Poetry: The Light of Christmas

Poetry: The Light of Christmas

by Liam

Many, the stars at night have been

Yet on this night, so bright was seen

A star ⭐️, a stable, manger small

Which shone from him, down to us all

The Shepard’s, Kings and those too who hear

A lamb was born from God on high

A babe in a manger softly cried

While Mary, Joseph in awe did sing, songs of praise

With angels wings upon heavens gate

Rejoice with spheres of cosmic love

A choir of angels from heaven above

“He, is born to all this day,

He, will show mankind the way

Of peace, of love, of humble faith.”

Let’s open the gate of who we are

Receive the gift from Gods son afar

Shared this moment for ever more

Let in the light, open hearts door .

Poetry: Cuvée

Poetry: Cuvée

by Liam

This cuvée of the mind is a ruby wine

We sip with our eyes

We taste with our souls,

We experience with our perception

Till all is spinning into one,


Give I these grapes to God in gratitude

Nourishment for my soul

We’ve discovered these hidden within

Devine, a mystery of self

I am that which I consume

I am this which I drink

I am the other which I think

Come, let’s toast this feast of universality

Forever the flame

My Fire of desire

Manifesto, New Millennium Poetry of

Manifesto: Liam

As a creative writer, a poet and author, I feel my readers require a clear understanding and insight into my intentions, motives.

New Millennium Poetry, volumes 1-3 is a Magnus Opus of writing which springs from the idea that with this new millennium, across a broad spectrum of the worlds population, an awakening of consciousness is occurring.

A paradigm change from egocentric materialism to a new paradigm of soul awareness.

Expressing itself in social awareness, responsibility and an awakening to the spiritual , invisible reality of all aspects, of all life on earth.

This invisible world has been for thousands of years the genré of religion. Different religions, different cultures, different representations of one common invisible spiritual reality.

“New Millennium Poetry “, is a collection of poems covering aspects of our human condition. Written irrespective of color, race or creed.

The common ground being that most poems explore in simple expressive ways, questions which are common to us all, seeking answers, common to us all.

Poetry is an interesting way to respond to soliloquies concerning one’s personal quest to understand life.

The truth is, a poem will only awake within the thinking of its reader if the content, how ever unconscious, is already present. When a poem resonates with its reader, the readers intuitive response, expresses what is ready to become conscious. To greater and lesser degrees an audience of readers will intuitively respond to the content of these poems in their search and need to resolving meaning.

Poetry: Crescendo

Poetry: Crescendo

by Liam

Here, captured in worry

Now, held in fear

Life, is a treadmill of pain to be born

Caught in a game

Repeatedly, torn.

Ensnare love in your movements, Your moments too

Capture this nectar in the quietude of you

In the intervals between Crescendo and culmination

Listen dance laugh learn return

With your oneness!

Allow the stars from which we are created

To fly from your fingertips

Your toes, to those

Who seeking cry

Knowing, from pain we still can fly

Leave the desolation of alone

Allow this light to illuminate

Invite love to

Participate, in you.

Poetry: Apparel of God

Poetry: Apparel of God

by Liam

Appear as you are to your self

Be as your Self appears to you

Apparently, appearance is appealing so

Be not appalled by the apparel of personality

By the fleeing foe stifling your awakening

Awaken within yourself

To a harmony together with God

It’s simple really, you realize self

Appearing appareled in the garb of God

We here become true, unique and fathomless.

Revised! Entwined

Poetry: Entwined

by Liam

Here we lie deeply entwined

Not our bodies but our minds.

Hearts aglow thoughts gentle caress

Soft the lines across your face.

Laughter too we share we smile

Think, it’s been a while since

Last I loved Last my body arched and sighed

Lovers touch Lovers cries

Here we lie

Deeply enlaced

Not our actions

But this space


Move, they place

The gift of us

Upon the table

Of this life and day

It’s time to hold hands, sing and play


Poetry: Fountainhead

Poetry: Fountainhead

by Liam

Deep in the depth of darkness

My spring will surging rise

Bringing with it tinkling

To the verge of latent cries

It’s reviving strength I’ll hear with

This voice, rejoice in me

A source from which alone I drink

The fountainhead of thoughts I think

Keep me fresh, Keep me high,

Keeping hope in me to fly

Glad of all unseen

The struggles, tears through which there’s been

A stream forever flowing

Formed in peace above

In lofty high found spaces

It’s here that I found love

It’s here I’m me forever

It’s here I’m truly free.