Poetry Poem: The Beauty of Now

Poetry Poem: The Beauty of Now

I long to touch heaven,

the sea and you too

What is this desire,

My question, who?

What will this reveal?

What is it trying to teach?

Where is this coming from wanting to reach?

I guess it’s intuition!

Or is it deja vu?

A premonition, a presentment about you

The smile, flirts with my interest.

Muting brain, heart tunes in too

Suppresses the uncertainty of why?

Expresses the conviction of true

This is happening for a reason, I know it


Reasonably understood

Convincingly felt,

This is overwhelming

This must be shared

Carried, bared

To feel alive

in each cell of my blood

I want to touch you

I want to crash

Wild into your surf,

Fly, die, then return

In the silence find the song

In the stillness hear the beat

Moulding from invisible to magnificent

The beauty of now

The love of how

We made this together.

Liam July 2019


Poetry Poem: Cosmic Sun

Poetry Poem: Cosmic Sun

My life’s the journey, from a distant star

You too and everybody we see

We walk all together

Yet each of us walks alone

We share, we support, we give a helping hand

Still, my way is mine for me, you see

From birth till I return to my heavenly me

To intensively live, laugh, love and be true

To be a voice, be the one who cares

Shares thoughts

Which grow into compassion with the wanderers too

The seekers, those lost, the crazies who’s

Laughter echoes from concrete stairs

That beggars hand rattle, with a two dime tin

The old and sick where the spirit within

Has lost the meaning ,

Has gone astray

Needing support to refind the way

We have become before again melt into the cosmic sun

Liam July 2019

Training for Marketers, The Foundation of your Marketing Success

                                                   Training for Marketers
                                      The Foundation of your Marketing Success

This is training for Juice Plus Franchise Marketers, People in MLM and Network Marketing.

What is your greatest financial asset?

Should you look to your bank account or in your wallet, I confess you are looking in the wrong place. Your greatest financial asset is your ability to learn.
Now when we look out into the world at the many extremely successful individuals who have made great fortunes, achieved recognition and helped millions of others, study has shown that these people all have something in common, and it is this quality that I want to share with you today.
There is a Universal Law which states “ you become what you think about most of the time.”
In the case of these amazingly successful people, it was their vision that they were thinking about all of the time, from wakening in the morning, till falling asleep at night. They were thinking about their goals and thinking about how they could achieve them. Guess what happened? Right the Universal Law kicked in and bingo one amazing story follows the next.
So lets follow suite, let us create a vision, actually make a vision board which we hang up in the kitchen to remind ourselves every day. A vision of what, well where you want to be in say 5 years with your business, your health, your wealth your family & friends , everything about you you can weave into your vision board.
The next step after the Vision Board is hanging, is then to sit down in a quiet moment and write down 10 concrete Goals that you wish to reach in order for your vision to become reality.
Each goal simply stated and fixed with a date of fulfilment, written in a way so that a child might understand the goal. These goals will as we make them highly conscious then sink slowly into the subconscious mind where they will now work for us and their fulfilment 24 hours a day.
With our goals now fixed on paper we are free to move on the next step which is to learn from the University of Juice Plus all that we need to know about our business and its implementation. It’s now that you start to create your own new wealth. This may be defined as your new skill set with which you will be able to help, support and enable very many others to their own financial freedom.
We keep our goals consistently in mind as we go through our day, creating, fulfilling some part of our greater vision.
The process can be accelerated by taking an imaginary wand which enables you to realise instantly one of your goals. The most important crucial goal which will help you realise your vision the fastest.
This one central goal becomes the focal point of your further effort and development. This goal now serves as the spear point to accelerate the fulfilment of your vision and you should focus with all intensity and your effort to realise this central goal.
All the other goals will follow as if magnetised by this one and the success of your franchise will grow as you grow closer to your own process of achievement.

Training for Marketers
The Foundation of your Marketing Success
1. Decide what you want (Vision)
2. Write it down (Goals)
3. Set a dead line
4. List everything (Simple & clear)
5. Chose the Focus (Spear tip)
6. Take action immediately
7. Work on this every day
MY commitment to excellence will enable you to attain the success you seek.


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MLM 5 Pillars to Understanding MLM

I finally got the answers to some of my BIGGEST QUESTIONS about recruiting by watching this great FREE recorded video with a 20-year veteran in the home business industry.


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This guy must have been on a mission to give out the most hard-hitting and useful information that have EVER been shared in 70 minutes!! That’s exactly what he did!

He shows you how to SHORT-CUT your way to success by recruiting leaders into your business!

In fact, at one point he reveals EXACTLY how to make people want “in” to your business…BEFORE they even know what the heck you’ve got going on!!

Meet Mr Brian Finale.

My regards,


Live the Dream FREE Training from Frankfurt

MLM Live the Dream Free Training, from Frankfurt
Hi everyone, this is Liam Kennedy sending you a short video clip from Frankfurt in central Germany. Yes, look behind me you can see the beautiful Main River and further behind the Sky scrapers of down town Frankfurt. Well we are in the financial center of Europe, one of the biggest power centers where Europe’s finances are controlled.


