Spiritual Poetry: Alchemy

Spiritual Poetry: Alchemy

by Liam

When you learn the alchemy of love

It’s more than the lover

It’s more than the emotional bonding

Of yin and yang

This chemistry resonates between the

Weft and warp of the cosmos

Giving it form, life and colors

Emergent in the experience of what who and where we are

My biography of life is an experience of love

This feeling of love is the alchemy of my existence

It’s all and everything right now

Let me close my eyes to the bright warm sun

Let me feel this emergent bonding between me

You and heaven.

Spiritual poetry: Searching

Spiritual poetry: Searching

by Liam

In all my searching,

all my striving to find God

I found this, in me

In all my searching,

all my striving to find Myself

I found this, in you


This moment of inflection


We are simply one.

Succinct Poetry: The Prison

Succinct Poetry: The Prison

by Liam

When it’s the deep distant chalice

You are reaching for

Take a hammer to the dungeon wall

Grab the keys and run

Bolt as if you will be born into color

It’s urgent, it’s now

For time is not the ticking off the clock

It’s the writing on the wall

Remember this.

Spiritual Poetry: Music

Spiritual Poetry: Music

by Liam

You, indeed you

It’s late I know

But to have awoken

Is what matters

Take this gentle instrument

Into your hands

Let your fingers fly

Play, play now forever

For the music is not yours

It’s from heaven.

Succinct Poetry: Emerge

Succinct Poetry: Emerge

by Liam

Let go

Simply let your ‘self’ go

Go on, do it!

For then and

Only now, you can become

Who you truely are

Who you’re intrinsically ment to be

Free up

Free out


Succinct Poetry: Recognition by Liam

Succinct Poetry: Recognition

by Liam

They sat looking

A lover

A seeker

“Where will you find it?” said the lover

“Where will you discover it?” said the seeker

Meeting, their gaze recognized the poetry

Touching, their fingers recognized the energy

Laughing, their hearts recognized each other.

For within oneself we find seeker and discover lover.

When we seek with love

We uncover the other.