Poetry: The River

by Liam

Today I became the river

Ineffable, within the moisture of these sky’s

Thunder roars and into droplets flies

We fall ever faster towards reality found

Wetting the ground, enabling the growth

From which I will later sustain my health

The excess runs to the brook, to the stream, to the river, to the ocean waves

The babe’s cry bubbles from high mountain peaks and caves

Grows wide, wise and deep as it wanders the valley floor

Joining the worlds great river of humanity we marvel more

Where will this go when we enter the ocean of beyond

Yet in this reflection we unify with that which we will become

Contained within the drop is the vastness

The ocean of my own becoming you

Moving patiently from one medium to the other

We are all connected

We are all participants

We are all particles

Moving, flowing within this amazing mystery.

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Poetry: Sublime

by Liam

Blue, all blue and green the growth

It’s soul, all soul the singing worlds response

I’ve heard across the oceans thundering

Above the forests whispering

Sweet voices, audible alone to the breeze

Fine tunes blown in on awareness

Capture my attention initiate the intent

To stretch forward

Arms open to embrace and inhale

This moment of inspiration, this instant of life

We are this, which we perceive

Our colors change too with each awakening

As flowers, we bring wonder to the world

Bird song, bringing joy to this day

Enhancing the way I perceive my wealth

An entity among the Myriads which life has brought forth today

Reminding myself, it’s but a dash through time

Till again we sigh, we become sublime.

Our Sea

Poem: Our Sea

by Liam

Like heavy clouds on a sleepless night.

Mist still covers my eyes that might

Reveal those thoughts in a tangle entwined

What had happened?

Were you mine?

These insights burnt, deep into my brain

Combustible particles tinder to flame

Hot licentious fragments of imagination

Fragrant as incense, coil from my thoughts

Your curls in brunette cascade,

Playfully around those red puckered lips

The slim silky covered hips invite

Once shared, we enjoyed the plain

Played the game of you and me.

Our rough,

Our storm,

Our sea,

Our iniquity

Who knows when we again might sail

When we again might sprinkle light

When we again might touch the night

A pod, two peas

Lovers afloat

Our licentious boat

In rough seas.

Full Moon

Poetry: Full Moon

by Liam

Let the stars one and all, watch us now dance

They too have been here, with the light, the joy, the moon

Of today and laughing left again to play

High games of hide and seek

In the dark, as a spark from heaven they still gaze

Let’s be unanimous with what we see

With our Inspiration

Insight Intention

Let’s show them how it feels to be the fine sliver of a crescent moon

Waxing in a still blue sky

Moving patiently towards our fullest

Striving skillfully towards our future

Patient in the knowledge, we only live in the moment

In its rhythm of movement to completion.

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Poetry: Time

by Liam

In time it’s the clock

Or the pencil’s written song

Or a moments recognition about where we belong

At times it’s the lock on the prisoners door

Or Jacob who left and returned home to more

From time we charge, towards time we run

The rising,the setting of the moon and sun

Yet in it we are, a beginning and an end

So where do we start?

When it’s time to begin

Is it here?

Is it there?

Is it up?

Is it down?

Or simply the quietude when sitting down.


Poetry: Masquerade

by Liam

Its you who fills the blue

Those immense clouds in white

Embracing all within there might

But the light, streaming forth from heavens orb

To me, awakening, warming my now naked soul

It’s in these brief moments of respite

My chest arched

My arms outstretched

My hearts red blood

Inviting me to integrate

Together with this cosmic call

To be clothed in hues, tones of who I could become

Wrapped in an inclination of what I’ve always been

Yet till now have never seen

Or felt, or rent this masquerade

The truth now is to embrace, to love, to step forward

Grabbing grace and laughing

In the sun

With the light

Try try try

It’s never too late to Inaugurate.

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Poetry: Peaceful

by Liam

Peace, run deep in the crashing waves

Peace, flow free in the blowing winds

Peace, echo long in the mountains hight

Peace, shine bright in each stars light

Peacefully dream, throughout your quiet sleep

Peacefully smile, each day that you keep

Your hand on truth

Your hold on God

Peace within

Peace without

Make peace be what your life’s about.

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Poem: War

by Liam

This is the day for the becoming of me

I awoke to song, from the sycamore tree

To a ray of red, shot from a crimson dawn

Left those dreams of battle and horn

To shout the praise of days to come

Of truth, of love, of life, of fun

I stamped my feet to the pipers drum

Shook with fear from

Those short range guns

To battle, to die, to rage and rant

The young men screamed “till death ya part “

In the smoke, the slash, the heat of steel

The moan of pain, we red coats feel

We fell to be soaked in blood covered mud

While others stabbed and cut and killed

The battle plan had been revealed

Ripped by the blast of a short range shell

The day I died and left that hell

My soul had gone, my heart stopped too

Into light, it’s comfort true.

I entered not those pearly gates

Nor heeded the call of those forlorn

The sycamore sang of a new fresh morn

The dawn, a light with a message to sing

This is the day for the becoming of me

Return to the broken body I see

Free, cried my mind

Free, sang my heart

Free, of death which almost laughed

Limp, stumble, heal, took I so long

It’s the song I now sing

Each day at the dawn

Reminds me now forever long

Reminds me now of my life, my name

Reminds me, of the game of give and grow

Of happy friends my family know

To share, to laugh, to love and cry

That was not my day to die

That was my day to become what you see

The one

The true

The me