Poem: The Captain

Poem: The Captain

Upon the bridge he took his stand.

The captains look a journey planned.

To distant star, it’s light still dim.

Blazing gold the radiant rim.

Of a setting sun,

against a rising tide.

Moon was full the seagull cried.

The urchin curled within its shell.

A shooting star,

to the ringing bell.

Horizon cut the dark in two!

In ocean deep

We are the few to leave….

the wave,

the wet,

the blue.

Fly, through the heavens on a stary night.

Sails filled with moon milky light,

On sparkling spume.

The firmament we’ll trawl.

Constellations be the ports of call.

Pieces, Sagittarius, Andromeda too.

To visit you wonder, the question who?

Let it be spoken

Let it be said

Those lonely souls, while you sleep in bed.

Received us well,

With both laughter & joy.

We traded our memories, dreams, thoughts and ideas.

We threw over board the worry and fears.

To sunsets new rising,

A waking new day.

I’d passaged the cosmos.

I’d found a new way,

Of grabbing the moment,

Of touching the pulse.

Of living the fullest.

Of being my most.

Now waking so slowly

I’ll take all that I have.

The bag on my shoulder

Is a treasure I’ve had.

Your far distant calling echoes deep in my ear.

To find you my friend.

The star distant I hear.

Liam December 2016


What is POETRY?

Poetry uses forms and conventions to suggest differential interpretation to words, or to evoke emotive responses. Devices such as assonance, alliteration, onomatopoeia and rhythm are sometimes used to achieve musical or incantatory effects. The use of ambiguity, symbolism, irony and other stylistic elements of poetic diction often leaves a poem open to multiple interpretations. Similarly figures of speech such as metaphor, simile and metonymy[4] create a resonance between otherwise disparate images—a layering of meanings, forming connections previously not perceived. Kindred forms of resonance may exist, between individual verses, in their patterns of rhyme or rhythm.

Wikipedia 2018

Poem: Aphrodite

Poem: Aphrodite

I often call, song ringing, through the valleys.

Sweet dew of spring, a dripping Honey from it all.





Each wait, mine too for Aphrodite.

Sweeping she caresses all.

The gentle call to spring.

To sing cry shout and more !

Fling open wide my door.

Out into the hills that ring.

Her sound, my call, the harmony,

the deepness of this All.

A blue clear day,

Embedded on the grassy bank.

I think your thoughts & more.

You saw, me awake & In those eyes the Blue.

The morning whispers,

you too are touched.

You synchronise

You immortalise

We unify within my eyes.

I laugh

You smile

We’ve seen the way.

Aphrodite !

Liam 2017

Poem: Deceit

Poem: Deceit

When ever you should,

Hold my gaze with a look.

Touch my face with a whisper.

Pulse my heart with your anatomy.

Do it! Do it! Damn…..

Just do it to me.

I’ll take the hurt of your deception.

Knowing it’s his bed you’ll be in tonight.

But still its my heart that’s pulsing through your dreams.

This blood filled chalice from which the sip of love is taken.

This heart cracked

Goblet from which the wisps of truth evaporate.

Where is this then really happening?

What is the real truly doing?

Why do you do this to me?

When will I stop doing you and see?

Me in you,

is sumptuous .

Me to you is exquisite,

in flavours exotic and wild.

Erratic moments of passion,

Ivey lush green opulence is the jungle of this deceit.

Your body of action, in hindsight

nothing but desert.

Barren and sandy, blowing dust in place of kisses.

Each a million stings, each grain flung by the Sirocco of your love.

Alone, tangled in the undergrowth of emotion.

Warm night air caresses these limbs, not you.

It’s you I feel though.

In spite of the 1000 miles between our beds.

Longing for the threads

To weave this distance together.

To spin me again into a web.

To weave me again into your head.


Poem: The Forest 🌳

Poem: The forest

Let cathedrals come & go,

Spires reach higher this I know.

Domes spread over ,vast clad in stone.

Is Divinity tied to man alone?

Walk but in a forest , wet & tall.

Black Beech trunks stretch & enthral.

Branches arches leafed & firm

Breaking light beams down confirm.

An auditorium ,

vastness cut through with wood.

A coliseum ,

colossal trunks since time has stood .

An amphitheater ,

stage the seasons changing mood.

Embrace me with insignificance.

Wrap me in inconsequence.

Stun me towards integration.

Enthral me beyond imagination.

The wood

The wet forest

The wet fresh leaves

The wet perfumed bark

The wet chummed humus

Drops roll Off the leaf.

Clear streaks down caress my cheek.

Filigrain green consumes the light,

Absorbed , I share in all Gods might.

Liam. May 2012


“I imagine a world in which we can experience our relationships with a sense of vitality, aliveness, and vibrancy, because I live with one perennial truth: the quality of our relationships is what determines the quality of your life.”

True or true!

Liam 2018

Poem: The Pythoness

Poem: The Pythoness

In its wake winter took me.

Shook, shivering strong winds curled up inside.

Occupied my focus,

my imagination.

Felt frost bitten,

Edgy sharp uncommunicative patterns.

Became visible across that reptile skin.

Raw my brain hibernated .

Slumbering on the doorstep to my mind.

Shivering occasionally in meditation.

I watched that creature.

Convoluted pulsing, pythoness.

Requiring warmth to inspire my amygdala reptile.

Rodent like, spring moved forward.

Black unconscious eyes

Flicked with a forked tongue .

Tasting it’s air, a deep need to feed on creativity.

Lashed out grabbing prey.

Peristalticly digesting, ingesting the nutrients .

The life restoring substance of sunshine.

Rejuvenates activates initiates my brain again.

Slithering she slides down deep,

Into the dark rich humus of my imagination.

Or is it the Pythia, Delphi

Once called the Oracle.

Waiting to awaken?

Liam 2018

Poem: Leaving


we take what we have and go

leave behind what we do know.

depart, from you, leave without the one.

alone again my steps drag heavy from fun,

….the share & care & lovingly.. begun.


I have only me with bags galore

leave find that together is so much more

depart , from us, the fullness so complete…

alone again the fleeting feel now obsolete,

….the talk & laugh & completely.. alone


leaves me quite in the now, still

leave me naked stripped of feeling how

two companions captured in the now of love

depart, to start the day alone again

…the touch & feel & fullfillingly.. pain

wind strokes, me, your cheek too

sun warms me, your skins feels its touch,

who holds the softness, you, I miss so much

thoughts brush the smile oft on your lips

my smile the memory of the kiss

…leaving, we leave.. The bliss