Poetry Poem: The old Mariner

Poetry Poem: The old Mariner

To the wind and the waves

With the mast in the sky

Sails pulled taught and the seagulls cry

My home is the sea the storm and the blue

White clouds flying through the rigging too

The crack of sail and the cold flung spray

It’s the wide horizon on a windy day

Which calls the shanty to my weathered lips

Of whales and maids of pirate ships

Of tea at the hearth and a hot clean bath

The trick is over the passage past

The cargo stowed like my memories too

In a locked treasure chest

On my arm tattoo

To my dreams I’ll fly in the night to come

Where again I’ll journey the me so young

Across oceans and seas where I had the life

Traders rum and the whetted knife

I’ve done the turn

I’ve lived the life

I’ve carried the burden

I’ve had the strife

Now it’s time for the hot cupa tea

It’s my children children who listening see

Those days far flung

Far deep in me

The wave the wind the dark blue sea.

Liam July 2019

Poetry Poem: Burn

Poetry Poem: Burn

„Being a candle is not lite,

Before giving light one must burn!“ Rumi

Being is my light

The candle burning through this life

Bringing comfort, bringing enlightenment

Orientate on the direction of these insights

Feelings, sky high flying whisks of inspiration

Be wide open and free

Let the moment not choke this expanse of me

We are magnificent

We are free

We call the stars to congregate, consolidate

Shall I then become

Unaccustomed to conditions, preconceptions, ideologies ?

„Being a candle is not lite,

Before giving light one must burn!“ Rumi

Burn, yes incinerate these preconceptions of self

Liberate my perception, burn, then claim

My insignificance, my intrinsic right to liberation

My universality too.

Be true

Be me

Be oceanic

Be free


Liam July 2019

Poetry Poems: Language of a Kiss

Poetry Poems: Language of a Kiss

The languages we speak

The many tongues from many colors

May be foreign

May be strange

May be incomprehensible

When we really communicate

It’s the soul which weaves the magic

These feelings don’t lie

They personify the truth

The living being in you is mesmerized

For this recognition is immense, powerful real

Speaks a thousand languages and more

Communicates in energetic waves

We perceive sparking from these eyes

Dancing pirouette with butterflies

The strangest thing is not your color, language or creed

It’s my need

To communicate with my lips

The reality of what’s happening

With this one


Liam 2019 July

Poem Poetry: The Flower

Poem Poetry: The Flower

Out beyond the right and the wrong

You will find a field green and sky

Don’t wait for tomorrow

Don’t even be entangled with yesterday

Meet me

Let the grey of today

Slide from your mind, fly

For its now

In this very moment

That flower blossoms

It’s yours, mine too


Liam 2019

Poetry Poem: The Beauty of Now

Poetry Poem: The Beauty of Now

I long to touch heaven,

the sea and you too

What is this desire,

My question, who?

What will this reveal?

What is it trying to teach?

Where is this coming from wanting to reach?

I guess it’s intuition!

Or is it deja vu?

A premonition, a presentment about you

The smile, flirts with my interest.

Muting brain, heart tunes in too

Suppresses the uncertainty of why?

Expresses the conviction of true

This is happening for a reason, I know it


Reasonably understood

Convincingly felt,

This is overwhelming

This must be shared

Carried, bared

To feel alive

in each cell of my blood

I want to touch you

I want to crash

Wild into your surf,

Fly, die, then return

In the silence find the song

In the stillness hear the beat

Moulding from invisible to magnificent

The beauty of now

The love of how

We made this together.

Liam July 2019

Poetry Poem: Cosmic Sun

Poetry Poem: Cosmic Sun

My life’s the journey, from a distant star

You too and everybody we see

We walk all together

Yet each of us walks alone

We share, we support, we give a helping hand

Still, my way is mine for me, you see

From birth till I return to my heavenly me

To intensively live, laugh, love and be true

To be a voice, be the one who cares

Shares thoughts

Which grow into compassion with the wanderers too

The seekers, those lost, the crazies who’s

Laughter echoes from concrete stairs

That beggars hand rattle, with a two dime tin

The old and sick where the spirit within

Has lost the meaning ,

Has gone astray

Needing support to refind the way

We have become before again melt into the cosmic sun

Liam July 2019

Poetry Poem: This moment

Poem: This moment

When we meet, I need not be presumptuous.

It’s you that I want to discover though.

The nuances of what you say

Whispered, in slow motion

The firm fingers curling into mine seeking warmth

It’s in this moment, fleeting toward sunset

We spin threads of togetherness ,

Whispy fine silk sashes

Flash red from the horizon

To embrace your lips

To embody our relationship

Love, with us in flow

Love, we laugh we know

Love, we are divine

Love, with us will grow

We will be enhanced by that which is Love

Let go of harshness to discover compassion

Receiving reassurances which tingles in our ears

Of all we see, we hear, we feel, we touch,

Only love

Will stretch to eternity

Will resound to Infinity

Will unite this all, this much.

Will bind the bond of this moment


Liam July 2018