Poetry: Gratitude

Poetry: Gratitude

by Liam

Gratitude, thankfulness, appreciation

What do I have without these friends?

Naught, nothing , zero, zilch

This feeling, the attitude of acknowledgment

Can only be a benefit

The benediction of life received

The Godsend of all I have and will still do

Lifting the mundane, creating appreciation and enabling love to surface

Understanding that one moment of appreciation

Opens the lock on a cold heart

Gratitude becomes the code to contentment, contemplation

Thanks, the acknowledgment of my expectation fulfilled

Gratitude truly is life rejoicing with myself.


Poetry : Love in Love

Poetry: Love in Love

by Liam

Love in love with loves own face

To be embraced with that which creates a place

To reflect upon the smile it sees, enjoys

The question of who, these infinitesimal reflections

Remind me of

It’s you, but in me too this momentary

Madness of mirrors, spinning light

Weaving thoughts, with emotions of whose love loves love

What matters though is that we feel

In the embrace

The passion, the chalice our lips create

We become universal

We dissolve in a drop

We emerge again gazing into the mirror

Wondering where we have been

Knowing however how powerful we feel.

The Moon

Poetry: The Moon

by Liam

The moon breaths deep and song

Sung with the in-breath

Breaths out with the earths throng

Takes us with it too

The lovers who, with the out breath

Raise a glass to the full round fascination of their moon

To the gazers who lift their telescopes to stars afar

While she, a silver sliver now hidden with the new

Lovers one

Lovers all

Treasure these moments of madness

Move in tune

Moon to whom

We have become so sensitively

Aware, how intimately beautiful she manages the rhythms of this life.

Poetry : Spring

Poem: Spring

It’s the leaves in spring, about to bud .

Which swell and greet the coming flood.

Of warmth, the surge a

puddle of mud.

On branch, on twig, on every stem.

Chlorophilled life is hidden within.

A waiting blossom,

A patient leaf.

An insect becomes the quiet thief.

Will furl it’s wing, take to the sky.

The blossom, a bee to the pollen will cry.

An ode to glorify this day.

Its spring again

It’s life anew

It’s bud, blossom and green leaf too.

In this all abundant day,

We rejoice we laugh and say:

Yes yes yes

The beauty of life is true.

Poetry: Dove of Love

Poem: ❤️Dove of Love

by Liam

The day with me, here in the grass

Clouds above they slowly pass

The world is green and white and blue

This woman, her heart now joins me too

“Red,” she said, “is all the world”

Then whispers bending to my lips

“A wish”, she said “is my heart in green.”

Blue above, white flies a dove

Carries green, a twig called Love.

Poetry: Joy

Poetry: Joy

by Liam

“Joy, joy, joy”

Calls as the invisible,

Ever present smile

Reminds me to rethink thoughts

Allowing love to be the bridge between

This mirror and its reflection


Caught between contemplation and anticipation

In the quietude which Emanates from silence

Poetry: Cracks

Poetry: Cracks

by Liam

When you return to that hard rock of pain

Caught tight in the memory of your mind

Be instead drawn by the pull of what you truly love

That hardness is but a boundary

Love however will always find a better way out

Shining through the cracks as it crumbles and breaks

Leaving me stunned at how

Free love flows when we initiate


Poetry: Nectar

Poetry: Nectar

by Liam

Friends, thought at times blocks your light

Look past these,for there

In the moment of here

You will quench your thirst

Bathing in the sweet nectar

Of now.