Poem: Our Thoughts

Poem: Our Thoughts

Of all the people in all the world, many there might be too.

It’s me with my thoughts,

quite alone in the cold,

Here in the gloomy dew.

Now when I wonder and ask just how.

Am I that, which goes round in my head ?

“The thoughts we think, the things we do, where they come from and whom is who?”

How can this be, this thing about thought.

They’re not really mine although they ought.

To have come from someplace inside my brain.

Call it my mind, is that the same?

Ideas and thoughts, pictures as well, find a place in my head to dwell .

While I share

While I talk,

You also see pictures and my thoughts.

Of what it is, we’re doing ?

Of where it is, we going ?

Of why it is, we’re here ?

Of what it is, we’re thinking?

Is this serendipitous?

Liam Nov 2018



Poem: The Footprint

Its in the setting of my foot print

That my words begin to walk

A journey across wide spaces

Deep inside my thoughts

The story of those places

Of stars of mountains too

Of hummingbirds and crystal balls

of you and me and who

This world of ever never

It’s here for all to share

It’s here we touch we laugh we cry

We open up the inner eye

To Fly to fly to fly

According to a magic where bonds release the grip

Where things unfold a story told, a whispered word, a place of gold

Not only in this hour twixt midnight and the dawn

Outside a storm inside it’s warm

A twinkling star

A princess far

A half filled waiting cookie jar

Im Talking with an angel

who whispers in my ear

„Of seas and ships and sealing wax,

Of cabbages and Kings.“

Friends now gather round me

Your time is near at hand

Your journey starts our ways might part

yet never feel alone at heart

It’s in the setting of that footprint

Your words will learn to walk

Take you on a journey far

Beyond the storm

The twinkling star

The secret space where

We just are

All one

#Liam November 2018


Poem: Oblivion

Falling from the eves and chimney pipes they fluttered .  
Floating like those autumn leaves.
The memories, whipped by the evening breeze .
My soul took flight, windy foreign places.
Barren dusty spaces, where
I’ve lain my head to weep.
Dreamt and found you asleep.
Jeweled, sprawled, a queen.

Between the palms, sipping the nectar of whispered words.
Speaking softly in tongues long forgotten, while whisking flies.
Bejeweled this oasis where life lies.
We touched and you spoke.
A moment a memory a paradise found .
Where we nibbled  wisdom, ate sweet dates, laughed as lovers do, sighed.

Wait wait wait for what of this worth is ours to keep?

When life calls, I answer,
„Sleep!“ let me dream on.
Exotic caravans of incense and myrrh.
Spice in dusty cracks, is my dry desire.
In all this, what takes the call?
The call to rise above, to move beyond the pain filled fire.
Fill us searchers of the soul unseen.
Break this  barren desire!
End this march towards the funeral pyre.

Liam October



The goal of MEDITATION is momentary liberation from thinking.

THINK-ATATION is to embrace your thinking directly after the meditation is finished.

The prepared mind is highly focused, highly creative and highly flexible.

You call this state “think-atation.”

Liam 2018



Your circumstances are always the result of a process which started within you.

Just imagine an upgrade on all levels.

Now you know how to begin. ❤️

Liam 2018


Wisdom: IMAGINE 

Your circumstances are always the result of a process which started within you.

Just imagine an upgrade on all levels.

Now you know how to begin. ❤️

Liam 2018

Wisdom: Opposite of Love

Wisdom: The opposite of LOVE, is not hate.

It’s disinterest and indifference.

Transform your difficult relationships with a tiny bit of interest, it might make a world of difference,

Liam 2018

Poem: The Power of Love

Poem: The Power of Love

„I shall love thee strong“,

Words great masters spoke, 

they may be wrong.

Let Mine invoke,

Chase that hasty hand of time, with ALL  is smote.

Or the mountain crumbles,

Oceans heave the sandy break.

Sky thats torn asunder could not create.

Yet, still in quiet moments of reflect,

It’s you who are the apple of my eyes respect.

My life’s moments pass away,

The power of my love though here to stay.


 Eternity & Infinity

Naught but love holds time at bay.

To share with you , 

yet one more happy day.

July 2012 Eckernforde 

Poem: My Mind

The Mind

Live the full life of the mind .

Continuously seeking out  exquisite peace.

Actually, the tranquility to perceive it.

Be exhilarated by new ideas .

Be intoxicated by the romance of the unknown.

Life, not mine alone but ours loves breathing with the seasons too.

Sparkling with the starlight.

Laughing with the children.

They are my reminders of me.

They are memories of who I used to be before.


Being beautiful 

Being enough

Being mindful

Being true to you

Being me to who I was born to be.

I’m not my mind

It’s, it’s fullness which fills me though.

My mind yours too or who?

Liam November 2018

Poem: About INSIGHT

Poem: About Insight

 In a moment, waking not from sleep

But in thoughts caught up with yesterday’s complexity. 

A breeze lifts my sight 

Quietly admitting the light.

A flower unfolds 

Revealing the subtle frailty.

The intimacy of understanding.

Insight into tomorrow’s story.

Insight into that

Tweaking my puzzledness 

Ah Haaaa!

Did you hear, Ureaka!

Unpremeditated it worked.

 Not a trumpet call

It’s the steady focus

Me pushing forward into the depths.

Snooping around in the subconscious 

Collecting crumbs, fragments 

minuscule titbits .

It’s in the letting go

Flowing forward into the idea

It answers

Like sweetly picking a ripe berry

Then enjoying that rush of taste



#Liam August 2018