Poem Poetry: The Flower

Poem Poetry: The Flower

Out beyond the right and the wrong

You will find a field green and sky

Don’t wait for tomorrow

Don’t even be entangled with yesterday

Meet me

Let the grey of today

Slide from your mind, fly

For its now

In this very moment

That flower blossoms

It’s yours, mine too


Liam 2019


Poetry Poem: The Beauty of Now

Poetry Poem: The Beauty of Now

I long to touch heaven,

the sea and you too

What is this desire,

My question, who?

What will this reveal?

What is it trying to teach?

Where is this coming from wanting to reach?

I guess it’s intuition!

Or is it deja vu?

A premonition, a presentment about you

The smile, flirts with my interest.

Muting brain, heart tunes in too

Suppresses the uncertainty of why?

Expresses the conviction of true

This is happening for a reason, I know it


Reasonably understood

Convincingly felt,

This is overwhelming

This must be shared

Carried, bared

To feel alive

in each cell of my blood

I want to touch you

I want to crash

Wild into your surf,

Fly, die, then return

In the silence find the song

In the stillness hear the beat

Moulding from invisible to magnificent

The beauty of now

The love of how

We made this together.

Liam July 2019

Poetry Poem: Cosmic Sun

Poetry Poem: Cosmic Sun

My life’s the journey, from a distant star

You too and everybody we see

We walk all together

Yet each of us walks alone

We share, we support, we give a helping hand

Still, my way is mine for me, you see

From birth till I return to my heavenly me

To intensively live, laugh, love and be true

To be a voice, be the one who cares

Shares thoughts

Which grow into compassion with the wanderers too

The seekers, those lost, the crazies who’s

Laughter echoes from concrete stairs

That beggars hand rattle, with a two dime tin

The old and sick where the spirit within

Has lost the meaning ,

Has gone astray

Needing support to refind the way

We have become before again melt into the cosmic sun

Liam July 2019

Poem Poetry: Rumi “If you want love do not hide from the self.“

Poem Poetry: Rumi

“If you want love do not hide from the self.“

Stretch your face to my warming light

These penetrant rays will revive

Rejuvenate, activate inspiration in myself

Not hiding, but striving towards love

I want this exuberance in you too.

The corner dark and dreary, inconspicuous where you hide

Waiting, for love lost whilst not in stride

It’s it’s …. not really me at all in hiding

This self camouflaged in moldy drab

Enough I have of bad

Enough isolation in myself

The sad recognition, so alone in me I’ve had .


„Love is not what I here will find, Love is that which shines!“

I stretch my face to your love

Mine no longer hidden but free

Free of constraints which prevented self to see

Love is everything and everywhere in me.

“If you want love, do not hide within who you see.“

Liam July 2019

Poem Poetry: Where did we go?

Poem Poetry: Where did we go?

No, it’s not often we lie wrapped in one another

Hearts beating fast & fantastic flashes lighting up our eyes

We breath low slow gulps of reality,

You return, I retrieve my individuality

From out there amongst the planets

We flew high we come back deep

Looking bewildered

The beauty of the moment pulls back like tide across the heaving ocean

Wavelets of love light spring glittering silver

Lighting this halo of momentary magic around your face

My body waits now pearled in beads

My mind though, a float, a-sail on that distant sea

Calls Athena to take us back,

Reunite us in the passion from whence we came

That place is barren now without this love

Without this line of letters

To capture it, warm and gentle with thy hand

It’s not often we lie spread eagled

Pinned to life by Cupid’s arrows

Crying, not from pain but from joy, from feeling

Overwhelmed that this could go so deep, so far

So excruciatingly

close to nirvana

These are those moments

Moments which define life, as this moves in me

As this moves with you too

We return

Yet we arrive

with something new

To keep close, to keep clear , to keep safe.

Liam July 2019

#POETRY # POEM: Challenge

Poem: Challenge

I am challenged

I say I can’t

I can I know

I go

I take the jump

I risk

I ignore the fear

I focus on the now

“It’s done”

I now meet the me

I transform to anew

I grow at this edge

I know it’s new

I am you


You too

You can go

You face fear

You say you can’t

You know you can

You focus on its done

“ you know”

Transformation is how we grow.

Liam December 2018

#Poetry # Poem: US in Harmony

Poem: Us in Harmony

Loves affirmation transforms us

The lover in you

The beloved in me

Love transcends to Creativity

Evoking a mysterious desire.

Stirs the dragon burns the fire

We touch with heart

We touch with skin

We touch with thought

This ‘Berührung’.

Aught it mean so much.

But I am,

Caught in the meaning

Amazed with the simplicity

Enraptured by its depth

Upgraded on this powerful surge

The transmutation from simple to unification

To this!

It’s love

It’s you & me

It’s more than our synchronicity

Yes us just



Liam December 2018