Poem Poetry: The Prince of Light

Poem: The Prince of Light

Who comes thirsty to the fountain and spring?

The moon & stars reflected therein.

Quenching thirst first on light, on reflection and awe.

The cup flowth over with wisdom with more

Fruits foreign sweet wine to this table tonight.

Who is to marry the prince of light?

To greet dawns wing on a golden flush

To wrap the night in a star filled hush.

To touch me with a spear of fire

Be it true

Be it love

Be it who

Be it you my friend

Dust tired and spent

Who at the end of a journey long

Who sipped the night

Who drank the light

Who sung the song

Of a new life coming

Of a day fresh born

Of a souls awaking

Call out the trumpet

Call out the horn.

It’s the prince of light who wakes the morn.

Liam January 2019


#Poetry #Poem: The Metaphor

Poem: The Metaphor

Find your metaphor and fill it with dance and glow

For in the orchard of your mind golden apples grow.

Harvest this poetry

Rich sweet and song

Like treasured pearls

To right the wrong

To inspire the desire to move beyond


Speak out with those throttled voices from inside.

Crack your silence with the truth, arise.

Move to your metaphor

Dancing free in space,

Fill this life with love and feel the grace.

Liam January 2019

#Poetry #Poem: The Way

Poem: The Way

As you start to walk the way,
It’s the way you walk that finds you
You talk and walk, you listen you sing
It’s flow it’s life we hear it ring
You recognize this cosmic sound
It’s steps which ring on sacred ground
Of thoughts which interlace the space
Between the music of the spheres
Sounds of joy ringing in my ears
So as you start to walk the way
It’s the way you walk which finds you.
The path of life
Times looked times learned
The steps we’ve often pondered
Of pushing out the edge of fear
Of finding new the meaning
The way is here for you to find
So strive on out unbind your mind
Be the love in all
Now as you start to walk the way
It’s the way you walk which finds you.

Liam January 2019

POETRY, POEM: Beyondfullness

Poem: Beyondfullness

You are Eternity and Starlight dressed up in its matter

Creating tomorrow on the wings of your consciousness

Connecting to all through the deep beats of your heart

Flowing with intense states of lifted mindfulness to be


Universal and oceanic Connectivity is were we meet

Unify and embrace the Beyond


Liam 2019 January

#POETRY #POEM: The Vortex

POEM: The Vortex

When I walk through the deep night sky

It’s light that sparkles

cars pass bye

Wind blows cold from the roar of surf.

Alone I walk, though close too heart

something warms a tiny shard

This vortex spins in a paradigm new

It’s good it’s deep it’s right it’s you

My thought trajects

a smile those eyes

Hidden high in this midnight me

I think wonder ponder how

Man meets magic

the women the now.

Liam January 2019