What is NMPoetry?

What is NMP?

“New Millennium Poetry”

This writing is filled with one overwhelming and passionate endeavor. That being to express the invisible world of our humanity.

Everything in our tech world is described down to the smallest detail. When it comes to the sensitive and invisible world of our soul, of our feelings and our spiritual intentions, so many like myself are striving towards a deeper more profound understanding of life, this expresses the endeavour of my work.

When reading the content of my books “New Millennium Poetry Volume 1-3”, they’re divided into categories, which generally

describe our human condition. For example, love, death, birth, inspiration, spirituality, nature, emotional poetry, and so on. Within these categories, you find a colourful spectrum of poems, each individual and authentic.
When reading a poem, the idea is that the thoughts that they represent, the ideas and the feelings that are embedded within them and the imagery are not unique. They belong to the ground of our common human condition . Existent within each one of us, where we can discover and rediscover ourselves in new, dynamic, and more profound ways.

So, with these ideas, I present poetry, which has been written for a new paradigm of human consciousness, that of our emergent ‘soul awareness’, or ‘soul consciousness’.

Millions of people across different nations, languages, religions, and cultures are emerging from materialism and recognizing that life is more than just what we have, the joy and the love are about discovering who we are.

This is an awakening, a revelation so simple yet profound that it heeds our full attention, as the consequences for everything are manifold.
When it’s no longer about having and economies are no longer defined alone by growth, the implicit meaning of how societies work and within those societies how we relate to one another becomes a new emergent principle in defining life. Life is precious, valuable, and short, and an experience with which and in which every living being has the right to the fullness and abundance that we can all share on the planet.


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