Poem: Paradise

Poem: Paradise

The cherry picked and eaten,

The day so ripe and blue.

Your lips they shine like deep red wine.

I laugh and so do you.

As wild and sweet the berry,

The buzz of bees they sing.

In the air your golden hair,

Shines with the bell that rings.

The fruit the life the loving,

The way our journey spins.

To that place in paradise,

The end where this begins.

Liam 2018


Poem: Before the Touch

Poem: Before the Touch

Before you touch.

Before her hands intertwine with mine.

Before we greet, eyes

Moist with the dew of dawn.

Appreciate the subtlety.

Enjoy the knowing that you’re also being absorbed.

Soaked into fabric of her mind.

What ever soul might be,

be it this.

A magical, invisible yet intangible touch.

It’s pungency lingers like carnations.

Carrying my heart out of my body.

I’m flooded with words,

Awed in standing silence.

Quivering our lips smile & we meet

The moment beautiful.


Poem: The Shell

Poem: The Shell

Whilst walking forth on a shelly strand,

Squeak fresh grains of salty sand,

crunch & grind , waves surge & pound,

I stoop & scoop , a thing profound ,

I’d found.

An unknown form of sheer delight,

This thing unique to me.

I question creations geometry .

What genius deep in cosmic mind ,

Did Create this fantasmagorical find?

Some subtle touch of starry light ,

Spinning far in a galactic night,

Weave forming threads , gestalt begins.

Evolutionary cosmology.

Geometrical congeniality.

The spiral form unfolds in loops.

Filigrain structure convolutes.

A galactic form finds growing life.

The planet spins,

Thousands spawn , new life begins, a thing is born.

Braced between the wet & lee,

Feet awash in froth blown sea.

This micro cosmic miracle lies,

The macro cosmic in the sky’s

Asleep it’s secrets keep me high

I live the question , the meaning ,



Eckernforde 2012

Poem: Awakening

Poem: Awakeing

If the day would bring you back.

Morning fresh, as dew upon the wing.

To me,


Beams of light and joy.

Yes, this is what I’d sing.

“Golden apples,

Jingling bells, ring with all the morning.

Heart my trumpet is a calling,

Joy, be happy let me sing.”

It’s you, returned to hold me.

My lover of those nights.

You who left me standing.

You who tore away my anchor.

Who simply, flew away.

I wave, the roar fades.

Words reflect off the fuselage of my soul.

I speak in vapour trails.

Now in dreams asleep I find you,

Curled in featherd down.

Plucked from that pillow,

A smile transforms the frown.

A kiss returns my harbour.

A laugh we spinning fall.

It’s In these early hours,

Twixt dawn and waking call.

We eat the wild berries,

The juice, sweet natures call.

White lilies, red the roses.

The basket full our dreams.

We dancing taste the dew drops light.

So real this truly seems.

Liam 2016

Poem: Perhaps

Poem: Perhaps

Perhaps I haven’t arrived, at where and who I’ve always wanted to become.

How wonderful I’m no longer there where I began though.

This way is my way, my journey of saying that I’m learning.

I’m growing, moving towards.

The I, I am yet to be.

Not caught but free, in perceiving now and again.

Whom it is who wonders,

ponders the colour of a flower.

Whom it is who reflects,

on thoughts,

my own too.

Whom it is who observes,


Perceives me observing

Observes me wondering

Experiences me thinking

Touching my meaning.

Perhaps its just me laughing out loud.

Perhaps I’ll still see me, with my head in the cloud .

Liam January 2018

Poem: Death

Poem: Death

Should death us part.

For but a fragment of time.

Let still this fragment shine.

A shard, nothing but a shattered piece of

Me remains to see,

Reflect a life gone by.

I might cry, not understand the why.

The meaning of no good-by…

Yet the light of good shines on,

Shines strong, shines long…

Enough to wake me from this pain.

Gone lame my mind

Help to find

The day anew,

To share & to review

What we still have to share

What we still have to bare.

What we still have to do.

Liam 2016