and sympathies to sustain and further contain all the beauty and diversity our planet still has to offer. It’s no longer about what we have or what we own, but who we are in the context of our greater home.

Carrying responsibility for everyone and everything in the microcosm in the Macrocosm of our lives.

It’s time once again for the poets, the bards, the story tellers and musicians to spread the deeper meaning filled truth.

Let’s do this together,


Poetry Poem: Voices

Poetry Poem: Voices

With closed mouths

We spoke

Not to me

Not to them

It’s you who heard yourself

For the first time


Quietly in the distance

Of your mind

This joy

This revelation

This moment

Of recognition that your voice

Was mine.

Mine, when I’m quiet

Is yours too

In this place of peace

We all speak and understand

We can all listen and know

It’s true.

Poetry Poem: Sleep

Poetry Poem: Sleep

By Liam

Let silence be the Art of your participation

In the quiet

In the peace

In this moment

It’s no longer about me

About you or anyone

It’s simply the vastness

Which moving up

From within washes

Away apprehension

Refreshing the memories

The life of deep expanse

Before descending into

This humanity, this body

This life of here and there

Let silence be the Art of my participation

For this moment of now

Is the light which will glow

After I return to sleep.