Poetry: The Fountainhead

Poetry: The Fountainhead

by Liam

My gift comes from over there

This glass was given full,

Overflowing with the fountain of the sun

Drink it always, for always will there be enough

Wisdom to carry you across the ocean

Over the threshold of

Perception too the fountainhead of the sun.

Poetry: Words

Poetry: Words

by Liam

We assume it’s words

Words loud or soft

Words sweet or strong

Words of poetry or law

Which bind us

Which connect and collect us

This place is different however

It’s about connectivity

Created by the invisible

Created by the inaudible

Created by the powerful

Emotions of your heart

So set your life on fire

Seek those that will not extinguish your spark

Seek everything which will set your very existence alight.

Love Poetry: The Meeting

Love Poetry: The Meeting

by Liam

When we meet, I need not be presumptuous.

It’s you that I want to discover though.

The nuances of what you say

Whispered, in slow motion

The firm fingers curling into mine seeking warmth

It’s in this moment, fleeting toward sunset

We spin threads of togetherness

Whispy fine silk sashes

Flash red from the horizon

To embrace your lips

To embody our relationship

Love, with us in flow

Love, we laugh we know

Love, we are divine

Love, with us will grow

We will be enhanced by that which is Love

Let go of harshness to discover compassion

Receiving reassurances which tingle in our ears

Of all we see, we hear, we feel, we touch,

Only love

Will stretch to eternity

Will resound to Infinity

Will unite this all, this much.

Will bind the bond of this moment

With our Touch.

Poetry: The Window

Poetry: The Window

by Liam

Words words words

All the day long

I’m immersed in this business

Though, what I truly want to hear

Though, what I deeply need to say


For this I must open that window

In my breast

Wide open, so you can fly in and remind me

So I can fly out and remind myself

Truth comes quietly

Love come simply

Humility comes deeply

Go now

Go, open your chest not your ears

Poetry: Elsewhere

Poetry: Elsewhere

by Liam

Elsewhere ,

That’s from where I came

Before we were,

It happened

Irreversibly the universe stampedes forward

Light, dust and stars

Flying out in all directions


with insight truly invisible, real and spiritual it expands

Now buzzing with the insight of this

It’s my only intension to end up

There where it all happens

In the silence

Practiced daily

The moment before it began.

Poetry: The Bond

Poetry : The Bond

by Liam

We are bonded

Indeed in more ways than I know

When stepping forward

You are my earth

The dark soil to which we return

Closing my eyes

I find yours wide open

Observing, understanding as yet, what I have not

As I reach out with my feelings

Your love embraces us both

Awakening the child

Wild, free and happy

All this reminds me, be humble

For the more, the magnificence is always here Just waiting to be discovered.

Poetry: Music

Poetry: Music

by Liam

Poems, words, the things I say and write

Rough, unshod steps which limp

Then stumble

For its music upon which my soul

My joy takes flight

In melody we found one another

Resonant to one truth

Streaming out from within

This music unites all

It unifies, reminds me to sing

Laughing dance in the dew

In hand with you

Each and every way.