A Star is Born

Poetry: A Star is Born

by Liam

It was in twilight far beyond

A shooting star it’s place had found

It landed near whilst on my path

To find the start of a life filled dream,

In which joy, love and free felt true

Would live in peace, the dove,

you too

Still spinnig around inside my brain

Long after, having gone to bed

To position this cosmic shooting flash

Within my wilderness of chaos, of dread

This star stole, my mind that night

Returned with it to weave and find

The source of light, of peace, of mind

We crossed an ocean called sanity

We climbed a mountain called doubt

We gazed amazed, then to behold

The waking thoughts of my new born day

The light had found in me a way

Of being the source from whence Love flows

Of being alive in all we know

Of life, a dream grown in starlights womb

Of becoming the truth, being the greatest of



Poetry: Sleep

Poem: Sleep

By Liam

Let silence be the Art of your participation

In the quiet

In the peace

In this moment

It’s no longer about me

About you or anyone

It’s simply the vastness

Which moving up

From within washes

Away apprehension

Refreshing the memories

The life of deep expanse

Before descending into

This humanity, this body

This life of here and there

Let silence be the Art of my participation

For this moment of now

Is the light which will glow

After I return to release

After I arrive, there from whence I came.

Poetry: Gratitude

Poetry: Gratitude

by Liam

Gratitude, thankfulness, appreciation

What do I have without these friends?

Naught, nothing , zero, zilch

This feeling, the attitude of acknowledgment

Can only be a benefit

The benediction of life received

The Godsend of all I have and will still do

Lifting the mundane, creating appreciation and enabling love to surface

Understanding that one moment of appreciation

Opens the lock on a cold heart

Gratitude becomes the code to contentment, contemplation

Thanks, the acknowledgment of my expectation fulfilled

Gratitude truly is life rejoicing with myself.

Poetry: Joy

Poetry: Joy

by Liam

“Joy, joy, joy”

Calls as the invisible,

Ever present smile

Reminds me to rethink thoughts

Allowing love to be the bridge between

This mirror and its reflection


Caught between contemplation and anticipation

In the quietude which Emanates from silence

Poetry: Butterflies

Poetry: Butterflies

by Liam

When she looks at you

Listen up, for those

Deep eyes speak sweet

Words of silent selflessness

Each a butterfly

Alone though the colors, the movements take

My gaze to intoxication

Not my thoughts

My emotional wings take flight feelings

Lifting me peacefully on the intention of the moment

Eyes, gaze, the look


Poetry: Enough

Poetry: Enough

My primary, initial and most valuable relationship

Is neither you, nor them or the other

This love affair is invisible, quiet and immersive

It’s my responsibility to care, love and support myself

It’s the whisperer of encouragement in moments of doubt

It’s the shine of a smile after

we have danced about

It’s the warm recognition

Both me and me are enough

Enough to fill the day with warm well done

Enough to laugh in the shining


Enough to know this foundation is a fountain of who

Else can grow and learn this too.

Poetry: The Eye

Poetry: Your Eye

by Liam

Have you Loved alone with your sight

Your eyes believing the beautiful

The magnificent splendor of it all

Never then do close your eyes

For alone, dark and dreary you will truly recognize

Anything but your distance your separation

your isolation

Open instead your chest to perception reaching outward

See with your feelings, your beautiful-heart space

A magnificent magnifying eye

Focused by your soul

This unifies what’s gone astray

This unites you with the joy of life itself

For tomorrow we may return to the creator

No longer feeling but receiving

The meaning there exists no separation.

Poetry: Dreaming

Poetry: Dreaming

by Liam

Just dream away

Leave thinking

Those thoughts hide the reality of now

Those ideas just conceal the truth of how

Full blown beyond the riding moon I’m

Thrilled by your laughing face

Juggling dreams, Tossing them


Dizzy in this quiet place of awareness

In glow we flow and feel the reality

Thumping rhythmic patterns across my breast.

Poetry: Breakout

Poetry: Break Out

by Liam

Create beauty in a thicket of thistles

Paint rainbows 🌈 across a puddle of mud

Even our simple life has become saturated with superficiality

In breaking through these fences with wisdom

Smashing away habits of imprisonment with peace

Pain precedes insight, right!

A reward which let’s in the light

Each crack slicing through

My absorbed propaganda of discrepancies

Turn anew the page of who I’d been

Open the chapter of life as yet unseen

Here it’s me it’s true

I’ll paint anew a picture across a rainbow with you.