Poetry Poem: Autumn

Poem : Autumn

Autumns gold nips chilly at my finger tips,

Pale blue spreads fresh, across an open sky,

A Lark ring sings cheerful echoes passing by.

Peaceful captured , moment morning here am I.

The Beech crown sheds its leaf so slow

Golden treasure scattered freely far below

While Chestnut throws in handfuls free, Brown round nuts,

seeking happy children find with glee.

The wild rose,

reds & mauves now dry,

fragrant perfumed memory,

paint my inner eye.

While rose hip swollen buds await the fearless touch.

From those whom thorns & jelly mean so much.

Fields fresh shawn, grain set free.

Harvest past let merry be,

the folk , the farmer , you & me

It’s time to take that cup of tea.

Autumns turning chime, the season here to be.



Poetry Poem: Wake Up

Poetry Poem: Wake Up

My power to forgive you

Tore down the fortresses, your castles of protection

This epiphany of your ultimate strength

Is my liberation from self-destruction

For I’ve become accustomed to being alone

Truly, unexpectedly the immature shattered

The me that mattered emerged

Perhaps a little shaky

Perhaps a tic unsure

I recognized the moment was mine, not yours

You you you said

I’d die

God!!! Thanks be, for true I did

Not what you imagined-though! No

I discovered behind the insecurity of immaturity

A beautiful stranger, who but me

Naked filled with identity truth light love

In death

Transmutation to transinsendance

This is beyond the insignificance of your little egotistical theater

Grow up brother

Grow up sister

For your time of insignificance is also over

Wake up

Wake up

Wake the fuck up!

Liam 2019

Poetry Poem: Happiness

Poetry Poem: Happiness

My joy is more than just a feeling, its also a beacon

Showing me the way between the complexities of my life.

On track we celebrate synchronization

Should my smile go though

Should the clouds bring rain as they do.

All I need is to relocate be open to the beacon.

For a light is easily found in the dark.

Happiness is more than just a feeling.

Liam 2019

Poetry Poem: The First Bite

Poetry Poem: The First Bite

The reassurance of stone walls

Hospital paint reflected in those busy faces

Here I chose the discomfort

Here I chose my birth

That breath which initiated my life


For the soul I’d yet to find

Consolation I’d live to search for

Suburban dystopia paralyzed my childhood

City isolation encapsulated my puberty

Emotionally atrophied my soul crawled

Gasping for the gold

Groping for wisdom in my dark I roved

Yet the spring still came, its green sprouts

Populating that barren dusty space

My mind tasted the sweet inspiration of wisdom

It’s nectar like treacle stuck to my pages

Ink diffusing deep into the roots

Fertilizing my insight with an idea

A wonderful thought

A miraculous birth

The alchemical transmutation to love

Burst in the brushing of your lips

An epiphany celestial met me

Felicity touched this first apple bite

It’s serpentine poison

Which covers the earth

Healing with each new heart beat

In every soul lost lonely in translation

Metamorphosis to the angels wings now

Spreading golden across the dawn.

Liam 2019

Poetry Poem: The Music

Poetry Poem: The Music

Dance, spin and fly

For the music is where

We began

Where we return

Its in this release from the body

The ringing of the cosmos

The energy of the spheres

Lifts us again

Wind whirling across open fields

Lost in flow

I found at last


Liam October 2019

Poetry Poem: The Pirate

Poetry Poem: The Pirate

A ship it came a sailing across far and distant sea

Aboard she carried treasure,

On board she carried me

The masts of pine the hull was oak

From our guns flashed clouds of smoke

The heat of flame, the roar and blast

Those balls of iron ripped back the mast

Tore the rigging from the following brig

Proud she flew the Royal Marine

The captain a servant to his distant Queen.

Pirates we were to a noble cause

Flown the lash

For the free lived life

We fought the law

We fought the strife

We fought for gold

With blade and knife

To live the way of inequity

Of the winds free pull

On sail and tack

White spume flung from bow to deck

Treasure we sought

Doubloons of gold

Those Spanish ships

carried deep in the Hold

We had had the fight in the Caribbean Sea

Musket shot taken away my knee

The wooden thump of my right leg stump

Across the forecastle

The hard wooden bump

To my blinded eye and that black blue beard

My whip it was those seamen feared

My men were hard as a weeviled cracker

Broken knuckle they fought for life

Killed and maimed they drank and drowned

Freedom, is not what we found.

Still to the trick of the passage done

My memories curl with the pipe smoke air

Thump now drums the cottage stair

As I slurp hot tea before the bed

Wearily done now lay my head.

Liam October 2019

Poetry Poem: The Seeker

Poetry Poem: The Seeker

The hardest battle I faced was myself
I’d been taught to call it a battle
I see now in fact
Life, is to surmount the turmoil
A searcher in the soul I have become
Answers quiet, deep and quick
Flow with the moment
Weaving these into a fluidity of how
It was never a battle, it was simply a missing vision
Casting now, this vision of responsibility into the waves
Actively searching for nutrition
To grow my perception, my sensitivity
To be true, to my heart.
To manifest joy, love and beauty
To be the seeker
To have found

Liam 2019

Poetry Poem: The Traveler

Poetry Poem: The Traveler

I am just a traveler

born into this life,

To learn about what happens beyond it.

This place of learning is none other than me,

It’s here I’ll need to understand

It’s me I’ll need to discover

For the gate back awaits us all

When is known to none

All is this wisdom calling.

Liam 2019

Poetry Poem: Words

Poetry Poem: Words

Raise the choice of your thoughts, not your voices

For its rain which brings forth green

The storm passes on.


are times thoughts


are times feelings


rest in what we say


play in how we feel

What you hear though is not me

You hear yourself

Through me

Wind through the leaves

These thoughts

These feelings

Awakening anew in you.


Liam 2019

Poetry Poem: The Shadow

Poem Poetry: The Shadow

Deep within we know

There where the shadows grow

When a darkened image casts its spell

Inevitably I’m weakened, by shadows by darkness

This invisible part of me

Throwing me, off course

Spinning me, away from truth

This is a shadow secret,

of the me yet to be.

I’ve cast discomfort into my life

Wrong learning

Incorrect accumulation of my growing

These blocks against which my evolution stumbles.

True deep light

This is our origin from which the metamorphosis of me happens

It’s my shining

I’m here to find.

Not far, no

Not near though

Down into the intrinsic

The simple silent place

Here is shadow free

It’s itself


Striving each new dawn to unite

With the universe

Transcending my eclipse.

Liam October 2019