Sonnet: Intransigence

Sonnet: Intransigence

by Liam

In life’s transient dance, nothing will last,

What’s found today shall fade into the past.

What comes with joy I say, may slip away too fast,

Yet in our essence lies the truth so vast.

For who we are, eclipse the search and find,

Beyond the realms where loss and lust entwine.

Unchangeable, your essence is at peace,

Eternal flame, a spark that shall increase.

Though treasures fade and moments slip away,

Your being’s light ignites an endless ray.

In every breath, a testament to stay,

Forever present, guiding us each day.

So in the ebb of tide and flow of time

My soul shall dance with this sweet rhyme.

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About Reading Poetry: 2 (5Min Read)

“Reading for pleasure” sounds like there’s a secret club called “reading for displeasure” or maybe even “reading for pain.” But let me tell you, all reading should be pleasurable. It’s like eating a mouthwatering slice of pizza or binge-watching your favourite TV show. Sure, pleasure is the main course, but there’s more to it than just satisfying your cravings.

Now, picture this: a poem is like a tricky locked safe, and the combination to crack it is hidden inside. It’s okay if you don’t understand a poem right away. Sometimes it takes more attempts than you’d like to admit. It’s like trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube with one eye closed and your brain on vacation. And guess what? Sometimes you need help figuring it out. That’s just part of the fun! Life is full of wonder and confusion, so why should poems be any different?

Here’s a pro tip: don’t just read a poem; perform some epic marginalia! It’s like adding extra toppings to your pizza or doing cartwheels while binge-watching. Scribbling notes in the margins is like swinging your arms. It’s doable, sure, but you need to include something essential, like the cherry on top of the sprinkles on your ice cream.

Here’s the best part: there’s nothing to lose when reading a poem. If you don’t understand it, no biggie. You haven’t wasted precious time or energy. There’s a whole lot to gain—a spark of inspiration, a new perspective, or simply a moment of escape from the monotony of life. It’s like finding a shiny penny on the sidewalk or stumbling upon a hidden gem at the bottom of your junk drawer.

So, when you read a poem, step into its world and let it take you on a wild adventure. It’s like hopping on a roller coaster that messes with your mind and leaves you questioning everything. If you’re lucky, that poem’s world might shake up your own and make you see things in a new light. It’s like putting on funky kaleidoscope glasses and realizing the world is groovier than you thought.

And here’s a mind-boggling thought: poetry is all about patterns and variations. Even those nonsensical, non-linear, anti-poetic poems have a method to their madness. Your brain, the little detective, starts connecting the dots and searching for meaning. It’s like playing a mental game of connect-the-dots with words that seem as unrelated as a glockenspiel, a tadpole, and justice. Your brain loves a challenge, and I’ll try its best to make sense of it all.

Here’s the bonus round: as you get better at reading poems, you’ll also become a pro at deciphering the news, devouring novels, and tackling those mind-boggling legal briefs. It’s like levelling up in the game of life. Suddenly, you’ll find yourself understanding quirky advertisements, decoding cryptic messages, and impressing your friends with your newfound literary prowess. Just don’t let it go to your head, okay?

Reading poetry isn’t just about words on a page. It’s like unlocking a secret superpower that heightens your awareness of the world. It’s like seeing hidden patterns and connections everywhere, even in things that don’t involve words. A dress, a building, a night sky—they all have intricate systems of beauty waiting to be discovered. It’s like becoming a secret agent of observation, decoding the world’s hidden messages.

And here’s a hilarious secret: the best way to read a poem is to be young, intelligent, and slightly tipsy. Yup, it’s true. But hey, if you’re not in your prime partying years anymore, reading poems in old age will ignite a burning desire to read more poems when you were young and energetic. It’s like realizing you missed the wildest party of your life but still having a blast reminiscing about it with a cup of warm tea.

Now, imagine a time in the future when all your material possessions have lost their shine and become mere obstacles cluttering your space. Yep, even that fancy gadget you bought on Black Friday. But what remains valuable through it all? Poems! They’re like cosy little rooms with minimal space but infinite treasures. Memorize a verse or two, and you have some internal bling and a handy survival skill. It’s like having a secret weapon in your back pocket or knowing how to juggle flaming torches when life gets chaotic.

