The Rainbow

by Liam

Your way begins over there

On the other side of the sky

The bridge there is a rainbow of love

It connects us to all and everything

Believe not your eyes

It’s your heart which needs to step out step forward

Not blinded by light

But intoxicated with color

Singing with the birds

For those wings are yours too, to fly

Those songs are yours too, to recite

As poems of how we have come to be

So alive, so much more, so free.

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Poetry: Listen too

Poetry: Listen too

by Liam

First go find yourself

Before you will find me

What was sought in the books

What was looked for in the stars

These teachings are answers too

The meaning though is another

Whispers which come quiet and quick

When I listen to my soul

This light illuminates what the heart has understood

Take this unique story, it’s yours, it’s mine too

Creating a myth of who we are

Creating the joy of who we’ve become.

Poetry: Death will Remove

Poetry: Death will Remove

by Liam

Death, true death will remove

All you’ve gathered, gleaned and gained

This time of life is to plant

Your affection, care and love

For its a willing thing which seeks even the most barren soul

To fertilize and grow sound

Give away what is superfluous in your house

Hand out the things which bring another relief

Care also for all the joy you have sown

The harvest is rich and will lift your soul on bright wings

As you fly

Leave this life

Soar to God on high, die.

Poetry: Excitement

Poem: Excitement

by Liam

I’ve felt excitement.

Yes, that smirk, that chuckle of glee

Bubbling up inside the true, the authentic me

It’s not that often

Yet some how when you smile, I laugh

I’m free, you liberate the joy, the intensity.

Sparks, flashes of humor

I reflect a glance of your iniquity


It’s what we have done

It’s what we have begun

Unpremeditated authenticity

Touching, manipulating implicating weaving

It’s me alive in your autonomy.


Oh yes please, I’m sparkling too

I’m immersed in this momentary effervescent now

Excitement overcomes the stated

The causal question of just how it occurred

The magic, the love, the true joy of ….

Who we are

Who we strive to become

Who we grow to know

This potential, ours is the ground to grow

Excitement, truly exciting

Let’s Just do it.


My dear friends far and wide,

I’m asking you to share my poetry across the world.

These are poems which resonate deep in the soul of us all.

My poems are to support, to help, and enable everyone who reads them to look a bit deeper, feel deeper, understand deeper.

It’s not about me, it’s about helping others understand in the world gone crazy.

Liam, the poets blog.

Call out: C-19

My dear fellow lovers of the written word, the spoken word, the magic of poetry,

I am isolated alone, as so many of you too, with thoughts! These I share with you and you friends, families and communities. Liam

Today 21. April 2020

Our world is not become dystopian, yet still a pivotal and important moment for all societies in this new millennia has happened.

The old paradigm has become dysfunctional, the new paradigm needs our humanity, compassion, love and sympathies to sustain and further contain all the beauty and diversity our planet still has to offer. It’s no longer about what we have or what we own, but who we are in the context of our greater home.

Carrying responsibility for everyone and everything in the microcosm in the Macrocosm of our lives.

It’s time once again for the poets, the bards, the story tellers and musicians to spread the deeper meaning filled truth.

Let’s do this together,