Poetry: The Reflection

Poetry: The Reflection

by Liam

Hold a mirror to your nothingness

As you watch, beauty will discover itself

Alone in the solitude of now,

My soul is awakening

The seer, seeing the known

The knower, understanding the understood

The seeker, finding the found

Throughout eternity

Beauty blushes in the recognition of love

Beholding itself within the awe of your reflection

Be awake for this image holds no secrets only the truth.


Poetry: Evening

Poem: Evening


As this day now leaves to lie,

Rays once warm they fill the sky.

In colors changing to heaven bright.

The blues to hues of reds, the white the golden might.

Of a day departed and with me too.

One more moment of bliss complete.

Of touch and love of fleeting happy you.

Yes, you an angel dancing high.

Dancing clouds you cross my eye .

Your horizon lies with me this day.

You fill the night with a starry sky,

with sparks,

with thoughts,

with dreams,

with intervening flashes we unite.

Build a picture, a cosmology ,

A heaven, a party book of light.

Closing now my eyes to sleep

The wonder in my breast I’ll keep.

Till waking neigh on mornings wing

A new, a day together we’ll sing.

Poetry:Where Light Breaks

Poetry: Where Light Breaks

by Liam

So much talk

So many lines

Scribbled, written, scrawled

About the manifest, about the mystery

This is the oneness

We are, in the beginning

We are, going to in the end

Each, with everything in between

Dripping between the fingers of my clenched glove

Licking blood from the wound of my Love

Those days months slaves to movement of the moon

Set me free

Let me be

Where light breaks me apart scattering

Thoughts of tomorrow

Creating moments of inspiration happiness and poetry for today.

Poetry: Play

Poetry: Play

by Liam

I become intoxicated by love


I drink deep and more

This ruby wine flowing from the goblet of my life

Inebriated, I dance, spin circles

Each day a kaleidoscope of joy

To rise again with the sun

To sink again with the stars

Life life life

You wondrous-thing

You joyous friend, let’s play.

Poetry: Breakout

Poetry: Break Out

by Liam

Create beauty in a thicket of thistles

Paint rainbows 🌈 across a puddle of mud

Even our simple life has become saturated with superficiality

In breaking through these fences with wisdom

Smashing away habits of imprisonment with peace

Pain precedes insight, right!

A reward which let’s in the light

Each crack slicing through

My absorbed propaganda of discrepancies

Turn anew the page of who I’d been

Open the chapter of life as yet unseen

Here it’s me it’s true

I’ll paint anew a picture across a rainbow with you.

Poetry: The Whisperer

Poetry: The Whisperer

by Liam

Quietly, as your whisper crosses space

My lips vibrate they flutter

To your grace

Feel the equanimity of intent

A moment’s message to the heart that sent

Angels weeping, their wings clipped all white

While God unfolds the banner

Asking, why? why?

Uncurl those feathered things

and fly not cry.

Poetry: The Other

Poetry: The Other

by Liam

As you moved in me, this impression is captured in my surprise

An indescribable feeling of content

A moment’s litany to the who

From whom that perfume was sent


I rise on wings from God’s good words declare


for although you are not here, uncover

What Loves ment to be

The other.

Poetry: Travelers

Poetry: Travelers

Yes, we are all travelers as

Life’s sun is setting faster than a bird on the wing

Be on your way with the wind at your feet

The light in yours eyes and a heart throwing flowers to the fields

For your wedding with eternity waits just beyond the horizon

On the other side of the sky

Rejoicing , dance and sing

On the way to your other tomorrow

Don’t stop for anything.