The ultimate punchline: reading a good poem doesn’t give you something to blabber about. Nope, it shuts you up. It leaves you speechless, lost in its beauty and depth. But wait, there’s more! Reading a genuinely exceptional poem takes it to the next level. It prepares you for the grand silence that awaits us all—death! Yep, we went there. Deep, right?

So, grab a poem, dive into its enchanting world, and let it tickle your brain and stir your emotions. It’s a wild ride filled with laughter, confusion, and profound insights. Enjoy the journey!

About Reading Poetry; Part 1

About Reading Poetry; Part 1

By Liam

At some point in life, we’ve all faced the bewildering challenge of understanding a poem. It’s a hit-or-miss experience that can leave us scratching our heads or deeply moved. Poems only do a great job selling themselves if they have some famous person endorsing them, a catchy tune, eye-catching visuals, or if our beautiful kids wrote them. Otherwise, those jagged lines and pretentious blank spaces give off an air of seriousness that makes us hesitant to approach them. 

The poem says, “Hey, look at me from a safe distance, but don’t you dare touch!” 

But what if reading poetry is more manageable than we make it out to be? What if the real issue lies in our well-meaning but ill-suited attitudes towards reading poems?

Let’s shatter the illusion that reading poetry will transform your life into a magical fairy tale. Seriously, your life is like a rollercoaster ride, and most of the time, you’re too busy holding on for dear life to pay close attention. But poems, oh boy, demand your attention like an overenthusiastic puppy. They’re like, “Hey, look at me! I’m a poem, and I won’t let you ignore me!”

So, here’s the deal:

1. Whenever you read a poem, especially one that’s not meant to be performed with jazz hands, go ahead and read it out loud.

2. Forget about those elementary school days when they told you to keep quiet.

3. Let your vocal cords shine! Your ears will catch all sorts of juicy details that your brain would otherwise miss.

Your ears become the boss, and your brain says, “Okay, I’ll think whatever you say!”

Here’s a nifty tip: try meeting a poem on its terms, not yours. Don’t be like, “Hey, poem, let’s relate and be BFFs (Big Fat Friends)!” No, no, no. Instead, step into the world the poem creates. It’s like entering a secret clubhouse, except the personal password appreciates the art. If you’re lucky, that poem’s world will give you a fresh pair of glasses to see your world in a funky new light.

Oh, and brace yourself for the temptation to ditch a poem and move on to the next one or do something more “exciting.” It’s like a siren song, luring you away from the poetic seas. But resist, my friend! Treat it like a pesky mosquito buzzing in your ear. Don’t swat it away. Instead, acknowledge its presence and keep reading. Think of it as a mindfulness exercise for the literary soul.

If told : the “accessible” ones that hold your hand and guide you gently and the “obscure” ones that play hide-and-seek with meaning. It’s up to you how much effort you want to put in. If you stumble upon an unfamiliar word, don’t panic! Just whip out that trusty dictionary or risk being haunted by poetic nightmares.

Let’s get one thing straight: a poem cannot be tamed and paraphrased like a rebellious teenager. Oh no! Itstrue power lies in the realm of Ambiguity. It’s like a sneaky puzzle that leaves you scratching your head in delightful confusion. Ambiguity is the spice of life, my friend. Humans love pretending we know what’s happening, even though we’re just winging it.

And guess what? A poem doesn’t have a secret decoder ring hidden under its mattress. Nope, it’s not trying to play mind games with you. All those meanings you think are hidden? They’re right there, waving at you like a neon sign. But spotting the subtleties takes practice. Reading poetry is like learning the unspoken rules of an exclusive club. So, put on your fancy hat and join the poetic party!

Oh, and here’s a fun twist: separate the poet from the speaker in the poem. The poet is like a master of disguise, wearing all sorts of masks and personas. It’s like a game of hide-and-seek but with words. Refrain from falling into the trap of thinking the poet and the speaker are the same. Let the poem have its wild imagination beyond the poet’s life story.

Last but not least, be on the lookout for those sneaky moments of irony. Keep them from pulling a fast one on you! Double-check if the speaker is sarcastic or just your scepticism creeping in. Stay sharp, and don’t let irony prank you like a mischievous little imp.

