We are not only a drop within the ocean of consciousness,

But we are also the mighty ocean contained within that drop.

We are not only the star within the great Cosmos,

But we contain within us an entire universe of light.

When the thunder rolls it’s lightning that flashes in the synapses of my brain.

The rain, fresh and cool on every leaf, flows strong within my veins.

The sun which greets this warming day,

My heart shouts;

I live, I love, I touch & hear you say.

We are not only a drop with in the ocean of consciousness,

But we are also the mighty ocean contained within that drop.

Liam 2018 July


Poem: I Am Enough

Poem: I Am Enough

I am enough.

Indeed am I.

Always have been,

Will be too.

Completely unique individually me.

Not hard to see, to feel or appreciate.

I am enough now.

How I viewed the idiosyncrasies.

How I felt the inadequacy.

How I touched the insecurities.

These chained the intrinsic unfolding young me.

They held my head Beneath the horizon of my own expected life.

They locked my mind in spaces lost & lonely.

No more,

Of this now I’m sure.

The door now wide,

While deep inside the light.

White clear and clean

Illuminates through me.

I am enough

Indeed am I.

Complete and true and me.

Good enough to simply

Be free.

Liam June 2018

Poem: ✨Evening Rest 💫

Poem: Evening Rest

Evening Rest

As this day now leaves to lie,

Rays once warm they fill the sky.

In colors changing to heaven bright.

The blues to hues of reds, the white the golden might.

Of a day departed and with me too.

One more moment of bliss complete.

Of touch and love of fleeting happy you.

Yes, you an angel dancing high.

Dancing clouds you cross my eye .

Your horizon lies with me this day.

You fill the night with a starry sky,

with sparks,

with thoughts,

with dreams,

with intervening flashes we unite.

Build a picture, a cosmology ,

A heaven, a party book of light.

Closing now my eyes to sleep

The wonder in my breast I’ll keep.

Till waking neigh on mornings wing

A new, a day together we’ll sing.


Liam July 2017

Poem: The Rose

Poem: The Rose 🌹

If she loves,

She lives and touches me.

Is it serendipity?

A blossom opens to receive the morning light.

The perfumed aura of delight.

Breathless from this rose in red.

Her sight alone leaves me dizzy.

Perfect, her form saturates me.

The rose, the red, the unspoken, the said, the magnificent vibrant now .

The synchronization of how this came to be.

A magic web of we.

A thread you spin to me.

A heart pulse makes the sound.

A flower in love is found.

The Rose 🌹

Liam May 2018