Poetry Poem: The First Bite

Poetry Poem: The First Bite

The reassurance of stone walls

Hospital paint reflected in those busy faces

Here I chose the discomfort

Here I chose my birth

That breath which initiated my life


For the soul I’d yet to find

Consolation I’d live to search for

Suburban dystopia paralyzed my childhood

City isolation encapsulated my puberty

Emotionally atrophied my soul crawled

Gasping for the gold

Groping for wisdom in my dark I roved

Yet the spring still came, its green sprouts

Populating that barren dusty space

My mind tasted the sweet inspiration of wisdom

It’s nectar like treacle stuck to my pages

Ink diffusing deep into the roots

Fertilizing my insight with an idea

A wonderful thought

A miraculous birth

The alchemical transmutation to love

Burst in the brushing of your lips

An epiphany celestial met me

Felicity touched this first apple bite

It’s serpentine poison

Which covers the earth

Healing with each new heart beat

In every soul lost lonely in translation

Metamorphosis to the angels wings now

Spreading golden across the dawn.

Liam 2019


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