Poetry: Butterfly

by Liam

When she looks at you

Listen up, for those

Deep eyes speak sweet

Words of silent selflessness

Each a butterfly


Though the color, the movement takes

My gaze to intoxication

Not my thoughts

My emotional wings take flight feelings

Lift me peacefully on the intention of the moment

Eyes gaze, the look mesmerizing

While words with wings flutter

Across my imagination singing sweet hymns of praise and gratitude

Each of us born will crawl, struggle then fly

The butterfly 🦋

The Squirrel

Poetry: The Squirrel

by Liam

With the summer fled and autumn storm comes hope

This golden leaf no longer green but flies, spins dancing in the skies

Each trunk echos to a season past tall stretch, reach out grope

To us, we see the beauty cast and fall in love with autumn eyes

From Birch and Beech each every blade now free

The leaf of morning cool with moisture now touches me

The happy swallows cheep, it’s young now gone way south to sun

While bushy tailed the squirrel free

His quirky eyes to gather nuts in secret heaps for days to come

I turn to me and gaze with wondrous brow

A million miracles all around

I know not how

I know not why

I feel a tear

I laugh and cry.

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The Shrike

Poetry: The Shrike

I search the glade for a sign

but they have strayed beyond its course

their rigid limbs stroke skies divine

and headlong mine touch earth by force

The husk and cone the needle, bark

no organs hold that wood impress

such dreams as animate the lark

reminding spring to confess.

Now winter widows all but weed

and starves the cries of fiscal shrike

boots trample fragile chestnut seed

and fronds succumb to frosts hard strike

Trees gaze toward the longed-for spring

transfixed their roots in earthly bliss

tho in life’s wood snared we sing

the fire of faith it’s the love we miss.

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Full Moon

Poetry: Full Moon

by Liam

Let the stars one and all, watch us dance

They too have been here, with the light the joy

Of today and laughing left again to play

High games of hide and seek

In the dark, as a spark of heaven

Now as they gaze

Let’s be unanimous with what we see

With our Inspiration



Let’s show how it feels to be the fine sliver of a crescent moon

Waning in a still blue sky

Moving patiently towards our fullest.

Lake Constance

Poetry: Lake Constance

by Liam

Bring me color

Bring me pride

Gracious pink petticoats spread across a deepening skies

Oh! how your hues invade each lake, each spread of wet

Each cloud draped across the bed

She dared and drew her dainty head below the sight of all

The color might have drawn a sigh from my amazing cry

Dazzled let me fly into your gaze

To be touched by this in your multitude of ways.


Poetry: Skylark

by Liam

Your wind sweeps past and through me

Lifting my skylark wings till they embrace the blue

White clouds we ask, laugh and why?

My 1000 questions

Leave me with Gods glance to

Support the proofs that cannot hinder nor define

Caught in the reflection of heavens glass

This Ruby red will pass my lips to find

Answers deep golden nuggets imbedded within the bedrock of my soul

Quietly awaiting the wind

Patiently awaiting the wisdom.

Poetry: The Apple

Poetry: The Apple 🍎

by Liam

I have read ten thousand pages

Learned the scriptures and memorized the

Speeches of the

Wise, old and true

Yet you over there

Watch the silence of air

Unfold in patterns

Untold in beauty

This transmigration of thoughts pure fruit

Plucked from the tree of Love

It’s gentle branches embracing my mind

Its soft leaves giving shadow to my rest

It’s roots anchoring my life in the reality of today

Sing, while I cry in joy

Thankful for this sweet taste of life.

Poetry: Blue

Poetry: Blue

by Liam

A tree its such a grandiose thing,

Swaying in the wind

The leaves of green they dance and sing

This movement of a living thing

So huge, so vast so symphonicly

Subtle, sound rustles from its wing

Fly too, indeed it might with those clouds

White, skidding across my view

High up it’s leafy fingers grasp the shredded

Blue, I wonder lying on my back

Just, what is what and who is who

Tree Sky Cloud Me Blue

The Moon

Poetry: The Moon

by Liam

The moon breaths deep and song

Sung with the in-breath

Breaths out with the earths throng

Takes us with it too

The lovers who, with the out breath

Raise a glass to the full round fascination of their moon

To the gazers who lift their telescopes to stars afar

While she, a silver sliver now hidden with the new

Lovers one

Lovers all

Treasure these moments of madness

Move in tune

Moon to whom

We have become so sensitively

Aware, how intimately beautiful she manages the rhythms of this life.

Poetry : Spring

Poem: Spring

It’s the leaves in spring, about to bud .

Which swell and greet the coming flood.

Of warmth, the surge a

puddle of mud.

On branch, on twig, on every stem.

Chlorophilled life is hidden within.

A waiting blossom,

A patient leaf.

An insect becomes the quiet thief.

Will furl it’s wing, take to the sky.

The blossom, a bee to the pollen will cry.

An ode to glorify this day.

Its spring again

It’s life anew

It’s bud, blossom and green leaf too.

In this all abundant day,

We rejoice we laugh and say:

Yes yes yes

The beauty of life is true.