Poetry: Contemplation

by Liam

As the heart becomes your place of contemplation

It’s because of the rubbing, polishing and care taken

That mirror beautiful begins to shine

Reflecting not alone it’s maker

Fresh healed and vibrant

Also the very substance of invisibility

An integral feeling of immersion

It’s the lovers lamp

It’s the light of the lost

It’s the reflection of God’s magnificence

In you

With you

Through you

By you

Poetry: The Mirror

Poetry: The Mirror

by Liam

Love it’s branches spread

Wide since pre-eternity, laughed

As the intellect searching to understand, got stuck in a muck of words

It’s the lovers themselves who

Spin wordless amongst these leaves

Who shall share,

Know more, feel more of love

This is who they’ve become.

When love calls silently

it’s not words we hear

It’s the very universe which trembles

Heaven recognizing itself in the mirror of your own face


Poetry: The Fountainhead

Poetry: The Fountainhead

by Liam

My gift comes from over there

This glass was given full,

Overflowing with the fountain of the sun

Drink it always, for always will there be enough

Wisdom to carry you across the ocean

Over the threshold of

Perception too the fountainhead of the sun.

Poetry: Elsewhere

Poetry: Elsewhere

by Liam

Elsewhere ,

That’s from where I came

Before we were,

It happened

Irreversibly the universe stampedes forward

Light, dust and stars

Flying out in all directions


with insight truly invisible, real and spiritual it expands

Now buzzing with the insight of this

It’s my only intension to end up

There where it all happens

In the silence

Practiced daily

The moment before it began.

Poetry: Naked

Poetry: Naked by Liam

As I’ve stumbled forward into today

Clothed in the rags

Tags and ripped pieces of the past

It’s these sad torments

My well known companions of sorrow

I’ll slough off

I’ll now undress

I’ll now strip away

Stand naked with thee

Before my soul

Arms our stretched and cry, “Free”

I am Free

My body beautiful is a gift

From God through birth

My soul chose this place, magnificent to live

My spirit embraces these three

In this communion recognize

How much joy life has in fact given

Us to see

Through that pain

I now have learned to laugh

To be me.

Poetry: Alpha & Omega

Poetry: The Alpha & Omega

When my thoughts ring clear, without words

Then will I understand your meaning

When I’ve traveled to the pinnacle,

It’s only then my journey begins

When I look into your depths

And recognize my own short comings

It’s you who has enabled inspiration

It’s you who has created understanding

It’s you who has whispered enabling me to

Hear without sounds

Travel without a journey

See without opening my eyes

The Alpha

The Omega

The Love

Poetry: Prayer

Poetry: Pray by Liam

Let this day fall to its knees

In prayer, the evening gathers those

Gentle words, carrying them to the sparkling firmament

Each one hung on a star for God to read

Each one written across the tapestry of your heart

For You to remember

How blessed this done day has been

How gratefully sleep will return us to tomorrow.

Poetry: Catharsis

Poetry: Catharsis

by Liam

After the realization

A need to discover, the deeper self ignites

Burning with intent

To know more, see more, understand more

This catharsis is also a journey

Incinerating all but the true

The Grail, your pure self, the ever shining alchemical gold of me

Free of personality

Returns too this cosmic imagination

The ever surging wave of an endless ocean

Of which, we, are it’s constituent atoms

It’s magnificent energy

Simply all, becomes a conscious part from which we reintegrate

The love

We are and with which I again will reunite.