Poetry Poem: Wake Up

Poetry Poem: Wake Up

My power to forgive you

Tore down the fortresses, your castles of protection

This epiphany of your ultimate strength

Is my liberation from self-destruction

For I’ve become accustomed to being alone

Truly, unexpectedly the immature shattered

The me that mattered emerged

Perhaps a little shaky

Perhaps a tic unsure

I recognized the moment was mine, not yours

You you you said

I’d die

God!!! Thanks be, for true I did

Not what you imagined-though! No

I discovered behind the insecurity of immaturity

A beautiful stranger, who but me

Naked filled with identity truth light love

In death

Transmutation to transinsendance

This is beyond the insignificance of your little egotistical theater

Grow up brother

Grow up sister

For your time of insignificance is also over

Wake up

Wake up

Wake the fuck up!

Liam 2019


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