Spiritual Poetry: Quantum

Spiritual Poetry: Quantum

by Liam

It’s true, this happened!

While lying close eyed

In peace, with peace

In quiet, with the stillness

It descended within me

Opening magnificent without me

Was this a door ?

Through which shone gold

The immensity was profound

The intensity was soul shaking

Voices , angelic and sweet, resonated

While my body disintegrated into atoms

Vibrating with the energy of god

Or was this a fleeting quantum of energetic rapture

A rich intrepid landscape void of profile, yet rich in texture

Calling with joy to my maker, my kin, my kind

For never before has it been to me

This awe, this shine, this joy and more

More, more and more

The I became one

Words fail

It’s done



Inspirational Poetry: The Ruby

Inspirational Poetry: The Ruby

by Liam

Resplendent is the one

Who seeks the ruby

Who leaves the carelessness of desire

To shine with one’s deep strengths

Accept self denial, Overcome obstacles

Move towards the infinite life

In this ecstasy of quiet

In this passion of stillness

Red glints the ruby from your lips.

Love Poetry: The House of Love

By Liam

Love Poetry: The House of Love

In this house of Love

I am bewildered with your beauty

This structure is made of music

This floor dances to your body

Listen to the words

As you spin within my chest

For that movement becomes the poetry

Unaffected by the rising or setting

For our home dances through the universe

Hand in hand

In love with love.

Nature Poetry: Green Forest

Nature Poetry: Green Forest

by Liam

What is your life about anyway?

Running to be someone

Racing from the quiet and peace

Release that impulse of pain

Demand and gain

Within the green canopy of the forest

A blossom waits your caress

Be blessed without the game


Your own kingdom to regain.

Love Poetry: Our Sighs

Love Poetry: Our Sighs
by Liam

My lover met me
The wine red upon her lips
The ruby lockets lightly in her fingers
She gazed into my eyes
Which became like hands
My face became my eyes
So we touched together intimately
Not our bodies but our sighs.

Inspirational Poetry: The Special Place

Inspirational Poetry: That Special Place

by Liam

Go to that special place

Yes, the space where

You can sing of beauty

The expanse which creates you features

Across the golden dawn

The wholeness of who you are is joy

Embracing the miracle of now

Here we augment our reality with love

With meaning and truth

This small step is the way

On the path to the moment

Of our togetherness

Me and I

You and who

We have become.

Love Poetry: Carnations

Love Poetry: Carnations

by Liam

You Love, are complete

With the breath which whispers from my soul

The radiance which colors my sight

The perfume of carnations which overwhelms me

Take this me

Hold this me

Be this me

In all and everything I am

For tomorrow I might not be here

But there, where you come from too.

Transformational Poetry: Flux

Transformational Poetry: Flux

by Liam

The end, is a misconception

Everything is in a process,

We are all in flux

When something concludes, focus forward mindfully

For its there you create your future new

The past, a memory,

A reflection of my personality

The personal, reality Made by me.

Flux it, stretch it, weave and mould it

Vision board and dream about it

Grow from invisible to visible

The end is a misconception

It’s really, just about to begin.