Poetry Poem: Seed

Poetry Poem: Seed

To seed big means

I am creating my vision

This personal panorama of my future me

Emerges not from my prefrontal cortex

It’s from that deep mind frequency of Alpha

That dreamy place, where fantasy, creativity and vision

Rise like fluffy clouds on a clear day

Each a representative of me in the motion of becoming

Fulfilling the destiny of my creation

All I’ve ever learnt, done experienced or suffered

Flows through, then weaves together

Enabling synchronicity to establish contact

That flash, this epiphany has been my right

My fulfillment, my goal, my reason to be.

Clouds in a sky of blue

Visions in the eye of who

Thoughts in view of where my contributions

Ought best to be planted

Granted I’m a slow grower

The planted seed has found fruit

Plucked shared and digested

This sweet nutrition will see me to the day

The day of my departure.

Liam September 2019


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