Poem: Looking for God

Poetry: Looking for God.

by Liam

Are you too, lost looking for God?

Although the search has been thorough

Why search over there?

It’s the direction we need new discover

Deep quiet peace is its space, a place of desire

Here wait and patiently anticipate,

The whisper of the lover

The sower of the stars

Gives my creation

This voice of Love

This music from Heaven

Sings in us all

Sings to us all

Sings with all

Living manifestation




The meaning this Life seeks in me

Poetry: Fountainhead

Poetry: Fountainhead

by Liam

Deep in the depth of darkness

My spring will surging rise

Bringing with it tinkling

To the verge of latent cries

It’s reviving strength I’ll hear with

This voice, rejoice in me

A source from which alone I drink

The fountainhead of thoughts I think

Keep me fresh, Keep me high,

Keeping hope in me to fly

Glad of all unseen

The struggles, tears through which there’s been

A stream forever flowing

Formed in peace above

In lofty high found spaces

It’s here that I found love

It’s here I’m me forever

It’s here I’m truly free.

Poetry: The Whisperer

Poetry: The Whisperer

by Liam

Quietly, as your whisper crosses space

My lips vibrate they flutter

To your grace

Feel the equanimity of intent

A moment’s message to the heart that sent

Angels weeping, their wings clipped all white

While God unfolds the banner

Asking, why? why?

Uncurl those feathered things

and fly not cry.

Poetry: Travelers

Poetry: Travelers

Yes, we are all travelers as

Life’s sun is setting faster than a bird on the wing

Be on your way with the wind at your feet

The light in yours eyes and a heart throwing flowers to the fields

For your wedding with eternity waits just beyond the horizon

On the other side of the sky

Rejoicing , dance and sing

On the way to your other tomorrow

Don’t stop for anything.

Poetry: Coming and Going

Poetry: Coming and Going

by Liam

This life and the next which will still come

The last life and the one which preceded that

These are ours, for they all come from the spirit

All go to the spirit

Each are a continuously evolving chance

Each life an amazing opportunity to become more

Intimately woven into the fabric

The texture of invisibility

Revealing itself in the experience of individuality.

Poetry: Peace

Poetry: Peace

by Liam

Each day, with my smile I awake

Eyes wide, then greet the dawn

The breeze sweet, new and fresh

Flowing from your caress

Lift the veil from Gods face

Just a moment in time and space

A graceful way to leave the night

The rising of the sun in flight

Greets me,

Calls “ Come laugh and love, another day to walk your path and find.”

“What?”, I cried

“Peace inside, the centre of your mind.”

Poetry: White Lilies

Poetry: White Lilies

by Liam

I live deeply in stillness

For in the morning as light wakes the bright white lilies

It’s this moment in the vividly shining stillness

That rejoicing my heart

Spills into the spring

Holding up the question of who gave God

The gift, the intrinsic moment of now?

Silence it whispered, listen deeply for this language needs no words

Just listen to the silence

Like White Lilies.

Poetry: The Antenna

Poetry: The Antenna

by Liam

While out in the wilds of the world one day

I found God in what a man did say

“What is that mystery crumpled in your hand,

Help me friend to understand.”

The gaze was grace so high I knew

Till heavens window through we flew

In this place, called to life

A force of love to end my strife

Folding out those creases deep could stretch my heart

Across the cosmos and the sky

Encompass all that’s ever been

Including all that is unseen

This organ given by life so free

This antenna linked to the cosmic me

Began to tune into this vibe

Began to pulse became alive

With this too I now could see that God as well

Resides in me.


Poetry: Contemplation

by Liam

As the heart becomes your place of contemplation

It’s because of the rubbing, polishing and care taken

That mirror beautiful begins to shine

Reflecting not alone it’s maker

Fresh healed and vibrant

Also the very substance of invisibility

An integral feeling of immersion

It’s the lovers lamp

It’s the light of the lost

It’s the reflection of God’s magnificence

In you

With you

Through you

By you