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Putting colour on Multi Level Marketing? MLM







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Sub title:Multi Level Marketing or lets pour a lttle colour on the topic


Multi level marketing is known as network marketing. This is a kind of business where franchising and direct selling are combined. This business makes a person associated to a company in an independent transaction approach. It is an approach where the company creates a contactor relationship to the person who wants to expand his business.


The members make their earnings based on the sales they have reached in that particular product or service. It also includes the sales of the person that they have recruited to join the business. Most of the time the individual who has recruited more members and provided a good sales output on the product compensate higher because of the effort to transact in two different fields.


There are “pyramid schemes” or Ponzi schemes, which are considered illegal. Most people associate multi level marketing to these kind of schemes because they also recognize themselves to be a legitimate networking business.

Because of the bad image brought up by these schemes, many prefer to use their names for their businesses as “home based business franchising” or “affiliate marketing”.


Commissions are earned in the process of selling a particular product or service in a legitimate network marketing. There can be no earnings in what they call as a “sign up fee” or for just recruiting yourself alone. This kind of marketing is always criticized because of the questionable recruitment process where they get their revenue and profit. They get their sales from members and new members, which are considered the end users of the product and as the distributors.


These criticisms led to the major changes in the multi level marketing in the early 1980s when many companies have started to allow their members to concentrate only on marketing and not on distributing or stocking the product. Most multi level marketing firms nowadays perform as fulfillment firms by taking the tasks of shipping the product, paying the commissions and taking orders from their clients.


Many people who are victims of the illegal schemes in multi level marketing are required to buy expensive products, but most of these schemes do not last long because most of the sales are not easily resold.





Ok folks lets close our imaginary eye, put our feet up on a comfortable invisable pillow and dream the greatest, most wonderful perfect job we can, OK.

So I’m first,… there must be a large and steady cash flow which comes pouring in month by month with the potential for growth.$$$

Your turn now….. Ummmm OK!

Secondly I love my home, I feel comfortable in body and soul in the space I have created and would love my home to be the head office of my company . Advantages are just to numerous to mention….. and my youngest still goes to school which will enable me the max amount of time together.

Your turn again….. Ummmm OK!

Thirdly, I love traveling, cultures landscapes, food smells and the whole razzmatazz of being out in the world. So my business must facilitate the joy of travel and adventure together with my family.

Your turn …..Ummmmm OK! ( keep your eyes tight shut now, no cheating… dream the most amazing wishing way you can now.)

Things, toys… are fine and nice to own , the house the car the kitchen the TV…. but these are quickly accumulated and grown accostomed to, what is important however is our health!

Ya, this is a BIG one.

MY dream job must enable me to live a healthy life style in terms of nutrition, physical strength  and mental freedom.

Your turn again….

YUP, as we see, these pillars of perfection can be quite similar for us all and yet who are those chosen few living the DREAM and HOW did they get it right?

Well it’s NO great secret, NOPE it’s not and I want to share the road map, a plan, which when put into ACTION by who so ever, will set the stage , get the Wheels rolling, the Gears in place and Plan into action and make this happen in the shortest space of time possible.

Well the first step is the one we have just shared together, it’s the vision now go and create your vision board with all the exact bits and pieces you have visualized and have this dynamic vision picture on a visible wall in your home.

The next step is to find a platform, a product which you can represent as an expression of who it is you are. This will be your mission and it can be integrated into a part of your daily life. For me a nutritional product promoting my own and the health of my family is an ideal vehicle as I can promote this across the board knowing those who are interested and become involved are doing themselves a great service. Ethically a strong stand point to carry my deepest passion.

To share an idea, creating a team with colleagues who would become friends, all carrying a similar concept. Supporting one another in growing the business. A win win, a increment, a leverage. a synergy effect for all.

To enable this team process to happen at an accelerated dynamic rate, I have come across a training tool. This training has been created by a bunch of brilliant young men and women realizing their team dream and then sharing this with the world. The building blocks to create a dream JOB, life style, happy healthy, fulfilled and challenged each and every day has become a reality.

