Love Poetry: Velvet Glove

Love Poetry: Velvet Glove

By Liam

I have spoken to a rose

Whose petals red,


Each disguise your face

Remind me, with what grace you carry

The scent of life’s demeanor

Afloat on a bouquet of thorn ,

yet never distracted

My intent lifts you with a velvet glove

To place you on this pillow of love.

Poem: What is Love?

Loves joy is the wild laughter we together found.

Loves magic is the glue holds together when unbound.

Loves being is the silent power within all life.

Loves integrity is the truth which holds beyond the strife.

Loves presence is the quiet whisper  when alone.

Loves secret is the truth we share to build a home.

Loves home is the heartbeat which creates the ground.

Loves ground a fertile place these seeds are found.

Loves seeds we share throughout the day.

With everyone in every way.

Liam. October 2018

Poetry: What is Love?

POEM: A New Day


A New Day

When morning breaks, scattered dew drops catch the light.

Reflecting sunbeams, rainbows filled with colours bright.

That mighty orb fills the sky so blue,

Soft puffy clouds in white invite,

This day to play, create, invogorate anew.

Let us take the waiting deed in hand,

Rub the sand from waery shores of sleep.

My hand, to turn anew this page,

The story book of who….

I am,

You are,

we want to be …and GO.

Awake the dream and live it,

With life with Love with all the mana warming mornng from above.

You might be here, I be there.

Our paths do cross, we are aware of how unique,

This day of given time

From waking until sleep

Is here to share….

for nothing of its worth we my keep

Till again we fall…

To relms of endless sleep.

Liam Kennedy 2012

An unique thought rom CHINA

Poem far awayImage

As the minutes hours & the day,
pass along go their way
Happy is that which lets me say
Words, my words
So deep , so strong, so fair,
Feelings had, the fun the care.
Spent with you, through you,
Though not there nor here
nor anywhere like near.

You are far away from me in body,
But hidden in my heart, thy art.
Full blossomed bearing strong.

Begins to start.

Smiling my lips call a time,
Fun filled joy simply knowing
You are yet still mine.
Mine to behold, hold and inspire.

My day the way I hold my pen,
The word unspoken still unheard.
Rings chimes sings
The heart, the start, the fundamental  plot
of why WE work,
The chemistry of our bones
THe different soil of our roots

The fundimental cements our soul