Poetry: Sleep

Poem: Sleep

By Liam

Let silence be the Art of your participation

In the quiet

In the peace

In this moment

It’s no longer about me

About you or anyone

It’s simply the vastness

Which moving up

From within washes

Away apprehension

Refreshing the memories

The life of deep expanse

Before descending into

This humanity, this body

This life of here and there

Let silence be the Art of my participation

For this moment of now

Is the light which will glow

After I return to release

After I arrive, there from whence I came.

Poetry: Listen too

Poetry: Listen too

by Liam

First go find yourself

Before you will find me

What was sought in the books

What was looked for in the stars

These teachings are answers too

The meaning though is another

Whispers which come quiet and quick

When I listen to my soul

This light illuminates what the heart has understood

Take this unique story, it’s yours, it’s mine too

Creating a myth of who we are

Creating the joy of who we’ve become.

Poetry: Mingle

Poetry: Mingle

by Liam

We mingle amongst one another

As air mingles with earth,

Water too absorbs

This fluidity mixing

Invisible, it flows between the elements





With the miracle of life abundant.

Love mingles too between our elements of body, soul and spirit




Us immersed in being

To ignite, insight, inspiration

The situation of our daily dues improves

Lets intimately mingle

Lives with Love with Life.