Poetry: Sublime by Liam

Blue, all blue and green the growth

It’s soul, all soul the singing worlds response

I’ve heard across the oceans thundering

Above the forests whispering

Sweet voices, audible alone to the breeze

Fine tunes blown in on awareness

Capture my attention initiate the intent

To stretch forward

Arms open to embrace and inhale

This moment of inspiration, this instant of life

We are this, which we perceive

Our colors change too with each awakening

As flowers, we bring wonder to the world

Bird song, bringing joy to this day

Enhancing the way I perceive my wealth

An entity among the Myriads which life has brought forth today

Reminding myself, it’s but a dash through time

Till again we sigh, we become sublime.

Poetry: The Other

Poetry: The Other

by Liam

We have always known one the other

Out there beyond tomorrow

Way before yesterday’s sunset

We attract like the waxing and waining of the moon

Each a part in the same dynamic

Dancing laughing joyful partners in this world

Love thirsty drinking life

Hungry, eating from the full table of today

One of subtle substance together

We simply vibrate on the same frequencies

Everything within you, without much touch it’s

Magical too.