Poetry: Trumpet

Poetry: Trumpet

by Liam

Taking the trumpet of life

Blowing notes with high joy

Gods music reveals needs into each one

At times passion, sometimes pain

Will ring out across this life

Look find your harmony

Look, feel your rhythm

Remember, reminding myself of whose lips

Grace this melody of me

Of whose miracle is playing the instrument

You see.

Poetry: Listen too

Poetry: Listen too

by Liam

First go find yourself

Before you will find me

What was sought in the books

What was looked for in the stars

These teachings are answers too

The meaning though is another

Whispers which come quiet and quick

When I listen to my soul

This light illuminates what the heart has understood

Take this unique story, it’s yours, it’s mine too

Creating a myth of who we are

Creating the joy of who we’ve become.

Poetry: The Articulation of a Face

Poetry: The Articulation of a Face

by Liam

“Let the soul speak with the silent articulation of a face.” Rumi

Upon the edge of breaking dawn

I reach out to the waiting morn

“Why am I?, who am I?, What am I?”

The silent articulation in

Gods quiet space Echoes, reverberates in lines across my aging face

Each smile captured

Each laughing moment brings to life

Obliterates the pain the strife

Ripples across an endless sea

These questions lines of poetry

Remind my soul remember thee

The beginning

The end

The now

Be free

Poetry: Quotation

“Half full or half empty is not the illusion, it’s the glass.”


Poetry: The Dialog

Poetry: The Dialog

by Liam

The Teacher spoke,“You friend, are infinitely more than you think.”

Yet, said I,”This dust filled day leaves me parched.”

“ Drink not with your sight, refresh you thoughts in a quiet conversation with God.”

So closing my eyes, my mind was quickened by the fountainhead.

“The dust of today, brings the dew of a new morning.”

Thinking about it, I smile realizing how simple it is to go from despair to joy. This new thought creating a new emotion.

Poetry: Who are We?

Poetry: Who are we?

by Liam

In the silence,

There where the light breaks out

From within my being

The universe of your listening


Not a whisper but the roar

Of the whisperer

Reverberate across the universe

Let this be the art of your understanding

For silence speaks from himself

The listener hears within herself

Each in life’s short breath

Planting the deeds of love

Each and every way.

Poetry: The Music of Noise

Poetry: The Music of Noise

by Liam

“The quieter you become the more you are able to hear.” Rumi

Before making quietude my practice

Before the sweetness of silence caressed my ears

Before stillness graced the kitchen table

Noise noise noise

Swept around my hearing all the day

While the music remained unheard

Pour that quality invisible, sweet and rich

Into your listening, your life, your love

Hear the whisperer

Hear the heart sweetener

Hear the music deepener

By making quietude, my practice

By the sweetness, of silence which caress my ears

By stillness, graced upon the kitchen table.

Poetry: The Whisperer

Poetry: The Whisperer

by Liam

I asked, “ Tell me about patience.”

Gazing beyond my eyes into the heart of heaven

I heard a whisperer, “ Let silence be the art of your forbearance, allow this to take you to the core of yourself. This journey of Love is what your soul hears, yet your mind cannot comprehend the wonder it becomes.”

Poetry: The Spark

Poetry: The Spark

by Liam

You dance so wild, so free

In my heart, inside me

It’s the moments when I stop, quiet reflect

perceive, grasping thy slender band

We again become , the one eternal

Dancing in unison to the laughter of life

Pausing now and again to unite not in soul but in touch

For we are born of the others mark

These souls in poetry speak from that dream

“We are the love and with it share the spark.”

Poetry: Recognition

Poetry: Recognition

by Liam

Be the artist

Be the creative

Be the sculptured

Life has given to form

As the design grow‘th

so that from which

The design springs flow‘th

Leading into the ocean of spirit from which we come‘th

The Recognition of our world in a grain of grit

The Recognition of heaven in a wild flower 🌺

The Recognition of eternity in the chiming hour

The Recognition of infinity here beneath this shady bower.