Poem: Asymetricality




Done the work , turned the page
Waitn still for my hard earned wage.
Wait I will, wait I might , wait forever 
Won’t change my  plight,
Been for nothing can’t be right.
The deeds, the feeds,  the offers
The comments, the quotes, the quirks
The story , the saying, the waiting.
My offers, cheerful bright & gay
The price my customer has to pay
The objects rich clean & fine
Wait for owners , patient , Time 
In vain this game, the pain, the price,
The products fame, changes naught.
Asymmetries ,
Asymmetrical ,

Poem: Lets get in Step


Lets get in Step

I will love and find a way to step into your stride,

Hold your hand in storm and in surging tide.

Wide, spread welcome arms to fold you in a happy cry.

A laugh, a simple beating of my heart.

The hearth, the home, a we grown place well known.

Can you, could you, will you, would you

Step in touch?

Embrace, the pacing thud of LOVES red blood.

This day the moment of your turning step.

The door is wide, a stage new set.

In stride we march,

An eyebrow arched,

A twinkle from a smile is cast.

Into the dawning of a bright new day.

On sunbeams warm I carry you,

Here with me

Now to stay

Forever and yet one more day.

Liam March 2014

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MLM 5 Pillars to Understanding MLM

I finally got the answers to some of my BIGGEST QUESTIONS about recruiting by watching this great FREE recorded video with a 20-year veteran in the home business industry.


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The 5 Steps when starting your MLM Business




Hallo everyone I’m writing from Stacy House in Somerset England, have a look it is absolutely stunning .
I am a MLM am going to talk today about 5 factors which you have understand before you get involved in the Multi Level Marketing business.
Firstly it is important to have a close look at the company which you will be working together with. Have a look at their track record as you will still be working together with them for many years into the future and they need to show good leadership, development and organizational practice.
Don’t forget, you are starting a business, not beginning a hobby.
Step number 2 is the product, in MLM we use the product we associate with the product , we become the product. So when we pass the message about the product on we are authentic, real and our prospects are taken with our authenticity.
Step 3, is the realization that you will be involved in network marketing, which implies, networking and marketing. Networking with your friends your family and hundreds of others that you haven’t met as yet. Your job is to connect with people, it is wonderful and exciting and never boring. The other side of the coin is the marketing. This means that you will become a professional marketer.You will become deeply and completely involved in how marketing works and functions and how you will make a greater public aware of your product.
Even though you market a product, its you as an individual that people will look to understand the product and understand the business.
Point 4. Involves 3 pillars, focus, goals and action.
You need incredible focus on what it is that you will be doing at home.
You will need to create goals , goals for the day the week the year, then together with the focus you need to take massive action to become successful with what tit is that you are marketing through you network. This will enable your MLM business to achieve the success and financial freedom that we all want to achieve.
Step 5 is about personal development.
You might well ask what personal development has to do with MLM, the fact is it plays a very important function, as you become clearer, stronger, more aware of who you are and what you are doing, these qualities will flow into the work which you are doing and into the relationships which you are building through the business. This enables you to support others in creating and reaching their goals.
1. The company
2. The Product
3. Network/ Marketing
4. Focus on goals action
5. Personal development