Now the reason why I am sending you this video is because since you have found me, you must in some way be involved with the Multi- level Marketing game MLM, or the network marketing business, the attraction marketing business, the Franchise Marketing business or any of the other names we give to this type of work. We sell a variety of interesting and unique products, me to.
Now I sell a Primary Product with my MLM, Network Marketing Team, it is a great product but I’m not here to tell you about that, but rather that we all have one common difficulty or problem!
Yes, once we have exhausted our warm market, our family friends and acquaintances then what do we do? We have a wonderful and interesting product that we are sitting on and we stuck with whom to talk to. Now this is where the online marketing in conjunction with the MLM, Multi-level Marketing, Network marketing or Franchise Marketing comes into play.
I have discovered an online system which enables you to automate the whole process so that your marketing process is running 24/7 round the clock working for you.


This is what I want to tell you about, that there is a way to find new prospects to talk to , communicate with and inform about your MLM, Multi-level Marketing, Network Marketing, Franchise Marketing Product, and it is not difficult.
The difference is your Leads have discovered YOU! Your Leads take up contact with you, enquiring and wanting further information about your offer, your product.
Bingo, you are not pushing a product but informing, helping someone to solve their problem. their problem being what is the product, how have you evaluated the product and why you would recommend the product. By doing this you have saved the prospect time and effort and offered a simple solution.
To find out further how to initiate this process I have a FREE Link which will enable you to give me your name and your e-mail address and I can send you further automated information.


A call to action, let’s make this happen, click on the link which you will find beneath this video and discover the exciting possibilities that the internet offers in marketing your MLM, Multi-level Marketing Business, Network Marketing Business, Franchise Business using Social Media Platforms on the Internet.
That’s it for now, thanks for your time, sending lots of love and many thanks, Liam

Putting colour on Multi Level Marketing? MLM







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Sub title:Multi Level Marketing or lets pour a lttle colour on the topic


Multi level marketing is known as network marketing. This is a kind of business where franchising and direct selling are combined. This business makes a person associated to a company in an independent transaction approach. It is an approach where the company creates a contactor relationship to the person who wants to expand his business.


The members make their earnings based on the sales they have reached in that particular product or service. It also includes the sales of the person that they have recruited to join the business. Most of the time the individual who has recruited more members and provided a good sales output on the product compensate higher because of the effort to transact in two different fields.


There are “pyramid schemes” or Ponzi schemes, which are considered illegal. Most people associate multi level marketing to these kind of schemes because they also recognize themselves to be a legitimate networking business.

Because of the bad image brought up by these schemes, many prefer to use their names for their businesses as “home based business franchising” or “affiliate marketing”.


Commissions are earned in the process of selling a particular product or service in a legitimate network marketing. There can be no earnings in what they call as a “sign up fee” or for just recruiting yourself alone. This kind of marketing is always criticized because of the questionable recruitment process where they get their revenue and profit. They get their sales from members and new members, which are considered the end users of the product and as the distributors.


These criticisms led to the major changes in the multi level marketing in the early 1980s when many companies have started to allow their members to concentrate only on marketing and not on distributing or stocking the product. Most multi level marketing firms nowadays perform as fulfillment firms by taking the tasks of shipping the product, paying the commissions and taking orders from their clients.


Many people who are victims of the illegal schemes in multi level marketing are required to buy expensive products, but most of these schemes do not last long because most of the sales are not easily resold.



Home is where the Heart (SYSTEM) is!



So what is the system, when refering to a Successful Home Busniss, well Ill tell you.

A system is a set of interacting or interdependent components forming an integrated whole or a set of elements (often called ‘components’ ) and relationships which are different from relationships of the set or its elements to other elements or sets.

The System creates a procedure or process for obtaining a resultin a predictable manner. Predictable results depend on consistent variables, Logic and numbers.

The home Success formula offers a product customers WANT and sells them the tools (Software) they will need to build their business.

The System is made of three BLOCKS:

  1. Ads
  2. Marketing
  3. Sales

Lets get involved:

Ownership and involvement. The responsibility can only be yours but the pathway is well sighnposted with every thing you will need to learn and the direction in which you need to move.

Keep the steps few, the goal in sight, the contact as close as possible,hand your distributor a “business Success BOX ” solution, what to do then how to do it.

Capture the Interest:

  • buying is emotional, justification logical
  • people join because of a relationship to you
  • prospects easily understand and operate the system
  • a call to action, participation, what they have to do NOW!

What the System tell you .

  • You dont have to build it
  • website is built to be replicated
  • system can be personalised
  • initial cost are relativly low
  • system sells the product, the product sells the system

The first steps to be customised

  • a capture page to gather adressess
  • a sales letter and a series of automated follow up letter (inspirational)
  • link in the primary product page with all relevant details
  • get the admin & back office structured
  • getting started material (Video clips)

Looking forward to a follow up with you!


Interest just follow my link: