Inspirational poetry.The Mind

Inspirational Poetry: The Mind

by Liam

I often go a wandering

To that distant place in me

Some days it’s golden fields

It’s the growing corn I see

A far, a distant vista

Of an ocean blue and wide

Days of carefree childhood, of family, of pride

Youth, when Love first kissed my lips

With tumble touch and fun

Independent adult, responsibilities my calling to come

I often go a wandering to this distant place in me

Yet, it’s much much more than memory

Create the vision that you see

Awareness flows to energy

This brain is but an organ

Intensely healing and benign

With it we can enter into cosmic mind

I often go a wandering to this distant place in me

Unite with this inner-universe

The same one found with thee

Imagination in the matrix field

Here creations wish is free

It’s pure, it’s this

Infinity eternity

The mind in me.


Poem: Oblivion

Falling from the eves and chimney pipes I fluttered .

Floated like those autumn leaves.

Memories, whipped in the evening breeze .

My soul took flight.

Windy across foreign

Places, baren dusty spaces, where

I’ve lain my head to weep.

Dreamt and found you asleep.

Jeweled, sprawled a queen

Between the palms, sipping the nectar of words whispered

By that breeze.

Speaking softly in tongues long forgotten, while whisking flies.

We touched and you awoke.

A moment a memory in paradise lost.

Where we nibbled wisdom, ate sweet dates, laughed as lovers do.

Wait wait wait for what of this worth is ours to keep?

When life calls, I answer,

„Sleep!“ let me dream on.

Exotic caravans of incense and myrrh.

Spice in dusty cracks, is my dry desire.

In all this, what takes the call?

The call to rise above, to move beyond the pain filled fire.

Fill us searchers of the soul unseen.

Break desire!

End this march towards the funeral pyre.

Liam October 2017