Poetry: Gratitude

Poetry: Gratitude 🙏
by Liam

Thoughts, mysterious and benign
These are the seeds of a life devine
For with these roots growing in my brain
They unfold to feelings in a heart of flame.
We are what we think we feel or we do
If we suffer we need now change the game
Of listening too understand that pain

Change the perspective, change the thoughts
Find the goodness in the suffering parts
Gaze upon the mirror such that it’s your soul you find
Smiling back at how simple it’s been
“Gratitude”, helped me to see
“Gratitude “, that pain helped find in me
“Gratitude “, thought helped make me free.

Poetry: My Mind

Inspirational Poetry: My Mind

by Liam

I often go a wandering

To that distant place in me

Some days it’s golden fields

It’s the growing corn I see

A far, a distant vista

Of an ocean blue and wide

Days of carefree childhood, of family, of pride

Youth, when Love first kissed my lips

With tumble touch and fun

Independent adult, responsibilities my calling to come

I often go a wandering to this distant place in me

Yet, it’s much much more than memory

Create the vision that you see

Awareness flows to energy

This brain is but an organ

Intensely healing and benign

With it we can enter into cosmic mind

I often go a wandering to this distant place in me

Unite with this inner-universe

The same one found with thee

Imagination in the matrix field

Here creations wish is free

It’s pure, it’s this

Infinity eternity

The mind in me.

Poem: My Red Balloon 🎈

Poem: My Red Balloon

From the edge of the moon,

With my silver spoon .

I’ll scoop heavens honey,

Let fly my balloon.

Catch fly away meteorites

With a net made of silk

While slowly nipping my hot glass of milk.

Those fancy old planets,

Dressed up for the night.

Play hide me & seek me,

With cosmic delight.

The party’s not over,

The fun just begun

Stars wiggle & Squiggle ,

wanting also to come.

To join , play & tumble

right out of the sky.

Eat candy & popcorn just like you & I

The Window frost covered,

Alone in my room.

Gaze out in the night sky,

On the edge of the moon.

Where they are all playing…..

with my red baloon.