Emotional Poetry: Peace

Emotional Poetry: Peace

by Liam

Pull them one and all

Into the peace

The place they have known is the storm

Is the frustration and confusion

Is the lonely place of fear

Pull me into your peace

This place of quiet of quintessence

It’s in me too

It’s a gift of who

I also am

We also are

Peace be with you

Peace in me too

Peace this simple


Emotional Poetry: Selflessness

Emotional Poetry: Selflessness

by Liam

Understanding flows from love, empathy and feelings

We need no notes, letters or language

Simply immerse your moment

Within that of another

Irrespective of your status

Your education or financial security

Our feelings are a gateway of community

Communication and understanding

So share, for its here we enrich the humble

It’s how we embrace the needy and weak.

It’s how we expand the boundaries of who we are

Costing nothing but the hard currency of


Emotional Poetry: Separation

Emotional Poetry: Separation

by Liam

You might have said good bye

Eyes flashing as those stilettos

Punched holes in my heart

A moment of indecision coincides

A realization intersects with the trajectory

You might fly

It’s more than this though

I see love

I feel soul

There is no such thing as separation

It’s momentary parting

In this, love is unanimous

Emotional Poetry: Entrainment

Emotional Poetry: Entrainment

by Liam

When we sit beside one another

Feel the flow

From heart, onto breath, into mind

For this moves into me too

The sparkle in my eyes

Is your luminosity

Awakening within

Is a wakeup call in my awareness

To what’s happening

Mingling, our frequencies entrain

We observe it in the brain too

No denial, it’s true, it’s tuning into


Of me and you.

Emotional Poetry: White Lilies

Emotional Poetry: White Lilies

by Liam

As pain heals, in time it will diminish

Give it time to melt

In slow wet drops from the heart

Moistening the ground upon which I stand

Preparing my dry barren anguish

To again recognize

Receive new seeds of hope

Sorrow, like sadness too

Will evaporate in the course of given time

Tiny molecules of memory will be blown away

Into the rolling of the days and nights to come

Be done with it, for the wheel of life

Rolls faster than the thoughts which create it

Rolls slower when memories which bind it

Burden it with the hard freeze of pain

I’m jammed, crammed, captured and cold

Caught in time, rolling with the punches

Limited with my abilities

Still it’s all in motion

Motion to movement to my own slow gain

Recovering from my inability to defrost

Still in slow wet melt

I see again

Without the canvas of my defeat shoved hard into my face

It’s in the distance now

There, far off on the verge of my recognition

White lilies grow

Calling quietly, whispering that it’s over

Healing, to plant, grow and recover the warmth again

Hold the peace again

Feel the love

Leave the Pain.