Aragum Bay to Cochin

Fishiing boats

Now for those readers who have not surfed, it is a mindset. Created through the freedom of movement, the strength your body develops, the wildness of the ocean, and an appreciation of the awesomeness of nature. So were those carefree days in Aragum Bay, wild, free, exciting, healthy and full of adventure.
The Elephant´s reserve, boarded directly on the bay so those great and gentle creatures were regular visitors to our antics on the waves. Food came simple, fishy and fresh with wild gesticulations, frantic nodding’s of the head and “more Money” as one of the few identifiable English phrases the fishermen could master. Their boats, pieces of excellent hand craft, carved wooden sailing vessels which had mastered the warm turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean for centuries. Returning with their inverted triangular sails chewing on the trade wind, the outrigger ploughing a deep fertile furrow behind the boat, they would sail right up onto the white beach. The families and dealers dark skinned and brightly turbaned excited to participate in the treasured catch.
One quiet star spangled night great excitement was suddenly heard down at the beach, where a tide of luminescent plankton had washed in. Life in such moments brushes the shores with pure magic, as I waded, then splashed myself in liquid silvery light. The days and nights washed away into weeks and on into months, until the pure pressure of excitement could no longer hold me in the waves.
A pot puree of interesting travelers had drifted into Aragum on the monthly tide , their adventures, anecdotes and stories remaining as flotsam and jetsam in my memory. Reiner, the German friend I’d met on my first day, was long gone into the Himalaya, but we had made a date to meet up in Katmandu eight months later and so with my board under my arm I took a short flight to the Indian mainland, landing in Cochin, Kerala State.


Surfing & Elephants


Colombo was done and in the early hours of the morning I embarked on an odyssey which even Homer would have smiled at.
The initiative had come from Pundit, whispering about a famous tooth which could be visited in Kandy, up in the highlands.
Disembarking, my backside tingled after hours of being beaten on the wooden bench in the bus. The early morning, veiled with the promise of a new day hummed quietly, as I stepped into an elephant turd. About the size of a 10L bucket, & still steaming, its owner brightly painted and tinkling with trinkets swayed comfortably down the road in front of me.
Welcome to planet India, magical in its chaos, dirt and vibrant colours. A fragment from the Middle Ages turbaned and sari ed swirled around my tired vision and I smiled.
Yes I smiled, as a deep sense of recognition and understanding washed across my soul, this was my deja vu, my odyssey beginning, my Parsifal journey to an unknown grail.
Later that day I met Buddha. His huge golden image illuminated by oil lamps and awash in swaths of sweet incensed smoke, his gaze fixed on the casket, containing his once living tooth.

Aragum Bay has no real geographical or even geological significance. It marks the South eastern most corner of Sri Lanka with a rocky point. This point however is so exactly positioned that the ocean swell, after traveling thousands of sea miles, is tripped and dissected, resulting in a perfect and pristine curving wave. A Shangri-La, for surfers like me to enjoy in the solitude of paradise lost.
“Guten Tag, wie heist du?” a foreign language but a friendly bearded face greeted me as I entered the palm hut just off the beach, “Welcome to Aragum Bay!”, here we surf with the elephants.

Part 3. Aragum to Cochin

Part 2. Paradise into Hell

Coco del Mare

 Coco del Mare, Seychelles

Those Robinson Crusoe days in the Seychelles stretched out and soon almost two months had slipped away. I had made friends with Mike, a Seychellois’ living down at Bovolion Beach, then spent a couple of days across at Praslin Island where the Coco de Mare grows. This is the largest nut on the planet, snuggled in a small valley and a major attraction. The attraction being  the Nut  itself.  The form as you can see  imitates the hips of a woman with all the connotations you can imagine, the male part of the plant a penis. God does play jokes.
Next stop Colombo, Siri Lanka, my visa had run out of days and my travels were pushed forward to the next destination. On the spluttering three wheeler taxi, we bumped into the city, dark stormy clouds hustled in over a city still choking in the smoke of extinguished riots. The projectiles hurled between engaging parties in the night and days before, caused us to swerve, then bump heavly as we hit the odd one. Smashed shop windows, piles of acrid smoldering tires and a chaos and filth which retrieved childhood images from a picture book description of hell.
Uups, paradise and hours later this!
The Colombo Guest House greeted me with my first chai, the proprietor a fine Singelise gentleman call Pundit showed me through the sagging and moulding  Colonial Lounge into my bed room. “You´ll be having a jolly good stay, no doubt!” he chimed in a broad sing song accent and disappearing behind the ripped heavy red velvet curtain. Falling with an exasperated sigh and a solid thump onto my spring less mattress, the upward gaze was fixed by a dangerously wobbling ceiling fan , a nearby gecko with its head raised in alarm and unconcerned,  a huge black spider came shuffling down the wall in my direction.

