Poetry: The Fall

Poetry: The Fall

by Liam

You see me so clearly

How all I want is this

The darkness from the endless fall

Consumed, digested and transformed

Then the light

The shimmering flight of a new assent.

It’s the smiling faces

Each full of hope which embrace

The change, the challenge, the scope of it all

From consummation of the dark

We draw those understandings

Into new realities, lifting

Opening up the horizon

To make me realize

It’s been here

This is me

In me, all along.


Get your self in ACTION

1. Spend time with the right people
2. Confront problems as they arrive
3. Be truthful always
4. Be aware of your needs
5. Be authentic
6. Leave the past in peace
7. Take action daily & learn from mistakes
8. Happiness is free, enjoy it
9. Create relationships for the right reasons
10. Compete with yourself
11. Enjoy the success of others
12. Feeling sorry for yourself is a waste of time
13. Holding a grudge is heavy, let go , it’s easier
14. Inspire others
15. Act on your heart, it also always tell the truth
16. Want something, become more valuable, you´ll get it.
17. See beauty in small things
18. Path of least resistance is often the hardest.
19. Think before you act
20. If Life is difficult, its difficult, then brush off the dust, wipe away the tears and get back to work.
21. Don’t blame, accept your in part
22. Focus on your dreams, by day, by month, by year.
23. Be grateful always
24. Support others
25. ….. now its your turn……

POEM: A New Day


A New Day

When morning breaks, scattered dew drops catch the light.

Reflecting sunbeams, rainbows filled with colours bright.

That mighty orb fills the sky so blue,

Soft puffy clouds in white invite,

This day to play, create, invogorate anew.

Let us take the waiting deed in hand,

Rub the sand from waery shores of sleep.

My hand, to turn anew this page,

The story book of who….

I am,

You are,

we want to be …and GO.

Awake the dream and live it,

With life with Love with all the mana warming mornng from above.

You might be here, I be there.

Our paths do cross, we are aware of how unique,

This day of given time

From waking until sleep

Is here to share….

for nothing of its worth we my keep

Till again we fall…

To relms of endless sleep.

Liam Kennedy 2012

CHINA, live the Dream

Blog: the Journey to CHINA

Sitting here at Heathrow airport in transit to a long distance flight out to Shanghai, my MLM business buzzes through my head and my fingers ich to get some of this energy out of my head and down into words.

Being your own boss or self employed is an exciting challenge, one which has always fascinated and drawn me to this type of work.

Why, you might wonder? Well I suppose it is just so encompassing. Firstly, I alone am responsible for my success or my failure, bottom line, no arguments or excuses. No beating around the bush, either I earn money or I don’t, its that simple.

When coaching a new partner I silently wade through my library of experience, knowledge, wisdom, letting this mingle with the impression and image of my new downline partner. I bounce questions to myself about who this new individual is and then let go again.

How can I support or help my new partner get going in the most efficient, successful way I can possibly imagine.

This process is what I call my “SUCCESS in a BOX”, these are the building blocks or the pieces of the puzzle which will get you running flat out as your business feet hit the deck.

I have deliberately emphasized , possibly, yes only POSSIBLY, because before you even open that box, you still need to require the mind set of success which will enable it all to happen.

The keys to opening the treasure chest os SUCCESS are ;
to be, to do, then you will acquire or have.

The blunt wish, “I want to get rich!” implies a process where by YOU need to become rich in your own perception. This richness or value which you experience you may then share, enabling others to grow , move forward and also share in your success or through your richness and wealth.

To begin with is the simple yet important step of mentally attuning your mind to being wealthy, worthy, valuable and selfless all at the same time.

This is the basic and ongoing prerequisite to BEING successful in your life. Successful in your work, in your relationships, in your health, in your home.

Where ever we might have come from, walk of life, age, profession, gender, training our very nature is that of habit. An important strategy for survival which lies deeply anchored in our psyche since the early eons as man was still evolving.

If old habits have not worked, create yourself anew with habits which emulate those and that which you wish to become in the future.

New good habits pertaining to your health & body, new habits pertaining to the relationships in your family, with colleagues and friends .New habits concerning the success in your own HOME Business Venture.

So what does he mean, you might be thinking????..

.simple… find the leaders in the field where you are working, listen to them, read their work, take their ideas and IMPLEMENT them into your daily routine as new habits.

Create a schedule for your day and IMPLEMENT it.

Consciousness contains the inherent desire to transform, we just need to feed this awareness, this desire with the habits which will give us more than what we had before.

Bingo! ya bingo, this is the beginning, the path, the way, and the mind set, which when now opening the Success BOX and guarantee results.

Results as implied, are the natural consequence of actions taken.  Take massive action in creating new habits of strength, of awareness, of transformation.
The prize is waiting in the BOX, you just need to open the lid of SUCCESS filled awareness and the treasure is yours, a new successful vibrant YOU!!!!

Hey, thats my plane being called out, Flight 168 , time to go folks, have a blast and hit the link below. Make your own solid decisions and become…….. SUCCESS, filled.



PS: I never realised in CHina ther eis NO SOCIAL MEDIA, Word Press, FaceBook …. etc!

Was a blast anyway.Image