Poem: Looking for God

Poetry: Looking for God.

by Liam

Are you too, lost looking for God?

Although the search has been thorough

Why search over there?

It’s the direction we need new discover

Deep quiet peace is its space, a place of desire

Here wait and patiently anticipate,

The whisper of the lover

The sower of the stars

Gives my creation

This voice of Love

This music from Heaven

Sings in us all

Sings to us all

Sings with all

Living manifestation




The meaning this Life seeks in me


Poetry: White Lilies

Poetry: White Lilies

by Liam

I live deeply in stillness

For in the morning as light wakes the bright white lilies

It’s this moment in the vividly shining stillness

That rejoicing my heart

Spills into the spring

Holding up the question of who gave God

The gift, the intrinsic moment of now?

Silence it whispered, listen deeply for this language needs no words

Just listen to the silence

Like White Lilies.