Poetry Poem: Atom

Poetry Poem: Atom

Within the atom lies an entire universe

the positivity

the negativity

the electrons

fly in waves

Or orbits of possibilities

Quantum not quantity

Holds sway

This magnificence is in me too

Be it cells, the enzymes

Hormones, blood or muscle

it’s profound,

it’s deep,

it’s within a field of energy

My heart leaps kicking heals with amazement

How our kind has come to be

This unique epiphany

Let’s also call it Joy and make me free

Free to fly.

Have you too flown to that place of peace?

That home of all, from which a call

Resonates each and every waking day

It’s in the invisible

The atom, cell or sky

We need to look

We need to laugh

We need to coagulate

Around the reality of nothing

To find it



Poetry Poem: Panorama

Poetry Poem: Panorama

By Liam

Your love lifts my soul, up to touch the sky

You take me to these worlds to where the spirit calls, fly

The warmth drying my rain

Joy smiles new across my pain

For in being lifted above

I left a vapor trail across heaven

Alone for you to find

For God to see

I was there

Now I’m me.

Poetry Poem: Free

Poem: Fly

By Liam

I start my meditation

Quickly though a power within my mind

Allows me to be aware.

Thence forth mindfulness includes care, gently everywhere

I am not mind

I am not body

I am not me

A child of the universal

A person of the light

A being with mighty

Perspectives to share

To initiate the good

Understand the understood

Move on forward to the edge of myself

Reach the space of spaceless individuality

This is not God

This is true Humanity

This is Free

You too

Shall see


Poetry Poem: Smoke

Poetry Poem: Smoke

By Liam

These words are smoke,

which rise from the soul

The heat, the energy,

lies unseen in the thing

We take it, we turn it, we burn it

Now we feel it, the energy.

Yet we were mesmerized,

at first by its form

Be not blinded by the smoke or body

These are also, only like words, smoke

Feel your own flame

Find Love.


Poem: Oblivion

Falling from the eves and chimney pipes I fluttered .

Floated like those autumn leaves.

Memories, whipped in the evening breeze .

My soul took flight.

Windy across foreign

Places, baren dusty spaces, where

I’ve lain my head to weep.

Dreamt and found you asleep.

Jeweled, sprawled a queen

Between the palms, sipping the nectar of words whispered

By that breeze.

Speaking softly in tongues long forgotten, while whisking flies.

We touched and you awoke.

A moment a memory in paradise lost.

Where we nibbled wisdom, ate sweet dates, laughed as lovers do.

Wait wait wait for what of this worth is ours to keep?

When life calls, I answer,

„Sleep!“ let me dream on.

Exotic caravans of incense and myrrh.

Spice in dusty cracks, is my dry desire.

In all this, what takes the call?

The call to rise above, to move beyond the pain filled fire.

Fill us searchers of the soul unseen.

Break desire!

End this march towards the funeral pyre.

Liam October 2017