Spiritual Poetry: The Stream

Spiritual Poetry: The Stream

by Liam

Yonder this day, with its struggle of fear and strife

We have another life

Dancing, free and in flow

Like the stream coming from the mountain

Shed those soiled robes

Wash your sprit of that troubled self.

Succinct Poetry: The Prison

Succinct Poetry: The Prison

by Liam

When it’s the deep distant chalice

You are reaching for

Take a hammer to the dungeon wall

Grab the keys and run

Bolt as if you will be born into color

It’s urgent, it’s now

For time is not the ticking off the clock

It’s the writing on the wall

Remember this.

Inspirational Poetry: New You

Inspirational Poetry: New You

by Liam

Letthere be a day

In which I return from repetition

Let there be a way

The reaccuring decisions that stigmatize my reality

From waking till sleep


This will change the life

Churning in my breast

Is the best impulse from which to initiate

A new reality

A fresh start

An ideal flowing from the heart

For this me, is my projection of one reality

Another, waits but to be initiated

By my heart,

It’s an easy game of who and where

Mine to activate, to see clear

The choice is now to do it

What? I asks

Return to your self!

Inner soul peace

Quiet mindful meditation

Your key to turn

To learn

To experience anew


Emotional Poetry: Selflessness

Emotional Poetry: Selflessness

by Liam

Understanding flows from love, empathy and feelings

We need no notes, letters or language

Simply immerse your moment

Within that of another

Irrespective of your status

Your education or financial security

Our feelings are a gateway of community

Communication and understanding

So share, for its here we enrich the humble

It’s how we embrace the needy and weak.

It’s how we expand the boundaries of who we are

Costing nothing but the hard currency of


Emotional Poetry: Separation

Emotional Poetry: Separation

by Liam

You might have said good bye

Eyes flashing as those stilettos

Punched holes in my heart

A moment of indecision coincides

A realization intersects with the trajectory

You might fly

It’s more than this though

I see love

I feel soul

There is no such thing as separation

It’s momentary parting

In this, love is unanimous