Poem: a Death



Death,a death, the day now done.
A pronouncement with which life begun.
From infinitesimal cellular start ,
Manifest smiles, a chuckle, a laugh.
Biography unfolds through the pages in time.
Each story, the author themselves, the sublime.
Fill moments with doing,want, wish dream & call.
Make us wonder,
The puzzle the picture, the all.

Do we find a calling, stem the deed, plant a tree, live the love that’s meant to be?
Grasp responsibility, feel free, in being who we ought to be?

Death, a death, a day now done.
We traverse life till the setting sun,
Ablaze in colour, warm passing leaves….

Naught, but dust blown breeze,
Nought,but scattered fall ,
The whitherd leaves ,
Memories …..
Of that which lies before,
A picture,I stand before the door .

Frankfurt Feb 2013





Be Structured

When beginning your own HOME Business, we all need to go through a training ( Professionalization ) as you always do beginning any thing new.

  • Learn the rules of the game
  • Know your product
  • Develop a working rhythm and create a structured ordered day and week


Who do we learn from, you might ask?  We learn from those who have already done the deed, are in the saddle and are successfully making it happen. WHO ELSE??

The 09 to 05 job, has its constraints, responsibilities , rhythm, training, holidays, meetings, up , down and in and outs….

SO does the Successful HOME Business owner! 😉 ya

Have you started your journey with a Home Business?

Are you looking to professionalize your approach?

Training is a prerequisite that you will need to invest in! FACT…..

The best part is its really fun!

Lookn forward to your response.

Wishing a VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS to out there, ya you 🙂





Poem: This Summers Day


This Summer day


When bird song floats,

through leaves of green,

Like a butterfly so seldom seen,

The sun beam sharp dissects it's might,

Within the pond's clear watery light,


Warmth lies heavy in  the high blue sky,


An insect chirp , a babies cry,

a barking dog,

The quiet splash from a croaking  frog.

An ice cream drip, the ants they swarm,

The daisy droops it's head forlorn.

Nimbus clouds they threaten a storm.


This calls to me

This sings to me

This speaks to me

… words in a string called....




A Franchise Product

This Home business, is based on the mechanics of MLM. Multi Level Marketing, Attraction Marketing, Network Marketing are all expressions for the same thing.

My MLM operation is also Franchise defined by WIKIPEDIA above.

We earn a commission but the leverage happens by building a TEAM & giving those new individuals all the knowhow and support required to get them going. Get them making  an income! Its win / win its fun, its learning all the time and the best part its about making income from HOME.

  • Sharing the skills
  • Sharing the know how
  • Sharing the product knowledge
  • Building strong relationships
  • Sharing strong lines of communications
  • Coaching
  • Sharing advise
  • Answering questions
  • Going to meetings

Basically your Team Members are taken by the hand and accompanied through the beginning learning curve.

Being part of a Team with all the support, yet having the freedom to operate within your own responsibility .


This Link is an excellent expose describing a Home based Franchise Business


This is just excellent information booklet, for further inquiries contact the authors.


A Poem telling the story of desperation and redemption

Angel of Hope

Desperation muse

Of all the times I have waited
Wondering when and why
It’s the moment now that’s  fated
to receive my belated cry.
I cry & call & wish & swear
No difference makes my mood unfair

In silent scream I have to know
What’s going on, where now to go.
With what to do, with whom to show
The Feelings which  I only Know .

Is this cloud with silver lined?
The leaded grey with doubt profound
Holds my gaze, with wrinkled brow
A fascination paralyzed in fear
A grip of steel the end so near.

Then flashes unexpected light
The ray redemption’s calling flight
Back from the edge of darkness
Calling hope….a sliver of silver…

Lpk 2011