So, my fellow poetry explorer, embrace the wild and whimsical world of poems. Let them tickle your brain, dance with your emotions, and ignite your imagination. Reading poetry is like diving into a fantastical realm where words rule, and curiosity reigns. Enjoy the ride,!

Poetry: Step towards God

„Let your steps follow in the shadow of your speech. Your voice a reflection of the silence in which you greet God. Bestowed with the grace of this encounter, embrace the truth of what you set out to find.“ Liam

Poetry: Step towards God

by Liam

Let my steps follow in the shadow this speech,

Each stride in rhythm to the words you preach,

For in your voice lies a reflection still,

Quietude in which we greet God’s holy will.

As we walk, let our thoughts be pure and clear,

And all actions be devoid of fear,

For with each step, we come closer to grace,

And to the truth which lies beyond this space.

Bestow me with the gift of divine sight,

Embrace I the truth, that guides throughout the night,

And let my heart be filled with endless love,

As we journey towards the heavens above.

Let my spirit soar, with the eagles flight,

Towards the love of that eternal light,

And in the end, when our journeys done,

We will find peace, in the glow with the setting Sun.

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Sonnet: My Words

Sonnet: The Words

by Liam

In the shadow of your words, we find peace

A refuge from the noise of the mundane

Your voice, a balm that makes our worries cease

And in its silence, realize life is not in vain

For in this stillness, we encounter grace

A gift from God, that fills us with wonder

Whose words, help to find a holy place

Where truth and beauty call out amidst the thunder

Oh, may these words be spoken loud and clear

So all may hear the message that they bear

And in the echoes of their sweetest sphere

May hearts be moved to seek the truth, and dare

Embrace the light that shines from deep within

So let your words ignite the soul and win.

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Sonnet: My Silence

Sonnet: My Silence

by Liam

In silence, I choose to love you true,

For in quietude, rejection cannot find,

Or in loneliness, I’ll love no one but you,

For no ownership, by another could bind.

Adoration from afar, is my heart’s delight,

A distance to shield from pain and fear,

With the gentle wind, I’ll kiss you tonight,

For my lips, too rough, your beauty might tear.

In dreams, I’ll hold you close, my love,

Where no end to our union we shall see,

In slumber’s sweet embrace, my dove,

Forever in my heart, you shall be.

Beloved, you shall forever endure,

In my silence, dreams, and distance pure.

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Sonnet: Loneliness

Sonnet: Loneliness

by Liam

Lonely, is merely a misconception, it seems

As we dive into the ocean’s consolidation
Connected to the universe in a dream

We are all in a constant conversation

The sea salt in my veins is proof of life
And gazing at creation brings me peace
The cosmic dust of night helps us to thrive
But lonely is not reality, only a tease

We may feel like casualties at times
But calling out to creation is the key
Saying “see me, hear me”, your voice chimes
For tomorrow will bring you closer, just wait and see

So true, death’s scythe will follow us too
Yet these days will be remembered, when we renew.

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Sonnet: Let’s Dance

Sonnet: Let’s Dance

by Liam

Amidst the chaos of my busy mind,

I oft forget my purpose and my joy,

My heart weighs heavy, hard to unwind,

To dance life’s sacred steps, I my soul deploy.

Created to love, to smile, to uplift, this life

To join in the dance with others all around,

But entangled in life’s burdensome strife,

My feet entangled, are held firm to the ground.

Oh Blessed peace, untangle, set me free,

My soul, aligned my heart renewed and pure,

That I may fly and spread contagious glee,

With every loving step, a smile to procure.

So let us spin, oh Beloved, let’s sway,

And share the joy that’s meant for us each day.































Poetry: Us

Poetry: The Us

by Liam

The Us

When I think of you, you think of me

When far away travelling, or sipping a tea.

While writing a letter, while tipping a text

This thought reflects

The Us

I catch a ball, you’ll be frying an egg

When a picture moves quietly into my head.

Into yours moves an image, who knows why,

Moments later, we both just cry.

The Us

In an instant, the moment, the second, the sound

In part, is our synchronization found

Between two who, far from there,

Touch the spark can hear, an echo fair

The Us

A recognition, remembrance, a memory found

Of togetherness, where we once profound

Two soul free, we take flight with a dove

Intertwined with the magic of love

The Us

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