Nature Poetry: The Rainbow ๐ŸŒˆ

Nature Poetry: The Rainbow

by Liam

Your way begins over there

On the other side of the sky

The bridge there is a rainbow of love

It connects us to all and everything

Believe not your eyes

Itโ€™s your heart which needs step out

Not blinded by light

But intoxicated with color

Singing with the birds

For those wings are yours too, to fly

Those songs are yours too, to recite

As poems of how we have come to be

So alive, so much more, so free.

Nature Poetry: The Artist

Nature Poetry: The Artist

by Liam

There is an artist

There was an artist

There always will be an artist

Which is you!

You, painting life through your existence

Creating the morning with its glory and gold

Moulding from invisible to magnificent

All and everything in awe

This star has risen invisible in the soul

Itโ€™s shine is beyond sight

Itโ€™s light is beyond the

Mighty surge of surf

Just infuse the energy

Reaching out

Be Come Art

Nature Poetry: Green Forest

Nature Poetry: Green Forest

by Liam

What is your life about anyway?

Running to be someone

Racing from the quiet and peace

Release that impulse of pain

Demand and gain

Within the green canopy of the forest

A blossom waits your caress

Be blessed without the game


Your own kingdom to regain.

Nature Poetry: Constellations

Nature Poetry: Constellation ๐ŸŒŒ

by Liam

Walk away, the day dying behind me

Night opens, receiving its cosmic delight

Poured out across heaven

So rich and so deep

Beauty, wonder and awe

Hold me cradled in dark

The star shine of silver

Eyes lost in the light.

My heart beat moves with the heavens

Peace prevails in the moment

Carried to sleep this now blankets my sight.

For tomorrow will shake me

Rattle, wake me

To new destinations

To new constellations

To new imaginations

I found walking

I found wondering

I found pondering

This magnificent life.

Nature Poetry: The Spring

Nature Poetry: The Spring

by Liam

From the mountain falls the crashing spring

This water growโ€™th, all living things

From my soul

A source, a spring

The fountainhead

Of life doth bring

A force of love

Enough for all who listen, who see

Not me

Nor these lines outstretched

The fountain quietly splashing in thee

Springs forth the nature of our humanity .