I have kept this blog quite general yet behind every idea and sentence is a concrete living operating dynamic reality which I want to share with you should you be wondering, thinking looking dreaming alone…

The abundance, the wealth will always be an expression of the richness which we live and express in thought, word and deed,  the bits and pieces, they follow organically, naturally and fast .

Please take action and tell me about your dreams….



CHINA, live the Dream

Blog: the Journey to CHINA

Sitting here at Heathrow airport in transit to a long distance flight out to Shanghai, my MLM business buzzes through my head and my fingers ich to get some of this energy out of my head and down into words.

Being your own boss or self employed is an exciting challenge, one which has always fascinated and drawn me to this type of work.

Why, you might wonder? Well I suppose it is just so encompassing. Firstly, I alone am responsible for my success or my failure, bottom line, no arguments or excuses. No beating around the bush, either I earn money or I don’t, its that simple.

When coaching a new partner I silently wade through my library of experience, knowledge, wisdom, letting this mingle with the impression and image of my new downline partner. I bounce questions to myself about who this new individual is and then let go again.

How can I support or help my new partner get going in the most efficient, successful way I can possibly imagine.

This process is what I call my “SUCCESS in a BOX”, these are the building blocks or the pieces of the puzzle which will get you running flat out as your business feet hit the deck.

I have deliberately emphasized , possibly, yes only POSSIBLY, because before you even open that box, you still need to require the mind set of success which will enable it all to happen.

The keys to opening the treasure chest os SUCCESS are ;
to be, to do, then you will acquire or have.

The blunt wish, “I want to get rich!” implies a process where by YOU need to become rich in your own perception. This richness or value which you experience you may then share, enabling others to grow , move forward and also share in your success or through your richness and wealth.

To begin with is the simple yet important step of mentally attuning your mind to being wealthy, worthy, valuable and selfless all at the same time.

This is the basic and ongoing prerequisite to BEING successful in your life. Successful in your work, in your relationships, in your health, in your home.

Where ever we might have come from, walk of life, age, profession, gender, training our very nature is that of habit. An important strategy for survival which lies deeply anchored in our psyche since the early eons as man was still evolving.

If old habits have not worked, create yourself anew with habits which emulate those and that which you wish to become in the future.

New good habits pertaining to your health & body, new habits pertaining to the relationships in your family, with colleagues and friends .New habits concerning the success in your own HOME Business Venture.

So what does he mean, you might be thinking????..

.simple… find the leaders in the field where you are working, listen to them, read their work, take their ideas and IMPLEMENT them into your daily routine as new habits.

Create a schedule for your day and IMPLEMENT it.

Consciousness contains the inherent desire to transform, we just need to feed this awareness, this desire with the habits which will give us more than what we had before.

Bingo! ya bingo, this is the beginning, the path, the way, and the mind set, which when now opening the Success BOX and guarantee results.

Results as implied, are the natural consequence of actions taken.  Take massive action in creating new habits of strength, of awareness, of transformation.
The prize is waiting in the BOX, you just need to open the lid of SUCCESS filled awareness and the treasure is yours, a new successful vibrant YOU!!!!

Hey, thats my plane being called out, Flight 168 , time to go folks, have a blast and hit the link below. Make your own solid decisions and become…….. SUCCESS, filled.



PS: I never realised in CHina ther eis NO SOCIAL MEDIA, Word Press, FaceBook …. etc!

Was a blast anyway.Image


A Poem telling the story of desperation and redemption

Angel of Hope

Desperation muse

Of all the times I have waited
Wondering when and why
It’s the moment now that’s  fated
to receive my belated cry.
I cry & call & wish & swear
No difference makes my mood unfair

In silent scream I have to know
What’s going on, where now to go.
With what to do, with whom to show
The Feelings which  I only Know .

Is this cloud with silver lined?
The leaded grey with doubt profound
Holds my gaze, with wrinkled brow
A fascination paralyzed in fear
A grip of steel the end so near.

Then flashes unexpected light
The ray redemption’s calling flight
Back from the edge of darkness
Calling hope….a sliver of silver…

Lpk 2011