Sri Lanka, I had arrived.

Part 3.  Surfing in an Elephant Park

About me, Part 1. What, When, Where, Who & Why


My name is Liam Kennedy, of Irish decent through my father, but as the fate of so very many Irishmen and women, I have only ever visited the green island on holiday and enjoyed its dark malty brew in many an Irish Pub the world over.

landed my birthing spot  in the middle of dark Africa, in those days called Northern Rhodesia. Rhodesia getting its name from the famous British Colonialist, Cecil John Rhodes. Today the country is called Zambia; the region I grew up in is called Nchanga, still having some of the richest copper deposits anywhere in the world. The boarder post into Katanga, at that time the Belgian Congo lay 30 miles up the road at place called Kasumbalesa.

Still in childhood my parents moved down to the Cape of Good Hope, the exquisitely beautiful tip of Southern Africa. The Table Mountain itself a wonder to sea fares since the beginning of time. South Africa in those days was of course infamous for its Apartheid Politics. Racial separation in its prime with the white and the black population being separated with iniquitous perfection by laws which put the great statesman Nelson Mandela on the Robin Island for 30 years.

On 29th August 1984, armed with a round the world air ticket , a surfboard and rucksack I climbed aboard a SAA 727 at Johannesburg Airport and my first stop was Mahe´, Seychelles’. Paradise lost in the middle of the Indian ocean run by a socialist regime and financed by a trickle of tourism. I quickly acclimatized to the easy Creole life style of a fish diet, days spent walking the island or bobbing in tiny cockle shell boats far out to sea with hand lines hooking marlin and other monsters of the deep which ripped the lines out of our hands or cut the steel traces as if they were made of butter. The buildings were all open to  the gentle breezes, no windows, only shutters to keep out the morning light after a long and happy nights making and dancing to rhythm’s exotic and wild.

To be continued

Part 2: From Paradise to Hell on Earth.


Training for Marketers, The Foundation of your Marketing Success

                                                   Training for Marketers
                                      The Foundation of your Marketing Success

This is training for Juice Plus Franchise Marketers, People in MLM and Network Marketing.

What is your greatest financial asset?

Should you look to your bank account or in your wallet, I confess you are looking in the wrong place. Your greatest financial asset is your ability to learn.
Now when we look out into the world at the many extremely successful individuals who have made great fortunes, achieved recognition and helped millions of others, study has shown that these people all have something in common, and it is this quality that I want to share with you today.
There is a Universal Law which states “ you become what you think about most of the time.”
In the case of these amazingly successful people, it was their vision that they were thinking about all of the time, from wakening in the morning, till falling asleep at night. They were thinking about their goals and thinking about how they could achieve them. Guess what happened? Right the Universal Law kicked in and bingo one amazing story follows the next.
So lets follow suite, let us create a vision, actually make a vision board which we hang up in the kitchen to remind ourselves every day. A vision of what, well where you want to be in say 5 years with your business, your health, your wealth your family & friends , everything about you you can weave into your vision board.
The next step after the Vision Board is hanging, is then to sit down in a quiet moment and write down 10 concrete Goals that you wish to reach in order for your vision to become reality.
Each goal simply stated and fixed with a date of fulfilment, written in a way so that a child might understand the goal. These goals will as we make them highly conscious then sink slowly into the subconscious mind where they will now work for us and their fulfilment 24 hours a day.
With our goals now fixed on paper we are free to move on the next step which is to learn from the University of Juice Plus all that we need to know about our business and its implementation. It’s now that you start to create your own new wealth. This may be defined as your new skill set with which you will be able to help, support and enable very many others to their own financial freedom.
We keep our goals consistently in mind as we go through our day, creating, fulfilling some part of our greater vision.
The process can be accelerated by taking an imaginary wand which enables you to realise instantly one of your goals. The most important crucial goal which will help you realise your vision the fastest.
This one central goal becomes the focal point of your further effort and development. This goal now serves as the spear point to accelerate the fulfilment of your vision and you should focus with all intensity and your effort to realise this central goal.
All the other goals will follow as if magnetised by this one and the success of your franchise will grow as you grow closer to your own process of achievement.

Training for Marketers
The Foundation of your Marketing Success
1. Decide what you want (Vision)
2. Write it down (Goals)
3. Set a dead line
4. List everything (Simple & clear)
5. Chose the Focus (Spear tip)
6. Take action immediately
7. Work on this every day
MY commitment to excellence will enable you to attain the success you seek.